1970 Fiat Dino Bertone Coupe 2.4L

Another great offering from Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon. With my very brief time behind the wheel, this car drove very nicely for a car of it's age. This particular example has had a respray and also had the bumpers and moldings shaved, making for a very clean look. Considering it's pedigree, it represents a pretty damn good value I think! Bidding has been brisk, so don't delay.

quote from seller's listing:

According to some publications only 387 of these understated but attractive 4 cam 2.4 liter Dino coupes were produced for the entire world. A spectacular Ferrari drivetrain in a sheep’s body. Unlike the 2 liters, all of the 2.4 liter cars were made in house at Ferrari and supplied the exact same and more robust 2.4 180 hp engine that was fitted to the 246 Dino. This V6 power is transmitted thru a ZF 5 speed gearbox . The four wheel Girling brakes for the 2.4s were shared with the De Tomaso Pantera and the Lamborghini Miura. This is the most desirable Dino coupe model as it has incorporated many improvements and the cast iron block 4 cam engine makes more power and torque than the earlier 2 liter. Rear suspension was also upgraded on the 2.4 cars. This is universally agreed to be the best and most durable version of the Dino Coupes.

As I've mentioned previously, I take most of the pictures for Sports Car Shop and I maintain their website. However, I do not represent their inventory or business with this blog post.