1977 Lancia Scorpion with Just 37k Miles in Florida

While admittedly not as desirable as the Montecarlo the Scorpion is based upon, this is still a sharp little car and with just 37k miles. It's a beautiful little car regardless of being down on displacement, choked on emissions equipment, and overloaded with U.S. spec bumpers.

1977 Lancia Scorpion For Sale on eBay

quote from seller's listing:

My personal car since 1986! I am the second owner! Notice the new front calipers on the pictures. Also, a bit of history, in 1987 I had the car totally stripped and re-painted. We found rust in the driver door and it was fixed and does not appear to have returned in 24 years! A few spots of rust returned a couple of years after I had it painted in 1987 and they never grew. Recently I had those fixed, so the car is virtually rust free. I have the original carbs, some older parts that were removed, a complete gasket set and belts, an extra original rim (when I bought the car it did not have original rims and I bought about 12 rims to get the 4 that are on it!

The seller is obviously a fanatic, and I think that is a good sign for the next buyer. You'll probably always be able to drop the original seller an email to field questions! Here's a video of the car for sale:

We actually have two of these running around town and they look fantastic. Sure it's going to have it's share of headaches, but for the price there's not a lot of other cars that will get the looks this car will.


1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 For Sale

Let's put the seller's description front and center on this one because I think he's got it nailed:

I bought this ferrari in 1998 with 12,120 original miles. The sound of this car is recognized as the most incredible of any ferrari ever made. Call me to talk about the car as I am listing it before the major service and the auction season. You will probably not find a better unmolested example of a c4.

The a/c has been charged since I bought it and blows cold. The heater core needs service as it fogs the windshield if on for a long time. I have removed the stock air boxes for cleaning and refinishing as well as the stock air pump...I have every part that was on the car. Call me and we will talk great ferraris and whether she is right for you.

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4

"Call me and we will talk great Ferrari's and whether she is right for you." I love it! You have to audition for the right to purchase the car! That said, I don't blame him a bit. The 4 cam car is a special one and he's right, the sound of that V12 is fantastic.

I've had the pleasure of sampling one of these a couple of years ago when I was helping out with the rally for Brighton Motorsports. Here is my blog post on that experience and a video of my brief experience behind the wheel: