1979 Maserati Quattroporte

With the sixth generation just introduced, the Quattroporte has become the symbol for Maserati’s newfound success in the North American marketplace. Long from the general public’s memory when the company returned in 2002, their sports cars and luxury saloons have become the go to choice for those seeking something a little bit different than the mainstream luxury choice. During the 1980s, while Maserati foisted the unreliable Biturbo on the world, the Quattroporte was being produced in small numbers with the stalwart four cam V8 under its hood. Nowadays, these big cruisers can be had for cheap, even ones that are in decent shape. This early production Quattroporte for sale in Germany was recently imported from Italy and has the rare ZF 5-speed manual gearbox.

Year: 1979
Model: Quattroporte
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 132,882 km (~ 82,569 mi)
Price: Reserve auction

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For sale is a Maserati Quattroporte of 1979, German H- approval in full running order. This is the legendary 4.2 L V8 with 260 hp and the ZF sport gearbox. From this last hand-built Quattroporte only 50 pieces were produced. The car was driven in 2012 directly from Italy to Germany in April 2012 and got the full acceptance, without flaws. After that, I've done about 5,000 km without problems.

Equipment and state :
1. The paint is "Italian" that is to say here and there it is not perfect.
2. Rear left wheel well has a couple of small rust bubbles but nothing terrible
3. The bottom sill needs some work. The TÜV 2012, said it was still okay, but later they will need to be fixed.
4. The radiator hoses should be replaced
5. The leather is not broken, cracked or has holes, but a fine patina.
6. The wood is in good condition.
7. All electrical helper function, like eg the seat adjustment, power windows, etc.
8. Climate control does not work because you have to be prepared only on the German standard
9. The expensive magnesium wheels (5x) are in good condition.

A tour with test drive at any time. The car has been approved and is in Bernau am Chiemsee. For questions, I can always be reached at 0171/ 6117480

I have described to the best of my knowledge and belief the car to be free of troubles. There are no new cars and classic cars in the classification of a 3 - get ready to drive with flaws and room for improvement and beautification, but at the price absolutely realistic. The minimum price is well below the price in Mobile, etc since I have the car under note no space. Of this rare model, there are only very few copies because most Quattroporte were cannibalized by the much more expensive Ghibli Kahmsin and to provide them with technology, so this is certainly of great interest to collectors.

The car is a private sale without any return, exchange, warranty or conversion. If the reserve price is reached, the buyer must pay the half of the purchase price immediately and collect the car within 14 days in Bernau am Chiemsee and pay the balance upon completion of auction. Failure to comply and my attorney will sue for the purchase price, so please only bid if you want to have the car and can pay. Thank you for visiting my auction.

As the seller describes, the car is listed on Mobile.de for €10,900 (~ $14,733 USD). For a Quattroporte in good nick you can expect to pay somewhere between $9,000 and $15,000, so this one falls towards the high end a bit, considering a few items need to be addressed. However, the reserve has been set below that price. If you're looking for a classic luxury car with almost unmatched exclusivity, these Series III Quattroportes are hard to beat.


1967 Fiat Abarth 1000TC Recreation

Sometimes the most unlikely cars make the greatest race cars. Such is the case with the Fiat 500 and 600. What was originally devised as basic transportation for postwar Italy was turned into a track monster by famed tuner Carlo Abarth. While prices of real Abarths are approaching Ferrari money in some cases, there are plenty of enthusiasts out there who have set out and created replicas. Such is the case of this Abarth 1000TC recreation for sale in Eugene, Oregon.

Year: 1967
Model: Abarth TC1000 recreation
Engine: 1075cc inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 92,905 mi
Price: $37,450 Buy It Now

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1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 TC

I am offering my 67 Fiat Race car. I have developed the car over the last few years and had a blast with it, and now I am going to build something else, so it’s time for someone else to have some fun with it. This is NOT an original Abarth. It is originally a 67 Fiat 600 that has been built to the concepts of the era in which Abarth was racing. I have an Oregon title for the car and technically it is street legal. However, I have done nothing but develop the car for vintage racing. I bought it in Portland, Oregon, and it has a long history as a west coast race car.

