1958 Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce For Sale

Here's a really sharp Sprint Veloce for sale. I saw this car in person about two months ago at the Brighton Rally where I was helping out with website coverage of the event. It's very approachable as a car that looks great but is in usable club or weekend condition. The lines, stance, and wheels immediately pulled my eye to this car while I was wondering around the Brighton Motorsports showroom.

quote from the listing:

Brighton Motorsports is pleased to present this highly desirable 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce vintage racing coupe – perfect to enjoy driving on the road, rallies and vintage racing.

The Giulietta Sprint was introduced in 1954 – it was an immediate success for Alfa Romeo, with strong sales. It was Alfa Romeo’s first real “Grand Touring” sporty coupe that also echoed their colorful racing heritage. Beginning in 1956 the factory offered the higher performance Veloce version which included a finned cast aluminum sump, higher compression, hotter cams, tubular headers, special Weber carburetors, oil cooler, huge finned drum brakes, an 8,000-rpm tachometer, and other modifications to make this model far superior to the standard Giulietta.

This car was a regular at Lime Rock Park and other famous road racing circuits where its previous owner of 25 years raced it, including many VSCCA vintage events. The log book and other documentation are included with car.

Built and raced by Keith Goring of Alfa’s Unlimited, this car retains its original, numbers-matching Veloce engine block with a 1400 piston kit and a 101-1300 head and intake, and dual Weber carburetors. Gear changes are made by a lightened GTA close-ratio 5-speed gearbox and lightweight flywheel.

The rear end is a ZF unit with 5:12 gears and limited slip. It stops very well, thanks to the larger rear brakes, and the original larger Veloce front brakes. It is a dual-circuit brake system with a 1969 ATE GTV master cylinder.

The tubular exhaust makes the wonderful music you expect to hear from a vintage Alfa Romeo race car. The clutch, transmission and brakes are all in good working order.

The interior is finished in basic race car trim – the floor and roof are freshly sprayed in chip-resistant liner, and the remainder of the interior remains in “period” look including the hounds-tooth fabric seats.

The engine was rebuilt a few years back at Alfa’s Unlimited with just a few races since, and our own technicians have just completed a full service on the engine, and refreshed the engine compartment and other details, such as fresh spark plugs and wires. The radiator has been rodded and painted. The engine runs strong and smooth.

The exterior is in very presentable, good condition. Since vintage racing can be a contact sport, we’ve re-sprayed the body in a quality paint finish but certainly not to show-car standards. The paint is fresh – there are no dings, dents, scratches or other paint/finish defects.

All of the body trim and emblems are present, complete and in good condition. The nose trim on the front of the car is a silver-matte finish and could be chrome-plated by the next owner if desired.

It can be street driven as-is or easily returned to vintage racing or rallying. This is such a fun car, if you have never experienced a vintage Alfa Romeo that has been built for racing it is very hard to put into words the absolute joy to be had. The car is great mechanically.

Please note that I do not represent Brighton Motorsports with this listing.


1987 Maserati Biturbo Si For Sale: Nicest Left in Existence?

I know what they say about these and I don't care; in this case anyway. In most cases, a Maserati Biturbo is to avoided at all costs due to shaky electronics, build quality, and neglected service histories. But this car hasn't had the chance to be neglected yet with only 18k miles on the clock since new! And anyone who knocks the looks is a liar. This is a really good looking car. I know the interior is a bit gaudy, but at least it still shows like new.

quote from seller's listing:

Maserati Coupe one owner for the past 17 years. Purchased from original owner in 1993 w/12,300 miles, now has 18,616 miles. Never in a winter, always kept in heated garage . Interior still has the new car smell! Mint condition inside and out. Prelli P Zero tires with less than 100 miles. Front 205/50 ZR15 and rear 225/50 ZR15, mounted on three peice OZ racing wheels. The catalytic converter, Y pipe and air pump have been removed. All original items including the manuals, all keys w/original key fob, original wheels and tires are part of purchase.

Factory specifications quote the U.S. spec Si at 188hp, but with all the emissions equipment set aside, the power output from this larger-than-Euro-spec 2.5L V6 twin turbo, should meet or exceed the Italy-only 220hp rating. At about 2700lbs dry weight, this should be a quick little car. Interesting...


