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1964 Ferrari 250GT Lusso Berlinetta

The Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Lusso is, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful cars ever produced. I don't heap such praise lightly, but there's something about the low slung nature of this coupe, with its soft, flowing Pininfarina lines that embodies the true GT spirit. Unlike most Ferraris, this is a car that looks better in a shade other than the ubiquitous Rosso Corsa. Steve McQueen was famous for owning one of these very Ferraris in a subtle Marrone Metallizzato, or Metallic Brown. This Blue Notte example with Bordeaux leather interior is equally stunning. This is a car that is begging to do the run from St. Tropez to the Champs-Élysées.

Year: 1964
Model: 250GT Lusso Berlinetta
Engine: 3.0 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 58,750 km (~ 36,505 mi)
Price: €2,375,000 (~ $2,698,570 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1964 Ferrari 250GT Lusso Berlinetta

The Ferrari 250 GT/L or 'Lusso' is the last evolution of the famed Ferrari 250 Berlinetta line of vehicles; one of the most beautiful cars ever made. The car was initially revealed at the Paris Motor Show in October 1962, the last vehicle to carry the iconic "250" name, carrying design and performance features from legendary cars such as the GTO and SWB. Such DNA meant that the Lusso was not only one of the best looking Ferraris ever made, but also one of the best to drive; the ultimate Grand Tourer, focused on luxury over competition.

The vehicle we are fortunate enough to offer is number 329 of 350 built and comes with an extensive service and ownership history. The car was delivered to Germany in 1964 before moving to a new home in France in 1972. The vehicle enjoyed a full restoration in the 1990s, before going on to be a serial concourse vehicle in the 00s. In 2008, the vehicle became Ferrari certified and is subsequently presented with its 'Classiche' folder. Originally Blue Notte, the car sits in the same colour it left the factory, now over Bordeaux hide and is in absolutely beautiful condition. There has never been a better time to buy one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever made; a guaranteed long-term earner and one of the most enjoyable vehicles to drive and own.

Not only was this one of the most gorgeous Ferraris ever produced, but it was to be the swan song for the 250 line, a series dating back to 1953. Only 350 copies were ever produced, and those that still exist are highly prized. Values for the Lusso began to take off at the beginning of this decade. It is now hard to find any for under $1,000,000, and those in exquisite condition, such as we see here, can push $2.5 million. For those who have the means, there are few cars that embody speed, class and old world craftsmanship better than this particular Ferrari.


1964 Lancia Flavia Coupe

Lancia is one of those manufacturers that is virtually unknown in the US market. Consumers on these shores would be surprised to find out that a manufacturer from afar is mostly comprised of a rebadged Chrysler product range. Currently, the Chrysler Sebring Convertible is doing duty in Europe under the badge of this very car, the Flavia. The original Flavia was Lancia's mid-sized offering from the early 1960s to mid 1970s and featured an aluminum, horizontally opposed four cylinder, four-wheel disc brakes and unequal length front wishbone suspension. Available in sedan, coupe and cabriolet form, Pininfarina was responsible for the styling on the car featured here for sale in New Jersey, an unrestored 1964 Flavia Coupe.

Year: 1964
Model: Flavia Coupe
Engine: 1.5 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 39,455 mi
Price: No reserve auction

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Original unrestored 1964 Lancia Flavia Pininfarina Coupe just woken up after 16-year slumber. Early 1500cc motor with (2) 2-bbl solex carbs. Always garaged, overall solid condition. I purchased the car in 1990 with 33,475 miles on the odometer – and it had not been driven for several years before I bought it. I drove it about 6,000 miles before it went into the garage (coincidentally when now 16-year-old kid was born). I have some records, but not enough to know actual mileage.
Damage to cylinder wall of one cylinder and no compression in that cylinder. Car starts easily and can be driven (once warmed up) but motor requires cylinder repair. I just drove home 10 miles from mechanic, but I wouldn’t recommend driving much farther.