When I bought it, it was painted just as you see. It is very nicely done aesthetically and presents very well. At the time it had an 850 based motor and an 850 transmission. The suspension was pretty much stock and the brakes were 850. I have, over the last few years, thoroughly changed it mechanically. I acquired a PBS 8 port head and an A112 Autobianchi short block and a close ratio 4 speed 600 based transmission.

I currently have two complete transmissions for the car. One is the close ratio 4 speed and the other a 5 speed utilizing the alquati 5th that I setup for race stress. I change the gears around back and forth to get what I want for a particular track. Both are included. The 5 speed is currently in the car. Both are equipped with Limited slip differentials. The engine was built for maximum output for racing. H-beam rods, very high compression, ported head, aluminum flywheel, engineered pistons, race clutch, two side draft DCOE Weber carburetors, etc. It is built to 1075cc and on the rolling road dyno it put out 113 hp at 7000 RPM. It has more in it than that, as my shift point on the track is 8000 and it is still pulling. I did not run it to 8000 on the dyno run as the motor was very fresh.

The rear suspension has the stock but reinforced Fiat trailing arms with Abarth bushings, and the springs are set for height and weight with adjustable shocks. It is greatly lowered at the rear. The outer hubs are engineered and setup with stronger bearings and to except Fiat 128 CV joints through the hub. The inner side of the axle is a type 3 Volkswagen CV mounted to a position fixed flange in the transaxle. This is an excellent setup which minimizes the angle of the half shaft due to the compact CVs. With the front suspension I started all over. I mimicked the Abarth concept with independent front suspension with an upper and lower A-arm and sway bar. I used coil over shocks and spring setup for sprint race cars as they are very compact and fit perfectly. Also, there is an unlimited supply of spring and shock rates available. The front body structure was reinforced as per Abarth as well as the upper A-arm. I have had some track time on this set up and have it pretty well dialed in. It is very different from running with the solid front end; very quick and very stable in the turns. If I was to take it to the next step, then the Pendolare swing arm setup for the rear would be next. It is fast as it is, but might be fun to try that setup. I then found a set of original Campagnola magnesium wheels the correct size and run Avon historic tread tires.

The brakes have been redesigned as well. The front and rear brakes are Fiat 850 calipers and rotors. Front style calipers on the rear as well, so they are the same piston size front and rear. I then setup a drop down pedal system with a true tandem front-rear brake setup which is fully bias adjustable. The braking is now incredible and very controllable. A current and completely to SCCA standard fuel cell up front set to the side to offset driver weight.

The cooling system is a front radiator as was the Abarth TC. I have the oil cooler in the back of the car since it is not integrated into the front radiator. There are two electric fans hidden in the front air dam for sitting on pre-grid on hot days. Unlike Abarth, I did not put the radiator at the end of the front air box but placed it at the back of the air plenum. I recessed it back about 8 inches to minimize any possible damage and allow room for the fans. It looks exactly like the Abarth setup but is a bit more functional.

Full aqueous foam flame safety system with electric control and exterior turn worker button. The belts are current through 2014. It has a current SCCA log book. I have the second seat which matches the drivers seat. I took it out to place the battery there to get my weight balance. It would be easy to bolt back in. The muffler on the car is not period. It was chosen as it gave the best performance on the dyno and still meet a pretty tight sound tolerance on most of the tracks we run on. If I had a choice I would run the TC exhaust out through the engine compartment, but they are blisteringly loud. The miles show over 92k, but are not relevant to anything.

I have two races on the engine and tires. These are vintage events, so total track time altogether might be 2.5 hours. So, its still very fresh. The tires are Avon full race tires with a historic pattern cut in them by Roger Kraus Racing. So, it’s very fast and will do battle with 1275 Sprites and Minis all day, as well as catch off guard a few bigger beasts.

