1987 Maserati 425i Turbo: 4 Door BiTurbo

It's not much of a secret that the BiTurbo doesn't get much love from enthusiasts. Most were not well cared for and are difficult to bring back to respectable condition once they've gone too far. But every time I see a nice one in photographs I can't help but really like the lines. And on paper, a twin turbo V6 should make this a BMW e30 killer.

What I hadn't seen before was this 4 door variant. For sale in San Diego on eBay, this 425i looks pretty respectable. The seller is honest about the condition and the pictures are representative with worn but not destroyed seats and shiny but not perfect black paint.

1987 Maserati 425i on eBay

from the seller:

For auction is my 1987 Maserati Biturbo 425i. The leather in the interior is extremely luxurious and supple. This is all original - no dyes or paint. The exterior paint is still the original glossy black, but shows it's age in some areas. It's hard to see in the photos. The car was often stored inside. This particular model was purchased with power steering and a sunroof. It was only driving on an average of 4,800 miles per year. The timing belt and oil have been changed and the valves have been adjusted. The clutch disk and pressure plate are new. The engine only has 49,500 miles on it!

The engine is beautiful and always starts on the first attempt, no matter how cold.. Please see the close up engine photos. It's the cleanest that I have seen in years and I own several. This Biturbo 425i has great boost from it's twin turbos. There are some fissures on the front windshield, but would not bother to replace it (see photos). The installation is never as good as the original. The driver and passenger side windows sometimes need assistance. I believe a fuse needs to be replaced for the rear windows and sunroof for them to operate. The paint is beautiful and very straight (no orange peel texture here). The paint is original, so of course there is normal wear, and some scratches here and there. There are several door dings which are hard to see in the photos. Lastly, there is NO RUST except some bubbling around corner passenger rear side window and the drivers side Maserati emblem (see photos). This Maserati Biturbo 425i is extremely rare in this condition and reasonably priced. Its very fast. In fact, you will not find a faster sedan or coupe for the price!

So is this a future classic? Probably not unless the other 2371 examples produced have disappeared off the face of the earth and it's 40 or 50 years from now! But it's unusual and I thought other might be interested in a look.