Rebuilt brake booster just installed and brake line replaced, brakes work but pedal is stiff. Old booster in trunk (with lots of other stuff). Some rust behind front wheels (jack points) but underside, floors and sub-frame are solid. Leather interior, front seats worn with loose stitching. Rear seat, door panels and headliner are excellent. Dash cover and kneepad rebuilt in 1994 (foam had turned to dust). Original Nardi steering wheel in excellent condition with operable hi-beam flash in center.
Electrical mostly works, horn and low beams not currently operating, but I think everything else is ok, including engine compartment light when hood is open and engine is running. Blaupunkt radio kind of works on really strong stations. Passenger door was repainted at some point a long time ago – paint is good color match but has not aged as well as other paint. Some cracking in paint finish, plus some chips and nicks here and there. Small dent in passenger door and trunklid (see photos). Two sets of original keys, original jack and tool kit, all original books including factory parts manual, and lots of spares including taillights, trim parts, exhaust, etc. I've always loved the design of this car but it's time to move on. Modest reserve with no buy it now. Shipping or delivery responsibility of buyer. Please ask any questions, and happy bidding!

It's rare you see Lancias for sale, and even more rare a Flavia Coupe of this vintage. The styling is rather curious, as it is a blend of the Flavia sedan in the front with oddly placed tail lights in the rear. Still, the styling works in a conservative kind of way. If somehow an Alfa Romeo is just a bit too mainstream for your tastes, a Lancia coupe from this era would be a good alternate choice. Given their obscurity, the Flavia is a rather affordable classic. A concurs quality Flavia may bring $15,000 to $20,000 at the high end, so I'd suspect a well preserved original like this may bring $10,000 to $14,000.


1964 Maserati Sebring GTIS

This Maserati Sebring GTIS for sale in Oregon was brought to our attention from our reader Sal and is a stunning, late chassis number example. These 2+2 coupes were derived from the 3500GT as a homage to the marque's win at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Designed by Vignale and built on a shortened wheelbase, this particular Sebring has the 3.5 liter inline six under the bonnet.

Year: 1964
Model: Sebring GTIS
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 23,581 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1964 Maserati Sebring GTIS

After much consternation, I’ve decided to put my 1964 Sebring I up for sale. It is a very late one with a body number of 324 out total production of 355. The VIN is AM101.02099. It was originally delivered to St. Louis, Missouri on March 20, 1964. It has U.S. gauges with a speedometer in MPH. The speedometer reads 23,581 miles which may or may not be correct. I’ve put less than 1000 miles on it in the 6 years of my ownership and the previous owner put less than 100 miles in his 6 years of ownership.

When I purchased the Sebring all four floor pans had some rust in them. Evidently, water had collected on the floor pans in the past and had been left standing for a period of time. All the metal on the front and rear floors pans and inner rockers were replaced with heavier gauge sheet metal. The floor pans were beaded as per original for additional strength. All replaced metal surfaces were coated with POR-15 before being painted satin black.

The body was painted a single stage polyurethane red. Many pieces of chrome trim were re-plated. This is one of the few that had factory installed over-riders on both bumpers. The interior was essentially missing and needed to be acquired. Original seats and door panels were procured, but didn’t exactly fit (hand built cars, of course). A lot of fabrication and modification was required for a perfect fit. All surfaces were recovered in the original PAC 1544 Connolly off-white leather. The carpets were fitted with high quality black Rolls Royce Wilton wool. The headliner was replaced as were the dash covering, the transmission cover and the rear package shelf. The hood and trunk lid bottoms are covered in black diamond stitched material as are the saddle gas tank covers and the front trunk section. The trunk floor is also covered in black Wilton carpet.

The original Borrani RW3823 16x6” original wire wheels (all 5) were polished and fitted with a new set of 215x65 radial tires and tubes for good drivability. The engine is a 3500cc with Weber 42DCOE8 carburetors and the correct air filter. The radiator has been refurbished and the water pump has been recently rebuilt. The transmission is the original ZF S5-17 5 speed. It shifts nice and crisp. The rear end ratio is 3.77 The original front shocks have been restored and a new heavy duty sway bar and polyurethane bushings installed. The suspension and undercarriage are detailed. The water temp, oil pressure and ammeter gauges have been restored.

This is a very nice looking and driving Sebring. It still has a few issues that need addressing. This Sebring will be in Monterey, California from August 14-17 and will be shown at Concorso Italiano on the 16th. I also have a 1967 Mistral 4.0L with wire wheels for sale. Too many cars, too little time!

If you have an interest or need more information please call me at 541-261-1970 or email me at carnutz@juno.com. Buyer to arrange and pay for shipping costs.

