1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

If you keep up with our sister site, German Cars For Sale Blog, one thing is apparent. Porsche 911 prices, especially air-cooled models, aren’t exactly going down anytime soon. Have no fear, though, there are still some bargain exotics out there to be had. Chief among which is the Ferrari Mondial. Often derided by true Ferrari enthusiasts for being a half baked effort, it’s hard to argue with a sweet sounding V8 amidships, especially in Cabriolet format where you can hear the exhaust note loud and clear. This Mondial Cabriolet for sale in Utah is not your typical Rosso Corsa, but looks sleek in black and is sure to turn some heads.

Year: 1988
Model: Mondial Cabriolet
Engine: 3.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 40,101 mi
Price: $24,500 Buy It Now

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A rare triple black Ferrari Mondial 1988; the last year Mondial’s had flared fenders. Upon purchasing the car last year I decided to put a Daytona style interior all in black leather. The exterior is like new condition with blemishes shown in pictures. A very strong running car that is an absolute pleasure to drive. The top is in excellent condition with leather boot. I have the Mondial manual and a service manual that go with the car.

Upon completion of all that was added, it was entered in a local car show winning honorable mention and best interior. Below is a list of all that was added along with all the imperfections of this car. Buy with confidence as I have owned multiple exotic cars have 100% positive feedback and have been on ebay for 15 years.

Items that need attention:

· Interior dash clock does not turn on. It worked when I purchased it and recently turned off.

· The “shift” light will flicker intermittently after about 30 minutes of driving. This seems due to a short.

· Rear windows are slow in summer and in the extreme cold don’t roll down. Motor replacements are in order.

· Some windshield trim fading from wind (see pictures)

· Slight oil drip. About a tablespoon per month.


· Two tires & four wheel alignment, all tires have lots of wear, look new

· New alternator

· All new belts and rear seals replaced

· 2 hood, 1 bonnet and 1 trunk shocks replaced

· Left & right drive shafts removed & cleaned/greased, inner & outer CV

· Boots replaced

· One convertible latch & receiving unit replaced, extra convertible latch included in sale

· New battery

· Only synthetic oil used

· Fully Tuned in August 2013

New items

· All wheels were sandblasted then powder coated and look brand new

· Center wheel hub badges and air stems are new

· Porcelain Ferrari emblems added with brass backing (not cheap vinyl)

· All new leather interior

· New carpets

· New floor mats with silver Ferrari prancing horse

· New Daytona Steering wheel with new center horn

· New Billet Aluminum Ferrari pedals

· New Billet Aluminum Satin Ferrari shift knob

· New Ferrari Billet Aluminum gas cap

· New Billet Aluminum Shift gate with “easy shift” pattern

· New Parrot sound system with Ferrari logo and new speakers. Bluetooth sync with any smart phone plus internet capable with maps and web search, hands free phone.

· Original Ferrari Tool Leather box (hard to find)

· Extra Dead pedal and original pedal covers as well as all original knobs, steering wheel and extra emblems

· Extra new oil filter

· Original set of keys with Solid Sterling Silver Ferrari Prancing Horse key chain

· Extra set of spare keys

· Ferrari Credit card plastic key to fit in wallet (not pictured)

· Custom made Enzo style key for I had made for this Mondial

· Car Craft car cover

Please email me or call with any questions. 801-362-7770

Car is also available for local sale. Please no trades deposit due within 5 business days. Balance due within 10 days. Verified Cashier’s check only. IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 5 ON YOU FEEDBACK PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR TO BIDDING. I WILL REJECT BIDDERS THAT DO NOT COMPLY. THANK YOU.

In 1989, the Mondial saw a refresh in the bodywork, with a larger 3.4 liter engine and transverse layout, improving handling. Those Mondials tend to fetch a bit higher value, leaving the earlier generations trailing a bit. This one is priced well to move very quickly, given the amount of work done to it. Sure, the maintenance may be higher than the famous sports car from Stuttgart, but Ferrari panache is hard to beat.


1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde – REVISIT

The 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde we featured back in February is back up for sale. As our friends our friends at BlythBros. can attest, owning one of these cars can provide the owner pleasure and pain. For the days these cars run right, however, they reward you with lots of pleasure. This car is quite presentable, harboring a few issues consistent with its age and easy enough for those handy with a wrench to tackle.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde on eBay

The below post originally appeared on our site February 3, 2014:

Alfa Romeo often is likened to the heart and soul of the motor industry, producing cars that are sometimes less than rational as a consequence of the pursuit for sheer driving ecstasy. Even their more practical offerings have had an individualistic flair about them, witness this Milano Verde for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was never too keen on these cars when they were new, but after visiting my local auto show, the sharp lines courtesy of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo are a refreshing break from the ho-hum styling of modern day sedans.

