2003 Maserati Coupe GT

It's been ten years since Maserati returned to the US market. It was with this car, the Coupe GT, that they broke into what would become their largest market worldwide. These new cars with their Ferrari derived V8 engines went a long way towards erasing bad memories of the Biturbo from the 1980s and brought Italian car ownership closer to the mainstream in the US once again. This Coupe GT for sale in Chicago has the desirable 6-speed manual transmission in place of the Cambiocorsa paddle shift gearbox.

2003 Maserati Coupe GT on eBay

Little in the way of a description is given by the seller, which is unfortunate when it comes to high end Italian exotics. As noted by a few of our readers, with these kind of cars, it's paramount to have a full and detailed description when it comes to service and repairs with a vehicle of this caliber. The asking price of just under $27,000 is right on point with current market values. While the metallic gray paintwork isn't the most eye catching color for the Coupe GT, it could be just the ticket for those seeking incognito high performance motoring.


2 thoughts on “2003 Maserati Coupe GT”

  1. I’m not surprised about the lack of description. The seller, a franchised high-end dealer in Chicago, never has any sort of descriptions/details about their cars, either on their ebay auctions or website. I guess they figure people will call to ask. Some of the ebay feedback is questionable. Even if they have all the service records, it would still be advisable to get a PPI (as would be smart to do with any used automobile w/o a warranty).

  2. For what it’s worth, I bought this exact car from the dealer in question in Feb 2013. I was lucky to steal it for $17,200, but it did need it’s share of work. A set of tires, a clutch, a heater core, a window microswitch, headlight washer cover, cat converters, and every last stitch of maintenance imaginable. Fortunately I handled everything with a friend for under $4000 total. It is now a PERFECT piece of art, and an amazing machine 🙂

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