Handmade 1980 Lamborghini Countach

For some, the Lamborghini Countach is the stuff automotive dreams are made of. Few of us will ever get the pleasure of calling one our own. But that didn't stop one intrepid enthusiast. For 17 years, Ken Imhoff built a Countach from scratch in his basement. A true labor of love, the car was finished just a few years ago and has been featured in a countless number of media outlets. Now Mr. Imhoff is seeking to offload his creation to someone who can truly appreciate it.

1980 Lamborghini Countach by Ken Imhoff

Up for auction is a very unique opportunity to own a piece of car culture. An urban legend of the internet dating back to 2009 when I removed a 17 year endeavor from my basement. My name is Ken Imhoff and I am the builder and owner of this one off hand built Lamborghini Countach which is going to be sold to the highest bidder. The car has been featured on too many websites/magazines and TV I lost count. Just a few were NPR, Regis & Kelly, Paul Harvey, NCIS, Jalopnik (3rd biggest story of 2009) Ripley’s Believe or Not (2011) E-bay’s Motor Master for 2009, just to name a few. The car is a copy of a 1980 Lamborghini Countach (Euro-spec) and consists of the following:

·All aluminum body. 2400 lbs.
·Fiberglass wing, wheel arches, and chin spoiler per original.
·Lamborghini windshield with speed glass side windows.
·All steel tube space frame similar to the original.
·377 Ford Cleveland, 12/1 comp., H-beam rods, big roller cam, gear drive, Crower rockers, S.S. Manley valves with ported 4V heads,48 IDA Webers built by Mickey at Inglese, MSD, 180 deg S.S. headers, the best of the best. Nothing over looked in building over 500 HP.
·Pantera ZF 5-speed, Hyd clutch, alum flywheel, bell housing, and shifter.
·Twin aluminum Howie sprint car radiators. Never runs hot with twin 2400 cfm pusher fans. Oil cooler with twin remote race filters.
·Highly modified Corvette C4 control arms, spindles, carriers and half shafts.
·Wilwood 4 piston Super Lites all around on 12” vented rotors and aluminum hats.
·Wilwood complete pedal setup with Wilwood MC and remote reservoirs
·15 gal. fuel cell, electric fuel pump, and sending unit.
·All functioning Auto Meter gauges including an electric 200MPH.
·A competition style interior, MOMO seats, 5 point harness, splined steering wheel, 5lb. Halon fire bottle, all anodized aluminum interior panels with heat and sound barrier rear bulkhead with removable access panel between seats.
·BBS rims with custom center sections. 16 x 12 and 16 X 10 currently with Hoosier racing slicks.

Please bid responsibly and take careful consideration on what you are bidding on so ask a lot of questions. There needs to be a lot of discussion between me and its next owner. It means a lot to me that it goes to the right home. -Ken

If ever there was a car that would be hard to place a value on, this would be it. Countaches of this vintage can fetch anywhere from $80,000 to $120,00 in good shape, while cheap kit cars can be had south of $20,000. But this is no kit car. This is a labor of love and well thought out in an engineering sense. This car also has the advantage of an engine that is cheaper to maintain in the long haul. Given that the price is edging towards the range of a real Countach is a testament to the recognition this car has received in the press as well as the quality of the builder's work.