Year: 1989
Model: Milano Verde
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 173,000 km (~ 107,497 mi)
Price: Reserve auction

This 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde is a lifetime Vancouver BC car. Mileage is approximately 173,000 km. These cars have some well documented design features and quirks, so if you aren't already aware of the history of Milanos it is worth doing a quick read on Wikipedia. This is the top-spec Verde model, with 3.0 L V6, fantastic Recaro interior, body kit, unique instrument cluster, LSD, and ABS. Verdes were quite rare with estimates of fewer than 1,000 being sold in North America during their three year production.

In general the condition of the car is good. Paint shows a few small marks. The grey trim on the sides and spoiler is the weakest point on the exterior and would benefit from fresh paint. There is one rust hole in the rear passenger wheel well, visible in the passenger door jamb (common area). There are no other rust areas. The interior is decent with the exception of the bottoms of the front seats which show wear but no holes. The headliner is sagging. The wheels have some scuffs but are straight and bend-free. Tires are getting older but have decent tread. Glass is original and good. These issues noted, the car cleans up very well and turns heads at most car meets.

Mechanically the car is good to very good, with details listed below. As can be seen in the photos, the car has not been freshly detailed but photos represent its normal state, e.g. tidy but not spotless. This car has benefited from quite a bit of attention while under my care.

Maintenance in the last two years
- Transaxle mounts (3) replaced
- Rear calipers, rear wheel bearings, and brake flex lines replaced
- de Dion bushing (poly) replaced
- Watts linkage bushings (5) replaced
- Timing belt, tensioner, water pump, aux belts, and associated seals replaced
- Clutch master and slave cylinders replaced
- Steering rack replaced
- Caster bushings replaced
- Front roll bar end links replaced
- Air inlet box, inlet hose, and MAF restored
- Floor mats replaced
- Oil pressure sender replaced

Other good stuff
- The Alfa 'Busso' has been described as one of the best sounding motors ever built. It is glorious.
- Set of 5 @ 15x7 Fondmetal basketweave alloy wheels with centercaps included with sale
- Aftermarket headers installed (brand unknown)
- OEM first aid kit included
- Box of random small spares included

Quirks (besides the well documented ones from the factory)
- ARC panel has blinky lights for brakes, oil level, brake lights and side-marker lights (but all reported functions do actually work correctly)
- Intermittent wiper setting works intermittently
- Shifting between 1st and 2nd needs a slight pause
- Limited range on the sun-roof due to the sagging headliner (works properly otherwise)

- Front passenger side window motor/regulator doesn't work reliably
- ABS warning light won't go out, and in the past pedal feel changes after a drive longer than one hour. I've had this checked at two mechanics and they haven't found a fault. Brakes work fine and the warning light could be due to a failed ABS sensor (which is no longer available). A spare ABS pump/accumulator, reported to be working, is included with the sale should buyer wish to troubleshoot further.
- Two small oil leaks present under the motor, generally only occur if the car is parked on a slope.

If you are reading this add from the USA, price is in CAN$, and the car is 25 years old so per previous experience import to the US is easy. Information is available on your government websites.

A lot of the major mechanical points have been addressed on this car. There are a few remaining issues, but nothing too catastrophic as to deter those handy with a wrench or friendly with a good mechanic. Those who have driven these sedans know what a great drive they are. With a throaty V6 and rear-mounted gearbox, it allows this car to stand out with performance rarely seen at this price point. These are cars that are certainly worth preserving, as they are the last Alfas designed before the Fiat takeover and the last rear-drive sedans from the company to this day.


1971 Fiat 850 Special

The 500 “Cinquecento” set in motion a roadmap for small cars from Fiat for the next several decades. From the 500, a larger 600 model was developed with a rear mounted four cylinder engine. The 600 begat the car you see here, the 850. Launched in 1964, it was available in a number of variants, including a coupe, roadster, station wagon and the two door sedan like we see here. This 850 is for sale in California, having recently been imported from the Netherlands, seemingly a hotbed for classic cars. The seller had issues registering the car in California, so is seeking to offload the vehicle to someone out of state, given that jurisdiction’s tough emissions laws.

Year: 1971
Model: 850 Special
Engine: 843cc inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 20,882 mi
Price: No reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1971 Fiat 850 Special

If you require the best for your collection, this award winning 1971 FIAT 850 Special may be for you. Only a handful have come to this country. I am selling this car only because California DMV will not register it. It came from the Netherlands last July (2013). Went through customs, no problem. USEPA exempt. I thought I registered it in California because the DMV issued me license plates but after 10 months California said no to the registration because of emissions. They have not tested the car and only looked at it at the DMV to check the VIN number. Due to the fact that I cannot register this car in California, it is being marketed to out of state buyers.

This FIAT won BEST FIAT at the French-Italian car show last November (2013) in Van Nuys, California out of over 50 FIATs. This a 4 cylinder, 843cc (51.9ci) 52hp water cooled engine with an 4 speed ALL syncro transmission. Disc brakes on front wheels. The speedometer is a little SLOW. Tires are Very Good. Very low original miles for a 43 year old car. Less than 21,000 miles. Beautiful colors. Yellow with brown seats and door panels. The paint is beautiful as is the interior. Very clean and comfortable. Always garaged, cared for and maintained to the highest standards. The engine is strong, tight and pulls very good and not a bit tired. The complete undercarriage, floors and trunk are all factory original metal and in excellent condition. Runs and drives strong on the road. I live near sea level and have gone over 8500 feet in the mountains and on the freeway in 110 degree heat, no problems. It will cruise at 75 MPH, no problems. The longest trip I have taken is 400 miles, still no problems. Condition is 9.9 out of 10. Extraordinary car.

2 Minuses: The temperature gauge does not work. I replaced the sensor, still not working. Turn signal lever does not return after left turn.

The new owner can enjoy this car from day one. VIN 100GB1618153

Thank you for your interest. Any questions please call Paul at (760) 360-7573 between 9am-9pm PDT

CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A2GWZuqDGWCgU6

The 850 was one of those in between models for Fiat. Not quite as popular as the original Cinquecento or the front-wheel drive 124 that followed it, but it went on to be licensed by a number of other companies, including SEAT. These 850s are uncommon on these shores and given the level of originality with this one, it will surely command a premium amongst aficianados. With the reserve off, we'll see where this one goes...


1976 Alfa Romeo GTV

There's got to be a joke out there somewhere dealing with low mileage Alfa Romeos. I mean, if they're not running it must be pretty easy to keep the miles in check, right? But of course, at this point in the game you're not likely to be looking at a nearly 40 year old Alfa Romeo as your primary transport, so dependability probably isn't high on your list. What may be, though, is that the pre-GTV6 4-cylinders are attractive, light, reasonably practical, fun, and above all, inexpensive when compared to some other classic Italian cars. Just take a look at this 1976 GTV:

Year: 1976
Model: GTV
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 21,767 mi
Price: $11,500


1976 GTV, Body perfect, no rust anywhere, new paint, interior like new. Cold Air. Original 21,767 Miles. Driven only in good weather. Non-Catalyst. 8/76 Manuf. Date. New exhaust, fuel tank and pump new. New seals, and gaskets.

Probably the cleanest Alfetta GTV available, all stock. Collector licensed in Minnesota. Call Tim 651.261.7447, for details.

This car certainly ticks the right boxes - it's original minus the refreshed paint, is claimed to be rust-free, has some recent maintenance performed and low miles. There aren't too many 1970s era bright red Italian cars that you can jump into in this condition for a reasonable amount, but this is sure one. With a "Buy It Now" price of only $11,500, this car is priced aggressive considering the GTV market has been on the rise recently. To me, this is a car that can be bought on a very modest budget, enjoyed on the weekends and occasional show, and will appreciate if kept in good condition, all while bring you smiles and stories along the way. Isn't that what Alfa Romeo ownership is supposed to be about?


1995 Ferrari 456 GT

The other day I popped up a 400i 5-speed, remarking that it was one of the most affordable ways to get into a classic Ferrari with a V12, front engine-rear drive and manual configuration. Of course, that's not very fair to the car that replaced it - the 456. Sporting a new V12 pumping out a then-astonishing 436 horsepower - nearly as much as the F40 - this 2+2 offered an attractive Pininfarina-styled body with perhaps the best use of pop-up headlights ever. While not the immediate obvious choice for a big coupe, these 456s have become a solid value amongst Ferraris - the best examples are still available for under $50,000 and compare quite well to competitors like the BMW 850CSi and Porsche 928GTS - in fact, they're usually cheaper than the German counterparts. Today's example is my favorite color combination and looks like a great driving example:

Year: 1995
Model: 456 GT
Engine: 5.5 liter V12
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 35,000 mi
Price: $44,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1995 Ferrari 456 GT

selling my 1995 Ferrari 456gt V12 w. manual transmission. car is in awesome shape w/ only 35K miles. I am 6'4 and this is one of the only models that a big guy can fit comfortably in. title is clean and I have bought enough cars to know what makes for a good deal so, upon purchase the car will be: cleaned, waxed and supplied with a full tank of gas for you. you will also notice some professional pictures in this listing. this car was used in a few local ad spots so I have a group of approx. 30 - 40 professional pics that I will include w. this car. some of them are really cool and would make a nice framed pic or memento to hang on your wall....