1989 Lancia Delta Integrale 16v: A Rare Opportunity to Own in the U.S.

This is 1989 Lancia Delta Integrale for sale in the U.S. They were never imported to the U.S. and as such this is truly a rare opportunity to own what is arguably one of the hottest hatches of it's day. The specs speak for themselves: 16 valve four cylinder turbocharged engine that put out a healthy for it's day 200hp and screamed to 60mph in only 5.5 seconds.

1989 Lancia Delta Integrale For Sale in the U.S.

quote from the seller's listing:

Up for auction is a rare in the USA Lancia Delta Integrale 16v. If you are considering this car you know that Lancia developed this car to dominate the World Rally Championship Series race in the mid 80's and into the 90's. The Integrale is the winningest car of all times in the WRC.

This car was sold new in Italy and brought to the United States a handful of years ago by an old Italian guy in NY. He had and sold an 8v Integrale as well as a Lancia Thema. I have a clear Colorado title. I bought it with a clear NY title. The car comes with no other paperwork.

The car runs and drives well. I have replaced the timing belt and pulley. A complete tune up was done and the turbo was sent to Pop Shop to be rebuilt. New tires were installed. The paint has a few spots and there is just a little bit of bubbling around the bottom of the windshield. The interior is in very nice condition. All gauges work as do the power windows. The car has AC but it was not blowing cold. There is a small crack in the windshield. Other than these small issues this is a really cool Integrale here in the States!! The odometer shows 103k km which is roughly 65k miles. Enjoy!

The owner states several honest facts about the condition of the car and with only 65k miles this one has a lot of miles left to be enjoyed. While the more desirable Evolutione models will command significantly higher prices, this is still a very fast car and should be considered if the price is right. {currently at $8300 reserve not met with 7 days to go.}


1985 Lamborghini Jalpa For Sale: Is This The Cheapest Lambo You Can Buy Right Now?

Obviously the Countach was the preferred model of the period from Lamborghini, but this Jalpa is an interesting alternative. It has the period correct white on white color combination, low numbers build, and a 3.5L V8 behind the driver. The seller compares the experience to that of the 308/328 and at $36850, if I was in the market for a 308/328, this would make the running. At least to look at and do back to back driving comparisons. Not sure I could rock the white on white when I think about myself actually driving something like this!

On to the goods!

quote from sellers listing:

One of 410 - original color white/white. Restored according to previous owner in the late 90s. Maintained and serviced regularly. Original US car - not an imported Euro model.

VIN# ZA9J00000FLA12226, chassis, and motor # verified with Lamborghini SpA - all matching numbers and original color.

Car runs extremely well - starts up easily and drives smoothly. I have put about 2000 miles on it since having it at our dealership, with only minor service, and have had no issues. The car is MUCH more enjoyable to drive than a Countach, Ferrari 308/328, or Ferrari Testarossa.


Time Capsule! 1987 Alfa Romeo Platinum For Sale with 33k Original Miles

I've always been a fan of the Alfa 75, known as the Milano to U.S. customers. It has such a great execution of the classic angular/wedge designs that were so popular in the 1980's. But I haven't seen one for offer this nice in a really long time. It has only had two owners and covered a mere 33k miles!

Alfa Romeo Milano Verde For Sale

quote from the listing:

This is a time capsule. This car is offered for sale by the second owner. The first owner bought the car in Arizona and drove it for 19 years and only put 22,000 miles on it. It was garaged in Arizona. The current owner has put 10,000 mile on the car over the last 4 years and always keep it in excellent condition and garaged. The water pump was replaced in Arizona at 21,000 miles in 2006. The timing belt and cam seals were replaced in 2009 at 29,783 miles. There are no scratches, dents or rust on this car anywhere. If they are there, bring a magnifying glass. The only wear and tear on this car is the slight wear on the front leather seat bottom side panels. New tires, Falken ZIEX ZE-512, installed at 23,000 miles in 2007. All records of service by both owners from 1987 to today go with the car. It will be hard to find a better car.

Included with car are: never used tool kit, full factory shop manual, full set of 'Alfa' luggage, never used, including the side boxes. Also the 'delivery' cassette and emergency first aid kit. If you want to enter a concours and have a chance of winning your class, you most likely can't do it for less than twice the price of this car.

The Platinum edition is the third of 4 tiers in the Milano lineup and features that separate it from it's lesser optioned models is the limited slip differential, leather seats that are power adjustable and heated, heated mirrors, and ABS. In 88, the Platinum's only came in 3 speed auto configuration and self leveling rear suspension. If I were a prospective buyer, I'd be happy to see that this 1987 model has neither!