1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

When I was a young man, my father and I were at a car show with his 1927 Bentley 3/4.5 open tourer. At the show was also a late 1960s Ferrari 330 GTC. I remember the owner of the GTC was very interested in the Bentley, to the point where he offered a trade of his GTC in exchange for the Bentley. At the time, it seemed like a poor idea; the Bentley was at that point worth about triple what the GTC was, aside from being a family item which had been passed down. In hindsight, it probably would have been a very good investment if you could have predicted prices on these cars - while early Bentley prices have increased over the past few years back to the level they were at in the early 1990s, Ferrari prices have absolutely gone through the roof. The 330 GTC isn't the prettiest, fastest or most rare Ferrari - but none of that seems to matter, because it's got the right look, the right engine, and the right badge:

Year: 1967
Model: 330 GTC
Engine: 4.0 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 30,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

Chassis Number: 9595. Engine number: 9595.

One of 604 produced between 1966 and 1968.

Euro model with just 48,411 kilometers (30,081 miles) from new.

One-owner for 30 years with all service receipts from 1985-2014.

Original “Celeste Charo Metallizzato” (Metallic Light Blue) color.

“Nero Franzi” (Black) Leather interior.

Rare working factory air conditioning.

Always pampered, this 330 GTC is accident and abuse-free. Current owner has driven it just 12,659 miles (20,373 Km) over the past 30 years (An average of 421 miles per year.) Properly maintained and serviced by the same Ferrari specialist the entire time. Receipts from 1985-2014 totaling in excess of $53,000 in service are included.

Original numbers-matching Type 209 V-12 engine develops 300 horsepower at 7,000 rpm, fed by 3 Weber 40 DFI carburetors, giving this 2,866 pound coupe a rated top speed of 152 mph with performance of 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds. Runs beautifully with no issues.

Disc brakes stop the car smooth and straight. Rides on the original Campagonolo 7L/15 alloy wheels with new, correctly sized radial tires.

The body is laser-straight with all original panels in place. No rust of anywhere. Recently repainted in correct color it is stunning from every angle. Interior is correct and largely original. Please see photos and video. All gauges register accurately. Original tool roll and custom fitted flannel car cover are included. Ready to show or go.

Inspection is invited by seriously interested parties. Please call to schedule an appointment. David: 503-309-7729. Located in Portland, Oregon USA. A realistic reserve has been placed on this car in keeping with its rarity, condition and mileage. Please bid accordingly.

If you are looking for one of the finest 330 GTC Coupes available today, this is it.


If the video link below is inactive, please go to: http://youtu.be/qVd9IEow-Xw

This model is a very pleasing color combination and condition is certainly very good. In the past four years, GTC pricing has quadrupled from around $200,000 for the best examples to just shy of $800,000 for the best examples. It really puts the 400i into perspective; a car that can be had for less than a tenth of the price of the GTC but is very similar in many aspects. While GTCs are certainly pretty to look at, I'd probably choose a 365 GTC/4 well before this model for less than a third of the price.


1985 Ferrari 400i 5-speed

The promise of a cheap Ferrari is an alluring one, especially when that Ferrari derives from some pretty special sources in the Maranello world. Take a Daytona-derived V12 and a mate it to a rear drive development of the 365 chassis, couple with a 5-speed manual and get Pininfarina to style it and it sounds like a perfect recipe. The results, though, were somewhat disappointing compared to some of the previous and subsequent offerings by the same formula; the styling was conservative and didn't capture the beauty of the 365 GTC/4 in my mind. But not judged against some of the more attractive Ferraris produced, it's still a handsome V12 coupe in its own right that - above all - is one of the few ways to get into the classic Ferrari V12 in front engine/rear drive configuration for well under $100,000 today. While most of these cars were optioned with an automatic, there are manual versions floating around and today's example is so equipped:

Year: 1985
Model: 400i
Engine: 4.8 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 51,112 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1985 Ferrari 400i 5-speed

