2005 Maserati MC12

When Maserati began its renaissance with the 3200GT, few expected that in just a few years the marque would have a supercar in its lineup. But that’s exactly what happened. This would be the first non front-engine Maserati since the death of the Bora almost three decades prior. Based on Ferrari Enzo mechanicals, the MC12 was a bit more compromising, having no rear window, along with being wider and heavier than the car on which it was based. It was still a tool for those serious track day enthusiasts, painted in the classic blue and white livery seen on Maseratis of yore. This MC12 for sale in California is one of but a few that made it stateside.

Year: 2005
Model: MC12
Engine: 6.0 liter V12
Transmission: 6-speed semi-automatic
Mileage: 21,767 miles
Price: $1,600,000

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Symbolic Motor Car Company is proud to present this stunning and extreme supercar, known as the Maserati MC12! This vehicle has only 1800KM on the odometer. US legal, ready to be sold today! This MC12 has only 1816 KM (1,128 miles) on the odometer, featuring an all blue leather interior with carbon fiber surroundings. Please call today at 858 454 1800 to speak with a trained professional regarding this hypercar, we will always consider trade in vehicles and special financing is available. We look forward to hearing from you! VIN: ZAMDF44B000019404

Cars like these always suffer at the hands of speculators when they are relatively new. A few years have passed since the last MC12s rolled off the assembly line. At $1.6 million, this is a car for serious collectors with deep pockets. However, at this price, there are much more well rounded, faster machines. The Bugatti Veyron comes to mind, as well as some lesser exotics like the new McLaren MC4-12C, Pagani Huayra and the Lamborghini Aventador. If you must have the sole Masserati supercar from the modern era, you don’t have much choice. It's wild to look at and drive, a car that is more suited to the track than street.


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  1. there was one of these locally to me, the gentleman had a GREAT collection of super-cars Ferrari’s Pagani etc. and moreover he exercised them at Ferrari track events.
    when he passed away a couple of years ago his stable was auctioned off…the MC12 got NO WHERE near this ask, moreover his Pagani & F40 & F50 sold for more than his MC12 did…
    even to a collector this is a bit high…it most likely will end up in China!

  2. Hello
    I saw the advert of your car and decided to purchase the car, and i will like to know the price and the location,contact me please with my email for more information (lawrencepee@hotmail.com).
    Captain Lawrence pee.

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