2004 Maserati Coupe GT


Walking to work in Dearborn, I'm bombarded daily with the flat-plane crank soundtrack of the recently-revealed Ford Mustang GT350's 5.2L V8 - an impressive nod to the signature element of any Maranello V8. Odd then, that I'm left longing for the burble of the anomalous (for an Italian) American-style cross-plane Ferrari V8 that propelled Maserati through the turn of the century. My neighbor up the street had a Maser Coupe Cambiacorsa when I was in high school, and I could hear it from a mile away - affording me enough time to run out the front door and listen to it blip through the gears as it slowed into the driveway. While this Coupe GT is the less-common, conventional 6-speed manual, I'd gladly trade the raucous paddle-actuated downshifts for extended clutch life and the enjoyment provided by a third pedal.

Year: 2004
Model: Coupe GT
Engine: 4.2 Liter V8
Transmission:6-speed manual
Mileage: 22,300 mi
Price: $30,400

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Rare 6 speed manual transmission. Ferrari sourced 390 HP 4.2 liter V8. Heated seats, navigation, aluminum racing pedals, Leather headliner, Skyhook suspension, xenon headlights, optional Audition sound system. Stunning beige/gray leather interior, cruise control, AC, memory power seats. Michelin Pilot Sport Tires. No accidents, never tracked, religiously serviced. Cosmetically close to showroom condition inside and out. Great mechanical condition, just had 1 year service completed. All available service records. Car comes complete with factory tool kit, original window sticker, all manuals, and a spare set of factory wheels. Everything works, no stories. If you want a Maserati Coupe in close to perfect condition, you won't find a better deal. Price is $30,400 OBO. Original sticker price on this vehicle was $96,483.

Having witnessed the damage that UV rays can inflict upon leather dashboards of Ferrari 456 and 550s, I approve of the seller's use of a dash cover. A private inspection would cost 1% of the asking price, and hopefully vindicate the seller's assertion of religious service history and great mechanical condition. For me, the greatest appeal in the Maserati V8 is the availability of replacement engines - at a quarter of the price of, say, a Ferrari 360 V8. Keep a spare in the garage, and drive the Maser with the windows down and the tach up.