1985 Ferrari 400i 5 Speed (Rare) Like New!

The engine, based on the Daytona's 4,390 cc (4.39 L; 268 cu in), is a 4,823 cc (4.8 L; 294.3 cu in) V12 producing 340 HP; front mounted and driving the rear wheels. This car features the 5 Speed fully synchromesh Manual Transmission. The traditional GT car layout allowed Ferrari to fit four seats into the stylish coupé. 0-60 mph takes 7.1 seconds

This car has been Fully Serviced by noted Ferrari Specialist. It has been impeccably maintained since new. Every fluid was drained and replaced: Radiator, engine oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid. Everything works on this car as when new. It has a new stainless steel free flow exhaust. Brand new Michelin TRX tires at a cost of over $2,000. Complete inspection and any issues that were not working with the car were addressed. For example the rear self leveling system is working with a new shock placed in the rear and hydraulics fully functional. New power antenna in the rear was put in and connected to CD player. All work done at a cost of over $3,000.

Scuro Blue paint Tan Leather interior.

One of 442 produced.

52,112 miles.

Have all Books, Jack, and Tools.

See photos for VIN.

You will not find a nicer driving and looking Ferrari 400i.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Happy Bidding!

I really like the look of this car - the color combination is just right, the miles aren't outrageous, service and tires are up to date, and the condition looks to be great. While this wouldn't be my first choice if I had an unlimited budget, I'd seriously consider this car in comparison to some other highly priced coupes - for example, you can get one of these cars for about the same money or less than a well-sorted BMW 3.0CS. While that may sound crazy, viewed in that light the Ferrari is a much more special car that I think will continue to appreciate as more people recognize that standing on its own, this too is a very special part of Ferrari's history.


1995 Alfa Romeo 164LS

Almost 20 years have passed since the last Alfa Romeo that was affordable to mere mortals was sold in the US. Sure, there was a brief comeback with the 8C Competizione and new models are set to reach these shores soon, but it seems like us Italian car car enthusiasts have been waiting a lifetime for this to happen. If you are impatient, why not sample one of the last new Alfas we had access to, the 164 sedan? For sale in Georgia, this final year 164LS 5-speed manual is about as close to new as you can get, with just over 25,000 miles on the clock.

Year: 1995
Model: 164LS
Engine: 3.0 V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 25,775 mi
Price: $13,500

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1995 Alfa Romeo 164LS

One owner 25,000 miles, very clean and nice, Fresh timing belt and water pump. Clean Carfax. A great find with very low miles that is in very nice condition.

Versus the rear-drive Milano & 75, the 164s seemed to be valued just a little bit less, no doubt due to the fact that some hardcore Alfisti deride the front-drive architecture shared with Fiat, Lancia and Saab. This 164 truly pushes the envelope of what is possible when it comes to values currently, but it's doubtful you'll find one with less mileage anytime soon. For someone who has to have Pininfarina styling, a sonorous exhaust note and just needs to be different, there are few better luxury sedans with which to do it with on US shores.


1977 De Tomaso Pantera Group C

The heady days of the Group C saw near limitless speed from major manufacturers; Porsche, BMW, Lancia, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar all vied for the top spots in what was some of the most exciting automobile racing the world had ever known. But it soon became clear that the more money one team spent the more that they'd win, and while in the late 1970s and early 1980s there was enough attrition amongst teams that a small privateer team stood a chance of winning, by the mid 1980s you needed a well sorted, heavily funded factory car to run in Group C. That didn't stop many one-off efforts by some enterprising individuals, though the fruits of their labor seldom were particularly ripe or well formed. Today's Pantera is just such an effort; while it certainly looks the part, this attempt to take the 1970s sports car to the highest rung of motorsports was doomed for failure through lack of development and money. As a collector, that's good news - it means you can buy this fully restored, original configuration Pantera Group C for only a fraction of what race-winning cars from Porsche would bring in today's market:

Year: 1977
Model: Pantera Group C
Engine: 5.7 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: Not Listed
Price: $195,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1977 De Tomaso Pantera Group C

DeTomaso Group C
DeTomaso Group 5
Factory Homologated
Chassis 0001
The last factory homologated
DeTomaso race car built
1 of 1 - 1977 Pantera chassis

The ultimate DeTomaso collectable or historic racer

Most probably the rarest and fastest Pantera-based DeTomaso racing car ever created.