If you have questions please feel free to call. I am West coast USA, PST, so during the day is fine. 541.510.5296 Joe Potter

To think that this menacing little beast is technically street legal made me chuckle. Wouldn't that be a riot taking this on the commute? Bet it would be a lot more efficient than most of these SUVs hanging about, though. Regardless, this is a neat piece and a quality build with some trick engineering solutions. As with all competition cars, they aren't cheap to build and if you wanted a real competition Abarth, you would be paying thousands and thousands more over this asking price.

If you're interested in this giant killer, or other interesting competition and vintage motors, visit our friends at the Sports Car Shop: http://www.sportscarshop.com/about/sports-car-shop-vintage-racing-team-page/


1999 Ferrari F550 Maranello

I’m sure all of us would love to do the commute in an exotic from time to time, to break up the monotony of the week. But let’s face it, just how practical is that? There’s a reason you don’t see Ferraris and Lamborghinis being used regularly. While the new models are undoubtedly more reliable, efficient and comfortable, the classics can be tempermental and difficult to deal with in traffic. Someone, however, decided to ignore convention, because this 1999 Ferrari F550 Maranello for sale in California is closing in on 80,000. The car has had the recently 30,000 mile service with the coolant pipe update which should assuage some reliability fears over the short term.

Year: 1999
Model: F550 Maranello
Engine: 5.5 liter V12
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 76,203 mi
Price: $52,900 Buy It Now

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Great chance to get into a 550 Maranello at a good price. I was unsure of the service history and the cam seals were leaking a little on the car so I sent it to have a complete 30K service performed along with the coolant pipe update. This 550 will literally come with a brand new major service. If you are looking for a concourse car this is not your Ferrari if you are looking for a nice, straight 550 that you can drive and enjoy this is a great car for you. I had the car inspected prior to purchase since I was unable to talk with the previous owner, I am happy to forward this inspection to any interested buyer. After the car was inspected I drove the car 300 miles down to my home on the central coast and I was very pleased. The AC blew cold, everything worked properly and the car stayed cool while I sat in traffic for a hour on the 101. The clutch is good and has plenty of life, all of the power functions worked like they should the transmission was smooth and the motor is strong and I think a little faster than mine. I was personally at the shop while I had it inspected and racked. The front brakes and rotors are like new and the tires have over 65% life left.

The right rocker panel does have a few dents that you can only see when the car is up in the air. The springs have been upgraded with a Eibach lowering sprint set on the factory coilover that brings the car down about 1", this 550 also has a very nice set of headers on the car along with a harness bar for a set of 5 point belts other than that the car is stock. While I had the car inspected I did have the fluids changed just to be safe and a complete saftey perfored along with a California smog which is passed perfectly. The front bumper does have rock chips along with a few on the hood, nothing that cannot be touched up. I personally feel that the 550 is one of the most reliable Ferraris built this car will make someone a great driver. All questions are welcome along with any inspections that you would like to have done locally, all inspections must be performed prior to the ending of the sale. This car has a clean carfax and will be available to prospective buyers. Anyone with 0 or negative feedback must email me prior to bidding or I will cancel your bid. Thanks for looking at my auction.

At just over $50,000, it’s rather tempting to think you can get into a grand touring Ferrari of recent vintage for brand new Mercedes-Benz or Lexus money. However, as with all exotics, your repair bills will be much more than those other luxury marques. Still, I appreciate the fact that this F550 looks so good after logging this amount of distance. To be honest, I’d probably take this F550 over a creampuff any day of the week, as I wouldn’t feel guilty using it as intended. So what if it has a few scratches and scuffs here or there? If you maintain it as intended and keep up with the cosmetics well enough, this is a car that would surely appreciate if kept in original condition.


1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 – REVISIT

The one-owner 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 is back up for sale with a Buy It Now price lowered by $500. For anyone looking for an unmolested GTV6, your search has ended.

