1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco Edition

The BMW E30 325is and M3 have become the darling of the enthusiast who wants a bit more than just the typical boy racer sports coupe. But, as with all good things, even E30 ownership is starting to become a bit cliche. So where's an enthusiast to turn if he or she wants something a bit more unique? Enter the Alfa Romeo GTV6. Rear-wheel drive, rear mounted transaxle with inboard brakes, a lusty V6...this coupe has got it all. Unlike the BMW E30, you have to search far and wide for a good GTV6, but this 1982 Balocco Edition for sale in Las Vegas should catch the attention of the Alfisti.

Year: 1982
Model: GTV6 Balocco Edition
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 57,700 mi
Price: £19,100 (~ $30,314 USD)

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Fourth owner of documented AR 1004177 built on 20 April 1982, Original owner Jimmy Lukman – This Alfa was delivered to Alfa Romeo of Santa Barbara, California; In 1984 it was sold to, Charles Berryessa – Santa Cruz ; In 2000 it was sold to, Doug Colacicco - Santa Cruz. Since 2005 this Alfa has been in Portland, Oregon United States used as track vehicle at Alfa Romeo club events and occasional tours. Current mileage 57,700. Balocco #211 - Alfetta GTV6 in pristine shape!

Refreshed entire Upper Control Arms, Lower Control Arms, and dion suspension with poly bushings, renewed upper and lower balljoints, tie rods, modified with Ron Simmons racing coil over suspension, reinforced mounting using a 30 mm front sway bar, 25.4mm rear Shankle sway bar; rose jointed front sway and rose jointed adjustable RSR watts link; 105 style caster rods installed, Jarmo Kekarainen of Finland shortened ratio 2.2 turns steering gear, shaved lower arm spacers - lowered; toe set at 3.5mm, caster LH + 7.25 RH +7.5, camber set - 1.5.

Retains original 2.5 liter motor # 0A52020, fire-rings head gasket updated to one piece unit, de-tensionor updated with alfa romeo mechanical unit, fuel injectors balanced, maintained valves triple cut w/ new stem seals, timing advanced and exhaust rocker duration adjusted; Ansa euro down pipes, Ansa center muffler delete, Ansa sport exhaust rear. Motor resting in urethane motor mounts wrapped in heat reflective tape. Total oil syn 10-60w used. Coolant fluid is VW G12.

Original 3.42:1 ratio transaxle maintained, rebuilt with Merritt Carden back-cut and cross drilled gears all 5 gears plus reverse and idler gear (reduce rotating mass at 3%1st gear, 17% 2nd gear, 11% 3rd gear, 6% 4th gear, and 7% fifth gear). Shifter modified with lengthened bottom lever; plastic sleeves replaced with needle bearings for smooth positive engagement. Alfa 75 limited slip added with twin slip discs for 47% rear lock up. Dual disc clutch retained but rebuilt with sinter clutch discs for better bite at engagement. Braided Stainless steel clutch hose used. Rear flywheel lightened. 10 row, 6 AN transmission cooler added with 12v - 2 gal. per minute Titan racing oil pump. Trans cooler installed up under driver rear with aluminum scoop to draw air, inline filter screen installed and thermo switch. Trans cooler located away safely from FIA curbing damage. Using Redline NS 75-90w oil with limited slip additive only to adjustment.

All three guibos in driveline in healthy condition.

Wilwood Dyna pro 4 pot calipers in front with Giro disc aluminum floating hat spacers and Wilwood slotted discs. Front rotor is 5% larger in diameter, and 15% larger in width vs. OEM. SZ Alfa spacers added to Alfa rear brakes with two-piece, Giro disc ventilated rotor that help shed heat in problematic area. Combination of Raypestos ST-43 compound front and Ferodo DS-3000 rear. Braided stainless steel brake hoses all around.

Original black leather interior with black and red seat piping, red carpet. Six point Willians quick lock harness installed on driver's side. Becker 612 Chassis "gran prix" cassette stereo with Becker installed auxiliary plug for an modern day 3.5mm audio connection. MOMO 350mm Veloce leather steering wheel with MOMO steering interface and OMP 60MM steering wheel extension for correct steering wheel placement. Dash flawless without cracks.
Sale includes 6 Original Campanolo magnesium Alfa Romeo wheels with (4) Toyo RA 788 - 205x50x15, (2) original Pirelli P6 (2); Gotti J55B 2 piece 15 x 6 shod with (4) Michelin Pilot W rated 215x55x15; also set of Team Dynamics Pro 1.2 Race 15 x 7 with (4) Toyo RA1 205x50x15.

Standard Balocco options remain and original take offs + some spares; AirConditioning is present but has slight R12 leak and has had throughout ownership history - never been repaired (alfa romeo patina)

Inspection available at one of four Alfa Romeo specialist in area.

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This is one seriously clean and dialed in GTV6. The fact that it is a rare Balocco Edition makes it all the more tempting. The price is listed at 19,900 GBP, which is steep for one of these cars. The owner may have meant to reflect the price in USD, so it would be worth verifying, as it is a US car marketed on a British site. The best GTV6s of this era are hovering around the $11,000 to $15,000 mark currently. With its extensive amount of modifications, this would make one seriously cool track day car that you could daily rather easily.