6 Classic Fiat 500’s For Sale Right Now!

I was surprised to see 6 Fiat 500 and 600 models for sale at the same time. Having photographed a handful of these now, I can attest how amazingly small they really are -- but a ton of fun as well.

With the recent announcements on details of the new Fiat 500's in the U.S., I wonder if these will see a resurgence in value like Mini's did here...

Which one would you pick? Leave a comment and help start the conversation!


2 thoughts on “6 Classic Fiat 500’s For Sale Right Now!”

  1. ı ıntereste fıat 500 L 1969 bleu one
    ı am from turkey and ı went buy and shıppıng ın turkey
    what ıs the roules
    help me please

  2. I’m sorry I can’t assist as the listing refers to an eBay advertisement for that vehicle (which I don’t own or represent), and I don’t have any details on what it would take to import to Turkey.


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