1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 on eBay - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 26, 2013:

Alfa Romeo began to go through some changes in the late 1980s. While the Spider continued on through a fourth generation in the 1990s, the coupes and sedans would undergo a transformation to front-wheels drive. Ultimately, an Alfa Romeo coupe would not return to the US market before the marques demise in this country in 1995, leaving this final year GTV6 for sale in Georgia as a representative of the last of the breed. These coupes have been recognized for their poise, balance and overall driving enjoyment which they provide and yet they still remain rather affordable.

Year: 1986
Model: GTV6
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 123,633 mi
Price: $11,000 Buy It Now


Offering at NO RESERVE... a very nice one owner 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 (The last year of it’s production, with improved shifting and A/C). Clean Georgia title in hand. Very rare Champagne (only offered in 86) (gold) with black pinstriped velour interior with 123,633 miles. Tom purchased this car new from my father at Paul Spruell Alfa, Inc. in Chamblee GA. This GTV-6 has been very well cared for and it shows.

It is a very original and unmolested example, cared for by an AROC member. It is equipped with the sunroof and it still has the original (working) radio. The only aftermarket modifications that I saw, were the Hella H4 low beam headlights, some MB Quart speakers and two center mufflers. No accidents... No rust. I started this car up on the first turn of the key and it drives superbly.

I intentionally did some 3rd to 2nd downshifts while the car was still cold (as cold as it gets in South GA in August) to test the 2nd gear syncro... and it is good. The engine and drive-line are smooth. When you remove the oil cap from the 2.5 liter 154 HP V-6, it looks like new inside (very clean). It is equipped with a factory catalytic converter and a has a documented history of passing Georgia state emissions test with flying colors.

The stock suspension is tight without any noise. The Michelin tires are perfect, with only 3,000 miles and the original wheels are in excellent cosmetic condition. The cooling system functions properly with both fans cycling correctly. The body is as good as it gets, with only a few trivial nicks that have been touched up. Other than a few tiny drips on the garage floor... the car has no leaks to be concerned about.

Electrical items work (windows, mirrors, lights, wipers, blower fan, gauges). The dash clock does not work. It comes with the original books, manuals, receipts (back to the delivery paperwork), spare keys, emergency window crank and a factory service manual. It has the emergency jack, spark plug swivel socket tool and pouch. Also, it has the brown plastic tool pouch with the lug wrench and pliers. So the tools are not quite complete.

Recent work:

Just done – Brake master cylinder, left rear brake caliper and rear brake pads.

May 2004 – Timing belt, tensioner & water pump. New ignition switch.

November 2004 – new clutch assembly, drive-shaft bearing and rear flex joint

Here are the important details.

The steering wheel is slightly off center to the right, however the alignment seems okay (drives straight).

A/C does not work. The last time it was charged (years ago) it did work. So... it has a leak.

Rear view mirror needs to be glued back to windshield.

Although the car has been garaged kept, the dash does have a crack near the top vent and also I did notice that the RPM needle is slightly bent.

The left front turn indicator lens has a couple of cracks, that have been taped up to keep moisture out.

The battery has also been replaced recently and the hold down bracket looks like it needs to be modified to secure the battery.

Very typical of the GTV-6.... someone tried to close the hood without pulling the prop from the locked position and bent the hood prop. So it needs to be straightened in order to work.

The gas cap key will turn the lock cylinder, but the cap will not lock.

On this model, the antenna is built into the windshield. I could see a couple of spots where it has been compromised, so don’t expect the best reception, without adding an external antenna.

It has a small tear on the drivers side seat side bolster and the usual interior felt coming loose from the door gasket (but gaskets are not torn).

The white plastic bezel around the sunroof handle needs to be dyed and the headliner is in better than average cosmetic condition.

The rear trunk/hatch logo emblem is showing its age.

