1989 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet

Who could forget the scene that featured this lovely Ferrari spider in Scent of a Woman. Early Modial's have not aged as gracefully as the later models and this one in particular looks really well looked after. Relive the movie scene in this really nice looking example!

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quote from sellers listing:

I am very pleased to present this gorgeous 1989 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet. Rossa Corsa with Crema hides (that Ferrari talk for red with tan interior) and striking red carpets. This is my personal car.

This 4 passenger Ferrari is commonly considered in the Ferrari community as one of the most underrated of all Ferraris. It shares the same 3.4 Liter V8 motor with the 348 and produces approx. 300 HP. It offers top down, spirited driving and you can even fit the kids in the back seats (I do) - best of all worlds. Mileage is 29,7XX and VIN # is ZFFFC33A3K0082172.

Mondials get a bad rap from most armchair enthusiasts, but lets be straight... This isn't a car you'd kick out of bed. It's gorgeous and represents a really good value for top down driving with all the panache that comes with driving a classic red Ferrari. If you've been a skeptic, wait until you see a nice one in person -- it will change your mind about this under valued modern classic.


First Post on Classic Italian Cars For Sale!

This site is still in it's infancy, but I'm trying out new templates and needed a first post. Enjoy!

Here's a gorgeous little 1967 Fiat 1500 convertible for sale in Colorado and offered by Koenig Sales. The simple and early lines on these cars really help the Pinifarina body stand out. So simple and raw!

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quote from seller's listing:

This is a 1967 Fiat 1500. This is a California car with zero rust. It's been very well taken care of. It has brand new paint matching the original color. It also has a new Pininfarnia hartz convertible top, all new wool carpet and new seats. It's a five speed manual transmission. The engine has been rebuilt. I have some records for this vehicle. This car drives beautifully, with no mechanical problems or oil leaks. All of the gauges are working. The chrome trims are really shiny, as is the paint. The tires have plenty of tread left on them. Also, the car has a hard top. It's never been in an accident and it has a clean title. This car is stylish and would be fun to drive in the summer time.

My parents had a later Fiat Spider in white with the terrible U.S. specification bumpers. But as a little boy I remember sitting backwards in the back seat waving at the traffic behind us. It would be great to relive those memories, especially with these classic Fiats appreciating significantly in price recently.