A little under 600 Sebrings were produced over seven years. Currently they are bringing in the neighborhood of $60,000 to $100,000. This car has a reserve above $70,000, but is well presented, has a great history and has been well sorted with exception of a few minor issues. I would wager to guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000 to $90,000 would be enough to seal the deal.


1964 Maserati Sebring – REVISIT

1964 Maserati Sebring on eBay - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site November 22, 2012:

The Maseratis of the 1960s were some of the most epic designs in automotive history. Their influence on the current lineup is still evident to this day, with cars featuring subtle cues from the past. The Sebring was derived from the 3500GT as a homage to the marque's win at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Designed by Vignale and built on a shortened wheelbase, this car was powered by the 3.7 liter inline six engine. This car for sale in New Jersey is a Series 1 and in its time, was one of the fastest cars on the road.

1964 Maserati Sebring

1964 Maserati Sebring 3700 GT - First Series. Rare, historic Italian sportscar. Classic Italian craftsmanship. This car is an exotic and rare piece of automobile history, named after Maserati's 1957 racing victory at the 12-Hour Race in Sebring, Florida. The Sebring, designed by Alfredo Vignale, was based on the popular 3500 Coupe, and manufactured between 1963 and 1969. These 2+2 grand tourers had a limited production of just 348 First Series units ever created. They were powered by the fuel-injected 3.5 liter inline six, with this example featuring the 3700 liter engine, the 5-speed ZF gearbox and all the luxury and performance you could want from a 1960's Italian sportscar.

This particular vehicle, VIN #10102113, is number 330 of the 348 First Series Sebrings produced, with matching engine and chassis numbers, and documentation from Maserati Classiche in Modena, Italy. Other features include: Original tubular frame, handbuilt body by Vignale of aluminum and steel, original signed Nardi wheel, over 235 HP with original Lucas fuel injection, 5-Speed ZF German transmission, original Borrani wheels, original type Pirelli Cinturato 195/16 tires, dual rear fuel tanks, dual Lucas fuel pumps, original Carello headlights, Girling brakes with a power assist Unit, 4-Wheel disc, orignial Jaeger gauges in Italian, Scottish 'Bridge of Weir' leather interior by Master Upholstery, Wilton carpet, British suspension, steering and rear, fuel injection was rebuilt by Kinsler of Michigan, original Auto Clima Air Conditioning, Maserati car cover and original service manual. Completely restored vehicle, 147 mph Touring Car: Mileage: 45,255.m / 72,831.km

These vintage Maseratis are now appreciating rapidly and becoming very hard to find. This car is an excellent investment opportunity while also allowing you to enjoy the elegant styling and performance of a classic Italian sportscar. The Sebring is a beautiful example of Italian design: well-built, with style and sophistication, and would be a great addition to your classic car collection. Vehicle is subject to prior local sale while listing is still active.

A little under 600 Sebrings were produced over seven years. Today, these cars usually bring somewhere between $65,000 to $100,000. This car is priced way above the norm, but it does have a lot going for it. If it were an original car, we might see a value hovering towards $125,000 but not much more. This car is numbers matching with documentation, but it has been restored. As they say, they're only original once. At best, this is about a $100,000 car.


1964 Ferrari 330 GT

When we think of Ferraris, images of Testarossas, Formula 1 racers and sleek, mid-engined Pininfarina creations instantly spring to mind. Too often we forget about the attractive grand tourers from the 1960s, cars which helped cement Ferrari's image as a manufacturer of top notch sporting vehicles amongst the monied elite. This 330 GT is precisely one of those vehicles. Powered by the famed Colombo V12 engine, the 330 GT replaced the 250 GT/E in the lineup, and added such refinements as an overdrive manual gearbox and dual circuit four-wheel disc brakes. The earlier models, such as this one, had a unique front clip, with quad headlamps, which would be replaced with dual lights in 1965.

This 330 GT for sale in California was restored by its previous owner and is a fine example of a thoroughbred geared more for the boulevard than the race circuit.

1964 Ferrari 330 GT

1964 Ferrari 330 GT Coupe, restored inside and out. Low miles, rare collectible: this classic Ferrari is a wonderful example of the Ferrari 330 GT in red with black leather. Restoration by previous owner included complete rebuild of engine and transmission. The 12 cylinder classic Ferrari's are becoming a prized investment due to appreciating values in the worldwide marketplace. The classic Ferrari 330 coupes were built to exacting specifications including: 300bhp, 3,967 cc overhead camshaft alloy block and head V12 engine, four-speed gearbox with overdrive, independent front suspension with upper and lower A-arms, coil springs and anti-roll bar, solid rear axle with parallel trailing arms and semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.

