2005 Ferrari 575M Superamerica

As a follow on to the Ferrari F550 Barchetta we featured last week, here is that car's direct successor, the 575M Superamerica. At the time this car was released, folding hard tops were coming into their own. However, Ferrari decided to be different and opted for a glass targa roof that articulated 180 degrees to lie flat on the trunk lid. The curiousness didn't stop there. The glass employed electrochromic technology, developed by Saint Gobain, which was a first for automotive applications. This enabled the passengers to control the exact level of light they wanted to enter the cabin through the mere turn of a dial. Only 599 of these flip top Ferraris were made. This one for sale in Florida is being offered by the dealer which sold it on when it was new.

2005 Ferrari 575M Superamerica

2005 575 Superamerica! 1 of only 559 worldwide. This is a local car sold new by us. Options include GTC Package, Electric Daytona Seats, Scuderia Shields, Yellow Tachometer, Rear Wall in Beige Leather, High Power HiFi Sound System, 6 Disc Changer, Black Stitching and Daytona Inserts.

While the Superamerica offers greater all weather practicality with none of the compromises of the F550 Barchetta, I still can't help that a premium is being charged for an aesthetically less pleasing Ferrari. As neat as the electrochromic roof is, it does appear a bit awkward when the roof is lowered over trunk lid. So either you get good top down looks with the F550 Barchetta or more usability with the 575M. Personally, I'd choose the Superamerica over the Barchetta, as the flying buttresses do a better job of masking the long trunk lid. When new, these cars were around $280,000. Today, you can expect prices for low mileage examples to hover around $200,000.



  1. Dear I would appreciate if you can send me a full details of the 575 superamerica including the service history with more pictures and car location with stickar price

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  2. Paul says:


    By clicking on the link directly above the main photo in the post, it will bring you to the original advertisement of the car by the seller. We here at Classic Italian Cars for Sale post cars available from third party sellers. These are not our own vehicles, unless otherwise stated.


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