The only spot of rust I found was a nickel size hole in the spare wheel floor pan. Also, the spot welds on the tow hook on the bottom of the spare wheel pan have come loose, from where it was towed at some point. But it did not bend or tear the sheet metal. I know these cars and where to look for rust. No rust under the cowl area in the engine bay, None at the front shock towers. Although, I did not remove the plastic rocker trim behind the front wheels, I could see no indication of rust.

No disappointments here. Drive this car anywhere. Once funds have cleared, you can take it. No games. Also, temporary garage storage is okay, as long as the car is paid for. I have many detailed pictures upon request. Car is located in Moultrie GA (200 miles (3 hours) south of Atlanta GA). Call Todd Spruell 678 665-1997


Beige isn’t my favorite color choice for an Italian sports coupe, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to a clean GTV6. This car has a lot going for it, not the least of which is the condition, AROC member ownership and service history. The asking price is right around the range of what mint GTV6s are pulling, which is between $8,000 to $12,000. I’d expect someone to snap this one up in short order. Whoever buys it will have a blast on the back roads, tackling the twisty bits.


1971 Lancia Fulvia 1300

Lancia Fulvias are not just another car with a pretty face. These cars were champs of the rally circuit in the 1970s, bringing advanced features like a narrow angle V4 engine and front-wheel drive to the scene. Their well-proportioned looks disguise just how small these graceful coupes actually are. These are fairly uncommon classics in the US, but this one for sale in California is a very clean example with a rebuilt motor and retrimmed interior.

Year: 1971
Model: Fulvia 1300
Engine: 1.3 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 57,000 mi
Price: $25,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1971 Lancia Fulvia 1300

Hi There, for sale I'm offering a great legendary Lancia Fulvia 1300 "as rare as a white fly" highly collectable. Sure you can find an Alfa Romeo Giulietta or a GTV but a Fulvia? ...... 🙂

This car has been in my family for the past twenty years and was shipped to the USA in 2009 from Rome. Garaged in my country house close to Yosemite. The last photo shown was taken in Perugia, Italy on front of the Villa of Conte Armanni my fathers home town. It's only driven occasionally and has never been registered in America. The car has 57,000 original miles the engine was rebuilt (approx. 10K) in Italy and the interior has also been re-done. The transmission is a five-speed manual. Most of the paint is original but repainted in a few areas. Very little rust on the bottom of the doors although the trunk and floors are in excellent condition.

While they are more technically advanced than their Italian rival, the Alfa Romeo GTV, the Fulvia lags a bit behind when it comes to value. The low to mid $20,000 range is the order of the day for these cars at the moment, where this car is priced. Values have started to creep up in recent years; whether it is due to their rallying heritage or collectors began appreciating them for their looks is no matter. The Fulvia is one sweet Italian classic that you can enjoy on a regular basis.


1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate

Summer may be coming to a close, but it's never a bad time to lust after a red Italian roadster. This 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate for sale in Chicago has just under 50,000 miles and looks to be a minter. For anyone in the Midwest, it's the perfect time to snap something like this up and enjoy some of that fall weather before winter sets in.

Year: 1988
Model: Spider Graduate
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 49,460 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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This beautiful Alfa Romeo Graduate has only 49400 miles on it. We believe to have only 3 previous owners. This is an original rust free Alfa Romeo that has had one factory quality repaint over 10 years ago. The black canvass top fits tight with no leaks or gaps in the top. The interior in original and is in excellent condition. The Alfa Graduate came new with plastic hub caps. We just installed 4 Alfa Romeo Veloce Alloy 14" rims to give this great Alfa an even better apperance. The engine runs smoothly,the clutch and gear box all work like they should. The air conditioning still is working. Don't miss this Alfa, it's a great car.

The Series 4 Spider and early Duettos are my favorite Spiders, but this Series 3 certainly catches my eye. Anywhere in the $10,000 to $14,000 range should be about the order of the day for a Spider in this condition with this kind of mileage.