Wheelbase: 104.2" Introduced in 1964, the 330 GT succeeded the 250 GTE, which proved the soundness of Ferrari's move into the expanding high performance, four- seater market. The 330 GT 2+2 featured a longer wheelbase, a wider track, and a somewhat higher roof line than its predecessor along with improved passenger accommodations. Styled by Tom Tjaarda, the 330 GT 2+2 initially featured a slightly canted four- headlight treatment before front-end styling reverted to a more traditional two- headlight design in 1965. The 330 GT with it's four seat touring capability was an instant hit with consumers as it offered the same level of classic Ferrari performance with expanded seating. It was powered by the Tipo 209 Colombo V12 engine, enlarged to four liters, producing 300 brake horsepower. Refinements included Koni adjustable dampers, coil spring-assisted rear leaf springs, and separate front and rear braking circuits, while power steering and air conditioning were optional. All told, the 330 GT 2+2 was capable of luxurious, stylish high speed travel at speeds approaching 240 kilometers per hour. Very few of these fine cars remain due to the small production run (just 1,080 manufactured between 1963 and 1967).

Four seat V12s from the 1960s can be some of the most affordable ways into a Ferrari from this period, but even these models are increasing in value. A 330 GT in this kind of condition can usually be found in the realm of $80,000 to $130,000, so this car is priced a little bit high. Depending on the quality of the restoration and provenance of this particular vehicle, it might be worth it, but from the looks of it, this 330 GT appears to be valued a bit on the high side.


1964 Lancia Flaminia 2.8 3C

In the years following World War II, many cars coming out of Italy were rather diminutive in size and engine capacity, a reflection of the economy in the midst of industrial reorganization. Over at Lancia, however, the Flaminia was unleashed on the public in 1957. This large car wasn't as dramatically styled as some of its contemporaries, but it was handsome in a way only the Italians could do it. Three different coupes were produced, styled by Zagato, Touring and, as we see here, Pininfarina. The Pininfarina coupe was the most sedate looking, appearing very much a two-door version of the Berlina, or four-door variant. With an advanced V6 engine and double wishbone front suspension, however, this car was anything but sedate.

This Flaminia Coupe for sale in the Netherlands needs some TLC, but it is basically all there, which is important with a rare piece like this.

1964 Lancia Flaminia GT 2.8 3C

Lancia Flaminia 3C 2.8 Coupe for restoration. Solid basis. Paint needs work, not rusted. Original leather, starts, runs and moves. Rare 3C!

Unlike a lot of the cars we feature on CICFS, this one isn't finished. But these Flaminia Pininfarina Coupes are rare, especially ones with the larger 2.8 liter V6 engine, of which only a little over 1,000 were built. A concours example will run you somewhere between $60,000 and $70,000 on average. That leaves plenty of room for restoration costs. The paintwork and chrome certainly looks presentable, and with an interior retrim, this would be a cool classic you wouldn't be afraid to use.


1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

We featured an Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider here at CICFS last month. These are a bit of a dark horse in the history of classic Italian roadsters, but nevertheless important in the genesis of Alfa Romeo. The 2600 series was the last Alfa Romeo to be fitted with a twin cam, inline six cylinder engine. This 2600 Spider for sale in Nevada is not a concours example, but looks ready to be enjoyed.

1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

For Sale: 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider (VIN #AR192973). The 2600 Touring Spider is a beautiful and rare automobile. Only 2,255 were manufactured during its four year production run from 1962-66. There are far fewer on the road today. It’s a roomy, comfortable sports car that’s solid, elegant, and smooth on the road.

The car features a 2,582cc in-line six cylinder dual overhead cam engine that delivers 165 horsepower at 5,900 rpm. It has less than 1,500 miles on a rebuilt engine. Engine is running rich and a bit rough. Valves and Solex carbs will probably need adjustment. Transmission shifts smoothly. Body is straight and in good shape. Very nice paint, though not perfect. The most noticeable blemishes can be seen in photo of left rear taillight (in corner where trunk meets body), and the two close-ups of paint by rear bumper. Interior in good condition. Gauges work and appear to be accurate. Five 165R400 Michelin X tires purchased from Coker Tires have less than 1,000 miles on them. This vehicle has been kept in an insulated garage, and hasn’t been driven in the rain or snow since I’ve owned it (2007 – present).

