1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde For Sale

Feast your eyes on what is described in the ad as The Best In The World. It's very nice, but I'm not sure I'd go that far. But I don't deny that it's very, very nice indeed. My only real issue is the aggressive front air dam -- but why not rock it until it meets it's inevitable fate with a parking curb.

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde For Sale on eBay

quote from seller's listing:

Ok folks, this maybe the best milano verde in the world. Featured in grass roots magazine and more importantly a EX- TODD SPRUELL from Spruell Alfa in ATLANTA car. Im personally friends with him and when it went up for sale 3-4 years ago I knew I had to have it. This milano has been hand detail with the best parts available from his collection and my collection of parts, NOTHING, I mean NOTHING is not top notch grade. I have over 30k in this car but to tell you the truth and the reason why Im selling it is because I have 9 cars all very nice exotic and rare cars which leaves me very little time to drive them. This milano has been sitting at my warehouse for the last 9 months without me driving it other than the once every 2 weeks trip around the block to keep it going. I have 3 YES 3 HUGE 3 ring binders of all the work done to this car. I can honestly say that there isnt one item that isnt working in its proper way, being a 1988 and 23 years old that would take a lot of $$$$ to get this car where it is in todays parts terms. The car was stripped and completely taken apart and painted lotus silver, the paint is like glass, body is DEAD straight AND it shows, custom one off front air damn. Nice 17 inch wheels, full custom stereo, nice tint, a/c and heat work great, I had "s" cams installed along with followers and headers leading into a magna flow exhaust. I do have a bypass pipe for the cats if someone wants that it will go woth the car. All new brakes and and pads. It had a suspension set up that would make anyone sh*t thier pants in the turns, it handles like no tomorrow. As you can see from the pics the under carriage of the car is clean and rust free, look at all the performance parts. Powder coated this, chrome that. MOMO wheel with rare alfa horn cap, full evolution car cover, storage boxes in the trunk, custom air intake, euro grill painted to match car. heat shield material under the hood, new battery, I just took the car to the shop and told them to go over it from "BUMPER TO BUMPER" and fix anything they see. Look I have zero budget limits when it comes to cars and this is a pure example of what comes out when its done. on 11-12-10 i had the following to make the car zero problem and 100 percent perfect. interstate battery, rebuild alternator, replace shifter bushings, pull drive shaft and replace correct bolt weights, check alfa control lights, washer bottle and houseing, replace lower a frame bushings, lower ball joint right side,oil change, wheel alignment, vavle adjustment, cam followers exhaust, polish cams, rotor and cap. total cost 2645.85 I have spent in the 3-4 years that I have owned it around 20k to get this car to top shape. The recaros are perfect. Im sure im leaving off a massive amount of stuff but I would suggest calling me and asking questions before bidding. Im selling for one and one reason alone, I just dont drive it like I should. It deserves to go to someone that will enjoy it more than me.

I'm a sucker for these late 80's styling exercises. Plus the faithful of the model proclaim it a real value in terms of it's performance compared to it's competitors of the period.


Probably the Nicest Fiat Spider 2000 Available Anywhere!

Here's your chance to get a practically new Fiat Spider in Georgia. It shows less than 7k original miles which explains it's amazing condition. At $24900 it's priced for collectors and serious enthusiasts, but maybe if you're in the market for a Miata as a second or third car, why not consider classic car ownership?

Check out this 7k mile Fiat Spider on eBay

quote from the seller:


Of course no one who's in the market for a new Miata would get swayed by this temperamental little Italian car from 3 decades ago, but it's a fair comparison pricewise. What do you think the actual selling price on a car like this will be?