Restored and ready for museum display or with further race-preparation, for vintage racing in the popular Goup V, GTP and Group C classes.

Own a significant DeTomaso racing car with fascinating history and provenance. Ready for private collection or you prepare for serious historic racing.

As raced in Group 5 trim, this car is probably the most recognized Pantera in the racing world.

For more information and photos, please refer to the book, DeTomaso Macchine da Corsa by Philippe Olczyk on pages 305, 306, 307 353 and 436. Also featured in the book, DeTomaso the Man and the Machines.


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As originally raced.

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This automobile was sold in 1981 to Auto Elite in Maranello, Italy where it was re-bodied and converted to Group C specifications. The Group C was owned by Maurizio Micangeli and co-driven by Carlo Pietromarchi in various races in 1982 and 1983. The racing record is basically a string of D.N.F.s and before the car could be thoroughly developed and sorted, the owner had moved onto another marque. This Group C, thought to be the last factory homologated racecar was parked outside the workshop of Auto Elite from 1984 until 2004 when its current owners liberated her and brought the sleeping giant to California for restoration. For more information and photos, please refer to the book, DeTomaso Macchine da Corsa by Philippe Olczyk on pages305, 306, 307 353 and 436. Our research and in the opinions of DeTomaso historians, this same chassis was originally bodied as the Group 5 Pantera that was raced at LeMans. Also featured in the book, DeTomaso the Man and the Machines.


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This car is not over-restored and the bodywork, frame and metal work has not been altered to look better than it was built or raced. Original parts that were replaced have been retained.
All paperwork and tech inspector notes from races as a Group C are included.
Fresh paint and new windshield
Rebuilt fuel cells and ZF transmission.
All suspension rebuilt.
Not raced since restored.
Rebuilt fuel cell, OMP seats and harnesses.
Ford 351 Cleveland with rare Ford aluminum manifold and original 180 degree headers
This is not a full race engine. A full race engine can be prepared if desired at extra cost.
Full crack-testing and race preparation is necessary before this car can enter competition. This has not been done. If your intention is to race this car, additional work will be needed to prepare this car to meet current racing requirements. The style of preparation of the car currently is in accordance with the methods of race car builder Ismo Sabattini who built this car for its former owners. We did not attempt to update the car. The suspension and safety systems of this car are the same as when it was last raced in the 80's. This is NOT a resto-mod, faux vintage racer that has the latest high-tech, go-fast components hidden under a rare body. The car shows battle-scars underneath to prove its provenance.
Please do not expect to purchase this automobile and expect to take it to the next vintage race you enter. Race preparation will be necessary before the car can be safely raced. However, you can expect to be able to enter this car in nearly every Historic Race you choose to enter because this is a very rare, authentic DeTomaso that is capable when fully developed, to win races.
For the serious collector or investor, simply leave the car as is and know that you have purchased a unique Pantera with a fascinating history.
Rare 19 inch rear wheels and 16 inch fronts- all from BBS with new Hoosier tires.
Many more photos available for the serious buyer.


Telephone - 760-731-8303 - California 9-6 PST M-F

It will certainly have to be a hardcore Pantera or Group C fan to buy this car, but it is pretty lovingly restored and certainly looks quite impressive. The BBS wheels are a great and classic look on just about anything, and the seller is right - they're quite valuable especially in shocking 19" rear configuration. Otherwise, this car is more show than go right now; if you really wanted to race in the historic Group C races you'd need some safety updates. It's probably better to leave the car as is; racing a car like this would both be expensive and hard on the chassis - and, honestly, it just can't really hold a candle to the competition it would line up against. But it's a neat oddity, a reminder of the inspiration that motorsport fosters, and above all just really cool.


Restoration Candidate: 1971 Lamborghini Jarama 400GT

There are plenty of cars out there that are in horrible shape, left to rot and sulk in corners surrounded by the shadows of their former glory. Some of them are even very expensive cars that you can't believe would be forgotten and neglected, but often the best laid plans can go awry and one man's vision of a restored car is in reality a project that will never see fruition. But in recent years there has been a tremendous amount of interest in "barn finds" - cars that are just these types of situations, and today's Jarama 400GT could probably be classified as such. All original minus a pretty spectacular set of Miura SV wheels, this already rare Jarama is ready for a full restoration - or would you keep the patina?