Those who are familiar with this model will notice that it’s missing the Touring badges, the large rear chrome license plate holder, and the chrome trim “spears” that run between the wheel wells on each side below the doors. I have the Touring badges and the license plate holder (see photos), but they will need to be installed by the buyer. I do not have the chrome side “spears”, but I know of a supplier that carries them. Also included are original owner’s manuals, a CD that includes owner, service, and parts manuals, and a variety of spare parts. Have service records for past six years, along with service records from previous owner.

As we noted with the 2600 Spider from last month, Hagerty is listing values for these roadsters anywhere from about $20,000 to $60,000. This car isn't the most perfect example, but is certainly presentable. As such, it will probably fetch somewhere between $45,000 to $50,000.


1964 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

It's no secret that the Italians make some of the most beautiful vehicles on the planet. But the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale has to be one of their masterpieces. Just look at this car. Inspired by the B.A.T. aerodynamic studies of Bertone, these special Giuliettas were coach built for buyers seeking to press something into competition. While slippery dynamics helped top speed, its weight held it back a bit. Now these Alfas are revered and valued accordingly. This Sprint Speciale for sale in Florida looks stunning in dark blue over red leather.

1964 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

1964 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale, 50,000 miles. Simply outstanding. Price: $145,000

I've seen simple, non-descriptive ads, but this one takes the cake. For such an exceptional car, I would have hoped for a little more color. But no matter, I'll just sit back and enjoy looking at the pictures of this car. Sprint Speciales these days can bring anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000, so the asking price is about spot on for what we are dealing with. One thing is certain, whoever buys this car will be a star at the next local car show.


1964 Lancia Flaminia Coupe

It's interesting to note that the Lancia Flaminia Coupe outnumbers the Berlina in terms of production by three to one, yet we have featured two of the Berlinas on CICFS and have yet to highlight one of the handsome Pininfarina Coupes. This Coupe for sale in New York is a later model with the 2.8 liter V6 and has been maintained to a driver quality standard.

1964 Lancia Flaminia Coupe

1964 Lancia Flaminia Coupe.

-Rare luxury vehicle built by famed Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina (familiar Ferrari front styling)
-Great investment
-Runs and drives great
-New clutch assembly
-New braking system front and rear
-Excellent driver quality vehicle
-Great paint and seats recently re-padded.
-A very solid vehicle that with a little attention could be brought up to show quality.

Cosmetic Imperfections:
-Small dent on top of right front bumper
-One rear bumper guard dented, repair or replace

Open to questions and offers

I've always been intrigued by the Flaminia because it offers a unique, subdued alternative to the rather flamboyant 1960s automotive style that came out of Detroit at the time. While this car isn't perfect, it is certainly a very presentable car. That being said, the asking price is a tad rich, but not too far off from where values are on these cars nowadays. Flaminia Coupes of this caliber are ranging between $30,000 and $45,000 at the maximum. Anything above that range would be reserved for concours quality vehicles.


1964 Iso Rivolta GT300

American engines combined with European chassis have made for some of the most interesting vehicles over the course of automotive history. The Jensen Interceptor we featured last month was an amazing combination of American muscle, British engineering and most importantly, Italian styling. The AC Ace and Sunbeam Alpine were transformed into automotive monsters when Carroll Shelby worked his magic on them with Ford’s V8 engines. A lesser known example of American and European collaboration was the Iso Rivolta. Developed by Italian engineer Renzo Rivolta, who was famous for bringing the Isetta microcar to market, this grand touring coupe combined the 327 cubic inch V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette and two door body shell designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro during his stint at Bertone. This was a stately machine, with a presence which rivaled Maseratis of the day. Over eight years, nearly 800 were sold and are sought after today by collectors seeking something just a bit more special than your “average” Ferrari or Maserati.

1964 Iso Rivolta GT300

With maniacal care, restored perfectly. 44,308 km (~ 27,500 mi).

While no price is listed, if I had to take a stab, I’d say a car like this, fully restored, could bring anywhere between $40,000 to $70,000 in today’s market. These are not well known stateside, but those who know this car recognize it for being one of the most subtle and desirable combinations of American power and Italian coach building to emerge from the 1960s.