please note: this is a weekend cruiser NOT a show car as reflected by the sales price. for the sake of time, I'd rather just point out what's wrong w/ the car:

1. nothing major
2. could use a new stereo system. one of the tweeters is blown in the dash.
3. minor paint chips on the car in the normal places. like I said, not a show car.
4. p-zero tires have about 60% life left on them.
5. the hood needs new shocks to keep hood open.
6. does not have keyless entry. guy before me took it out and I didn't drive it enough to really matter to me to put it back in.

other than those minor things, this car is ready to go! literally. thing is fast as hell. continuously kept up w/ and serviced at german auto outta savannah, ga and stored in a climate controlled warehouse.

feel free to call me anytime at (912) 713-1975. I do NOT have voicemail, but text me and i'll get right back with you.

It's not likely that these 456s will ever have the following of the more sporting GT versions like the 550 and 575, but that means - if nothing else - that they represent a solid bargain for classic Italian car enthusiasts. Ferrari made some serious leaps and bounds in quality and design between the 1980s and 1990s, and these 456s still feel quite modern - in spite of the 1980s throwback pop-up headlights. At $44,000, this car is priced aggressively and I'd consider it well bought if the PPI checked out!


1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 OTR – REVISIT

Having made its way from Australia to New York following an impressive restoration, the 1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 OTR that I wrote up back in 2012 has once again popped up for sale, now on Ebay. The picture above and link below will take you to the current auction for the car, which is advertised nearly unchanged, except for location and price. Now at $98,000, it's a serious premium over the original asking price below - but does take into account the rarity, condition, and having imported the cars to the United States.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 OTR on eBay

The below post originally appeared on our site October 10, 2012:

For 63 years, Abarth has been the tuning arm of Fiat, turning out wins on the track and hot versions of ordinary Fiat passenger cars on the street. From the wicked 131 Rally to the modern day 500 Abarth, the Abarth range has been rather diverse over the years. Vintage Abarths are highly prized and often bring large sums at auction. One of my favorite vintage Abarths is the 1000 OTR, a car we featured in August. Based on the Fiat 850, these were handsome, well proportioned coupes that hid their diminutive stature well. Another OTR for sale has come to our attention via our reader Graeme, who is located in New South Wales, Australia and is selling his 1000 OTR.

1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 OTR

A genuine Fiat Abarth OTR 1000 coupe, fully restored, with only 9,800 miles and absolutely NO rust ever. With FIVA papers and easy re-import into the US, this highly desirable Group 4 factory racing car can lay claim to being the best of the nine known survivors.

Abarth & C. was formed in 1949. The company was very successful under Carlo Abarth’s leadership, receiving extensive support from FIAT. Abarth & C. was purchased by FIAT in 1971. On 9 September 1965, Abarth launched the OTR 1000, derived from FIAT’s new 850 coupé, with a special “radiale” engine where the combustion chamber was formed by two intersecting spherical domes, one containing the inlet valve and the other the exhaust. The intention was to achieve the efficiency of the Abarth twin camshaft cylinder head without the complexity. The OTR engine was based on an Abarth modified FIAT 850 block.

Unfortunately the SCCA thought the Radiale head too clever, and the OTR too modified and powerful for its class, and exercised its right to exclude from SCCA competition cars “not considered suitable”. This probably explains why Abarth made only a few OTRs and homologated the car in Group 4, not Group 3. This car was imported into the United States in 1967 by Abarth Sales Corp. It was raced from 1967 to 1970 by the first owner before he had an accident. The car was stored, eventually coming to Australia in 1993. It sat in a shed on the Central Coast of New South Wales until purchased by the current owner in April 2005 who spent 18 months restoring it.

The car was stripped to bare metal and all panels straightened with minimal use of filler and repainted. All the missing bits and pieces were sourced from around the world. The engine had new valve springs, the head was fitted with hardened exhaust valve seats and all seals were replaced. The car has since been featured in Australian Classic Cars magazine and has won awards at a number of car shows including the FIAT Club of NSW Concorso d’Eleganza Best of Show in 2007 and 2010, and Best of Show and 1st Street Modified at the FIAT Clubs of Australia National Meeting at Bathurst in 2008. The car has travelled only 4,800 miles since restoration and the total mileage is 9,800. It comes with a detailed history and the original owners manuals.

For more photos please click on the following link:

Enquiries to gtowers@ozemail.com.au or call +61 2 9960 7876

Graeme is asking $63,000 USD for his OTR and can be reached via the contact information above. The OTR that was for sale in California was advertised at $85,000, so even though there are little comparables to go buy, I think our reader is being realistic in his asking price. It is estimated that around 35 of these OTRs were ever produced, so that figure represents a small price to pay for exclusivity that most Ferraris and Lamborghinis can not match.