Year: 1971
Model: Jarama 400GT
Engine: 4.0 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 26,041 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1971 Lamborghini Jarama 400GT

1971 Lamborghini Jarama
s/n 10224
Red with Black Leather Interior

The Jarama, introduced in 1970, was one of the last front-engined Lamborghini GT’s, concluding the line that began with the very first Lamborghini, the 350GT. Mechanically, it was similar to the Espada, but with a 10.6 inch shorter wheelbase, the Jarama was considerably more agile to drive. Fitted with Lamborghini’s sophisticated quad-cam V-12, all independent suspension, and five-speed gearbox, the Jarama was a deliberately understated high performance “businessman’s express” intended for those who appreciated Lamborghini’s engineering and performance, but who wanted to maintain a more refined lifestyle and image. Nevertheless, the styling has a subdued excitement that is hinted at by the sharp creases and muscular wheelarches. The car is very well proportioned, and thanks to its thin pillars and generous greenhouse, visibility is excellent. Today, the Jarama continues to exemplify this more subdued approach to enjoying a Lamborghini, in addition to gaining momentum as collectors and enthusiasts start to appreciate the unique blend of attributes that the car embodies.

This particular car is a longtime California example which the previous owner reports has covered 26,000 miles from new and has never been apart. It is structurally excellent and highly complete, with and overwhelming sense of authenticity. He purchased the car in 1989, drove it once, and then laid it up with the intention of restoring it. It sits on genuine and extremely rare Miura SV wheels, which are staggered in width and tremendously valuable. It also comes with its original tool kit, jack, books, manual, and several photos taken in 1988 in San Diego, in which the car looks virtually identical to its present day appearance, right down to the car’s stunning and absolutely fantastic stance facilitated by the staggered wheels.

The car needs a complete restoration but is gloriously complete and undisturbed. All mechanical and cosmetic systems should be inspected and restored as necessary but everything is there, right down to the accessories and Becker Europa radio. The body is extremely straight with great fit and virtually no rust. The small amount of rust present is limited to the rocker panels. The undercarriage is extremely solid as well. The engine compartment is unmodified in appearance, right down to the original FIAMM silk screening on the airbox covers and the windscreen washer fluid reservoir. The car is fitted with air conditioning.

This is a superb opportunity to acquire an ideal restoration project. Just 177 Jaramas were built, and this is an exceptionally honest, solid, and undisturbed example that could serve as an invaluable reference for originality for other cars, as well as for this car’s restoration. It is highly complete, extremely sound, and is reported to have covered just 26,000 miles from new.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This car is sold AS IS without warranty. A 10% deposit is due upon the successful completion of the auction. Remainder of payment is due within one week of the end of the auction, and prior to the delivery of the vehicle. Fantasy Junction reserves the right to end this auction early in the even of the sale of the car outside of eBay. Inspection is available and encouraged, and should be arranged and completed prior to the completion of bidding. A final bid (if reserve is met) is and should be considered a sale and acceptance of terms, and the vehicle is AS IS and WHERE IS. If you have NEGATIVE or ZERO feedback, please contact us prior to bidding. Please contact us for names and phone numbers of local professionals familiar with this type of car, whom you may interview and with whom you may arrange an inspection. If you are concerned with what the car may need, an inspection is an excellent way to remove surprises. Please allow for normal wear and tear items based on the age of any car and restoration if applicable. Please use your better (or even your best) judgment. We have done and will do our best to describe the car faithfully and correctly, and would like you to know and understand exactly what you are bidding on.

I know it's far from perfect, but there's something that's indescribably cool about the current state of this car. Granted, it likely needs a full mechanical service and updating, and I'd probably recover the seats so that I wasn't getting covered in a fine dust of disintegrating seat internals every time I went for a drive. But this Jarama has presence - especially with the Miura wheels - and it would be neat to just cruise around in it, regardless of whether the outside was perfect or not. The mechanical restoration alone won't be cheap or easy, but currently the car sits on reserve with bidding around $30,000 - with top Jaramas only bringing around $80,000 these days, you could concievably end up not losing your shirt in this deal - but I'd spend a little on a mechanical sorting and just drive it, personally. Just don't forget your gold chain.


1972 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3 Zagato

Its very interesting to me how each of the styling firms in Italy has distinctive features that seem to carry across their different designs. Perhaps when you first see the shape you don't immediately recognize the designer, but once you know it makes sense. Vignale and Touring had inspired if conservative designs; increasingly both Bertone and Pininfarina captured the angular market. Giugiaro's work at multiple firms carrys a signature blend of angles and curves, but one of the most distinctive in my mind are the Zagato designs. Be it an Aston Martin or an Alfa Romeo, the Zagato brand meant one thing - tight curves that pared down the shape to a bare minimum, flowing tightly around the wheel arches with minimal overhangs front and back. Some of the best known Zagato work is with the Alfa Romeos and Aston Martins of the 1960s and 1970s, but one neat car they really added a lot of character too was the already colorful Lancia Fulvia Sport:

Year: 1972
Model: Fulvia Sport 1.3 Zagato
Engine: 1.3 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 21,000 mi
Price: $38,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1972 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3 Zagato

Here is for sale my 1972 Lancia Fluvia Zagato Sport 1.3, this car has a Florida clean title, I am first owner since it was import from Italy, runs good, looks great, all work on this car, take advantage of this opportunity, I am selling because need the space and the money too, any question please write to me at tony1961@msn,com

When talking about really classic Italian designs, both the Fulvia and Zagato's work usually make the mark, and the combination here was both inspired and unique. Though certainly some aspects of the design are reminiscent of the NSU Ro80, the Fulvia Sport stands on its own as a truly neat design. This is the way to buy one; a one owner car that is in pristine condition - and the Zagato name doesn't break the bank here. Whereas an Aston will set you back the best part of a few million dollars, you can get into a similarly styled Lancia for just under $40,000. That strikes the middle ground on the Fulvia - cheaper than some of the most expensive models but about double what a condition 1 1.2 from the same year will set you back. It seems appropriate given the unique nature of the car that this should be the case, and I'd still consider $38,000 to be a reasonable asking price for such a cool car!


1973 Fiat 130 Coupe

The large executive Coupe was something that was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s in America; but in Europe, the idea took a bit longer to catch on. Still, by the 1970s we saw increasing examples from manufacturers going through major growth - BMW and Mercedes joined the big coupe market, along with new examples from Ferrari and Lamborghini. But one that is seldom thought of in that company is the Fiat 130 Coupe; Pininfarina designed and with a Ferrari-designed V6 mated to a ZF 5-speed, it's the forgotten sleeper of the large executive coupe market in the 1970s:

Year: 1973
Model: 130 Coupe
Engine: 3.2 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 67,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1973 Fiat 130 Coupe

Somehow it seems the words "luxury" and "Fiat" should never be used in the same sentence. For some unknown reason the folks at Fiat decided they wanted to compete in the high end with the likes of Mercedes and BMW ... and the 130 was born. As was expected of a luxury car it needed to be spacious and has a lot of user amenities.

The first time I saw a 130 I had to tell myself ... now that is as weird as they come ... and of course I loved it! The car has a very 70's look with a lot of glass. Remember that these were the days when BMW had the 2002 and Mercedes were boxes with tons of glass. Unfortunately the Fiat 130 was never imported into the USA therefore finding one on these shores is rare. This car was just imported in 2012 and spent all its life in Italy. Several things attracted me to this particular car:

I love the color combination as it is very 1970's. The blue exterior has a hint of purple and what is not to like of the mustard leather! What makes this Fiat 130 rather unique is that most had velour interior. This has the optional leather interior. The leather is original and in really nice condition. It really makes the car look quite elegant. The other big plus is that it has the optional 5-speed ZF gearbox which was also used on the 2.4 liter Fiat Dino. Only about 10% of the Fiat 140 had this gearbox, the rest were automatic.

So how is it to drive? Surprisingly the car feels a lot smaller on the road than it really is. The V6 engine was designed by Ferrari engineer Aurelio Lampredi and is loosely based on the Dino V6 engine. The engine feels very peppy and likes to rev. The gearbox has very short throws and gives the car a sporty feel. It has ZF power steering which gives the car a very good handling. The independent rear suspension is identical to the Fiat Dino and is rather sophisticated.

Paint is quite nice and the interior speaks for itself. The body is in excellent condition. There are a few rust bubbles on the right fender which were this way when I bought the car and has not gotten worst. The undercarriage is straight and rust free. Chrome is nice as is the glass. There is a crack on the inner laminate of the rear glass. The crack does not extend to the outside of the glass and it is barely noticeable. Mechanically the car is very good with no smoke or major oil leaks. AC works as do the gauges, power windows, power steering etc.

The car was imported into the USA a couple of years ago from Modena, Italy. It falls under the 25 years exemption which permits cars to be imported and not be subject to the DOT and EPA regulations of that year. Therefore this car retains the beautiful European headlights which I am sure would have been modified had Fiat brought the car into the USA ... also it would have had much bigger (and uglier) bumpers.

Overall this is the type of car that shows that it has been loved all of its life. It is what I would call an honest car which has its expected faults as it is after all 41 years old.I have really enjoyed owning this Fiat 130 but it is time to move on as I need the garage space for other stuff.

Car comes with its original owner's manual plus a copy of the shop manual.

Feel free to call me if you have questions: 770-998-0923 Ivan

Terms of Sale

Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs.

Please only serious bidders. I have described the above mentioned vehicle to the best of my ability. However, with all pre-owned automobiles, the condition is subjective, so I recommend that the potential buyer inspects as well as test drives the vehicle before finalizing purchase.



I realize buying a car based on a few photos on an internet auction may carry some risks. I want to make sure the buyer feels comfortable with his/her purchase. I will promptly respond to e-mail questions.

- $1,000 deposit 24 hours after the end of the auction, Paypal is accepted for the deposit

- Balance to be paid via bank wire within 5 days of end of auction

- Seller reserves the right to end auction prior to its end.

- If the vehicle is not as represented upon personal inspection, I will promptly refund your deposit. No refund after final Bill of Sale is signed.

- I always strongly encourage a pre-purchase inspection before making final payment.

My intent is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase! Please check my eBay rating

The condition on this car is impressive, and the styling really stands out. Sure, it's not as much of a draw as some of the more exotic metal from the other Italian manufacturers and you could easily argue that the BMW 3.0CS is a better looking car. But really good examples of the 3.0 are heading up towards $100,000 these days and the same is true of any of the Lamborghini or Ferrari examples. So what you have here is a budget exotic; few will know what it is, but you'll have the driving experience that relies on ties to the more exotic siblings it is related to. At the end of the day, this car screams cool 1970s Italian and I'd love to be seen in it; slap your best suit on, pack the Campari, slick your hair back and head for Lake Como. But this car can be had for a fraction of the cost of anything else that would give you the feeling this package would.


1981 Fiat 2000 Spider Turbo

When talking about classic Italian cars associated with the words Pininfarina and Turbo, Ferrari comes immediately to mind with the legendary 288 GTO and F40; but there was an earlier mating of those two words with a third outlier; Fiat, in this case. Originally badged the 124 Spider, Fiat and Pininfarina renamed the spider the "2000" in 1979, and in 1981 Fiat and Legend Industries made around 700 turbocharged models for the U.S. market. A well proportioned car with classic roadster styling and impressive heritage, the 2000 Spider none-the-less remains one of the cheapest ways to get into a neat and classic Italian ride:

Year: 1981
Model: 2000 Spider Turbo
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 26,400 mi
Price: $14,499

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1981 FIAT SPIDER 2000 Turbo

If you would love to have a great little roadster for some top down, sun in your face, wind in your hair motoring then the Fiat Spider is an excellent choice! Produced almost exclusively for the North American market, although sold occasionally in some European Countries, the Fiat 124/Spider is becoming a very sought after roadster among car enthusiasts looking for an affordable collectible sports car that can be driven and enjoyed as well as make a great investment. Designed by Italian stylist and coachbuilder Pininfarina the Fiat 124/Spider rivaled the MGB and Alfa Spider as the world’s longest running sports car. Many collectors will tell you that the most desirable models are the fuel-injected models, which began in 1980.

'81 Fiat Spider 2000 Turbo — Overview: These little cars were never very powerful, but with the exception of the truly exotic cars, handling capabilities were far superior to most other sports cars of their time.. Fiat began to consider pulling out of the US. In an attempt to try to save the Fiat brand in the US, the importer, Fiat USA, Inc., worked with Legend Industries to install turbo chargers on several late '81 and early '82 cars, after they reached the United States. Boost was limited to only 6 psi to avoid damaging the engine, which was not designed to be used with a turbo. Even at a modest 6 psi, the turbo really awakened the little two liter four cylinder engine. Rarity: Only approximately 700 Spider 2000 Turbo models were made. These turbo models proved to be somewhat unreliable, and many of these cars were “de-trubo-ed”, leaving them as normal “Fuel Injected” cars. With the turbo failures, and the normal number of mechanical failures and accidents associated with a car nearly three decades old, there are very few of these still running and in their original mechanical condition. Handling: Truly amazing.. Acceleration: Pretty good... by 1981 standards. It's not a Ferrari, but with the turbo it easily outruns “stock” spiders.

Not only does this fuel injected ‘81 Spider look great but also it drives and handles as good as it looks!!! Everything works. The gauges all operate. The 5 speed manual transmission shifts nicely through the gears. The clutch was changed when the motor was rebuilt. The engine was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago. The entire car was restored over the last few years. Everything has been disassembled and any worn parts have been replaced. Brakes are new. Brake lines have been replaced. Suspension was rebuilt and modified for better handling. Upper and lower control arms have been replaced with new.

The interior of the car is original. There are some very small cracks in the seats. (See pictures)The original turbo was replaced with a new unit as the turbos on these cars were susceptible to premature ware. To combat this, a post oiler was added to keep the bearings on the turbo cool when spinning down. Every effort was made to make this a drivable car you could take around town or a nice trip. The engine runs nice and smooth while the operating temperature stays nice and cool. It’s got plenty of pep. The brakes feel good and the steering is accurate and fun.

This car has power windows and a/c. both work well. The A/C was retrofitted to 134a Freon.

Tires: 195/65/14 tire have less than 2000 miles

All turbo hoses were replaced with new silicone hose.

Brakes are new and have an adjustable brake bias valve installed.

Pioneer sound system, am/fm/cassette/cd 6disk changer

Oil pan guard was installed. (See picture)

Few things needing attention…

A couple of small dings and paint blemishes could be easily repaired (see pictures)

The vinyl top has a slight cut in the welting and is barely noticeable. The rear window is clear.

The Pininfarina Hardtop comes with the car. These tops are VERY RARE!!!!!!

The top alone would go for about $3,000.00. These were used on the 124 rally cars and were designed by Pininfarina. This is not a knock off!

Pedigree: This car has won at concourse at the Fiat Lancia Unlimited national Fiat club meeting twice in class. It has trophied 3 times at Lime Rock Park concours d’Elegance. And has been invited 3 times and participated at the Greenwich CT. Concours D’elegance. It is a very presentable car.

Also included in the sale are extra motors and transmissions and all original parts and extra turbos/manifolds. Many of these parts can no longer be obtained.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a time to see it for yourself.

Worldwide Shipping at Buyers Expense Please, No con artists. I have seen this in the past and will not be negotiating with people I cannot speak to directly. Money talks…….

As a car with potential to show, this is a neat example of a car that you can afford to buy, work on yourself and enjoy some classic Italian lines and soundtrack. Condition is far above average with some room for improvement and pricing is compelling at under $15,000. I personally love the color combination, and the addition of the factory hard top is quite cool. It will never be the car that draws a large crowd or snaps your neck with acceleration, but this is a solid package with some great roots in classic Italian motoring!


1989 Ferrari 328 GTS

The Ferrari 308/328 stablemates were, for a long time, the bread and butter of Ferrari's sales. Great looks, an even better soundtrack, and big screen appeal made the Ferrari the natural choice if you wanted an exotic Italian sports car. They were also much more reasonably priced than the headline-grabbing Testarossa and F40, and much better looking than the Mondial and 400/412i. Was it the perfect Ferrari? A lot of people seem to think so; the counterpoint to Porsche's 911 model, the 308 and 328 are still some of the most popular Ferraris - and amazingly, still some of the cheapest to buy and own. While classic Porsche 911 prices have gone through the roof, as have Ferrari's own Dino 206/246 prices, the 308 and 328 remain cars that can be bought on a reasonable budget. What's the best one to own? Well, if you like the angular styling of the originals obviously they'll be top on your list - but if I was in the market, I'd look for the best example of the last of the run - the 328, just like today's ultra-low mileage example:

Year: 1989
Model: 328 GTS
Engine: 3.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 7,900 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

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1989 Ferrari 328GTS

You are looking at a garage kept 1 owner collector car in PRISTINE condition. This is a 1989 Ferrari 328GTS with only 7900 miles. She's finished with its original Red paint with Black leather hides. The back leather is also original with no leather repair performed.






Call Nick on my cell direct 239 269 7713 call or text

Behold the holy grail of collector cars!!


Perfect color combination, excellent condition, recent service; this car has it all. Truth be told, I'd rather have a Berlinetta than the GTS model, but for the right car I'd probably make an exception. Either way you're sure to turn heads, be able to show up at a car event and gather a crowd, and enjoy some classic V8 Ferrari motoring. 1989 was the swan song for the 308/328, as later in the year they were replaced by the mostly new 348. It was the end of an era, and one that produced some classic cars that are still on the rise in value. This car should fetch top dollar - around $65,000 in today's market. You can buy a cheaper one, but you're not likely to find a better one.


1995 Alfa Romeo GTV

Just the other day I wrote up an Alfa Romeo 33, wondering aloud how and why such a car would have been chosen to import to the United States. Today we have another rarity on U.S. shores, but this time the candidate makes significantly more sense to me. The name "GTV" is legendary to Alfa fans, and in some ways you could argue that the 916 series GTV wasn't deserving of the name - it was, after all, a front wheel drive car. But discount that, and the GTV was a striking design that really stood apart from its contemporaries, combining classic Alfa design elements into a new and unique car that was if nothing else stunning. The GTV was offered with many different engines, from the twin-spark 2.0 16 valve right through the awesome 24 valve 3.2 V6. Today's GTV is from early in the production run but has one of the higher grade motors then offered, the 2.0 V6 turbo:

Year: 1995
Model: GTV
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 84,000 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction


Selling my 1995 Alfa Romeo GTV Coupe car Runs and Drives Very Smooth i imported the car from italy a while back.. Car is Fully Serviced timing belt was done last summer about 6,000 km ago car is ready to drive minor dents and scratches from city parking NO RUST Car is a 1995 not 2014 Car had currently 134377 km (84,000miles) will be high because i do drive the car …. Great Daily Driver Turns Heads Everyday car i located in bronxville NY please do not message me and ask how i REGISTERED it if you like the car and are a serious buyer i might be able to help … for more info John 914-804984Two

Car is Listed at 1980 because ebay will not accept Vin

If you want a unique Italian daily driver that won't bankrupt you, has modern conveniences and a bit of sport, but will turn heads no matter where you go, this is probably the best way to do it. Unlike the quite overpriced Alfa 33 I wrote up, bidding on this GTV is quite low so far - hovering around the $6,000 mark as of writing. For that amount, I can't imagine buying more style for your dollar. Will it be absolutely reliable? Come now, it's an Alfa....but if you can discount that you'll be fixing it from time to time this car looks like a steal to me. I'd want to make sure all of the U.S. paperwork was properly sorted before purchasing but otherwise can't see any drawbacks. Sort some of the later GTV alloys and do a bit of detailing, and this car is a show stopper.