2002 Maserati Coupe GT

It's been a little over ten years since Maserati returned to the US market. In this time, they have progressed from an obscure marque in this market to the brand that high-end buyers turn when they want something a bit more special than your average European or Japanese luxury car. Time hasn't been that kind to some Maseratis in the resale department and one case in point is the Coupe GT and Spyder. These high performance grand touring machines can now be had for mid-sized sedan money. But is it a wise purchase for those of lesser means? This attractively priced Coupe GT for sale in Michigan is one way of finding out.

Year: 2002
Model: Coupe GT
Engine: 4.2 liter V8 2.0
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 49,201 miles
Price: $18,990 Buy It Now

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The buyer has backed out. Please confirm it with your wife/husband, view every single picture, document, and word of my car for sale, and please feel free to ask any questions you can think of and read all you can about this car before you commit to buy, thank you. I have owned this car since august 2012 and I am the 4th owner. This car comes with a clean car fax and lots of documentation including 30k mile service, full clutch replacement, full inspection done by ECS of Virginia, and more. I am selling it because I am looking for an AWD luxury sedan, possible trade.

Here is a comprehensive list of every single blemish/service/modification on this 11 year old car. Please note that I am well aware that most likely the buyer will be purchasing this car site unseen so that is why I have painstakingly listed every single flaw with this car and I can almost guarantee no one else that has listed there maserati was as thorough as I have been.


-The paint is in good condition with no sun fade, orange peel, or rust. The paint could stand to get a professional wheel for perfection.
-The front of the vehicle shows signs of normal stone chips but none of them down to the metal.
-There is a vertical dent about 1" long just behind the passenger door, no chipped paint just pushed in a bit approx 1/16". Looks like someone let there car door swing into this area in a parking lot.
-There is also a small (approx. 1/2 dia. x 1/8 depth) pushed in area on the drivers side wheel arch. I tried to get a picture of the area but the paint is like a mirror so I couldnt get it to be visible.
-2 of the wheels are missing the plastic Maserati Trident insert located in the center of the rim.
-40%-50% tire tread left.
-A previous owner stuck small dome mirrors on the exterior rear view mirror corners that I havent dared to remove.


-On the very bottom of the drivers side door card there is some torn material from someone dragging there shoe tips across it getting in or out of the car. The biggest one is approximately 1/4".
-The steering wheel has some white specs on the top part of the outer wheel that I cant seem to get rid of.
-There is some dust inside the gauge cluster that I havent been able to suck out with a vacuum through the trip reset button opening.
-When I was disassembling the center console for the sticky buttons refurbishment I noticed that underneath the shift boot at the bottom of the tear drop area of the center console there is a screw missing, also the plastic ring thats glued to the shift boot to clip in to the center console was cracked in several places in that same area. I have glued it back together and it sits flush and tight now. It does not rise up as a result, nor is it noticeable in any way.
-The center console the inside of the ash tray is sticky from the plastic out gassing. This is common to all Maseratis, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis interiors.
-Sat/nav/cd shroud under the arm rest on the center console has been replaced with a used part. The original was cracked in several places. This part is commonly fragile. The condition of the used part upon very close inspection shows signs of the clear coat worn in places. It is not sticky in any way, and is consistently black with no fading.
-The drivers seat is just starting to show signs of wear on the lower part of the seat bolster.
-All 39 center console buttons have been refurbished by stickynomore.com
-3 windows have been tinted to 5%. Rear window and both rear seat side windows
-Headliner adhesive has given up in 2 separate sections. It hanges approximately 1" lower in 2 spot. I can email you pictures but ebay only allows 24 pics in an ad so I couldnt post them here.


-Mufflers have been removed and stainless pipe tips installed. The welded tips have been done in a way that going back to oem is only a matter of cutting the weld and reinstalling mufflers and hangers which are included. About a 20 minute job. This does not affect emissions. Terrible quality video here of the sound http://youtu.be/erPjLAcDZyA
-Heater core is beginning to leak. Currently the supply and return has been tied to each other so there is no heat right now, but no more leak. All electrical works fine because it was caught early. paperwork reflects this in the picture area. The car is fully drivable with no performance issues. $150 part and a weekend of your own labor or approximately $2,000 if a dealer does it.
-There is an occasional check engine light that comes on approximately every 2-4 weeks. With an OBD2 scanner it shows an $11 coolant sensor. I called josh from ECS of Virginia. (one of the countrys premier Maserati shops) and he assured me that because this is a hand built exotic car it is bound to have the occasional check engine light from random sensors. This does not affect the performance or put it into limp mode, it's just a light that comes on every now and then. I will leave the OBD2 scanner with the car so you can clear it on the fly cause its annoying to look at. This is the only code this car has every thrown in my ownership.
-Mild vibration from the drive shaft above 4,500 rpm. Stated in the shown inspection report, Josh from ECS has told me that this is due to the bolts connecting the driveshaft are not perfectly aligned from when the clutch was replaced. It does not need repair or affect the performance.
-Shifting from 1st to 2nd gear when the transmission is cold requires a little more pressure to engage then the rest of the gears. This is common to most 6-speed Maseratis.
-30k mile service has been done and comes with documentation.
-At 30k miles the clutch, flywheel, throw out bearing, and all associated hardware and sensors were replaced. And comes with documentation of this service. I must note that this transmission is common to a lot of other vehicles and the clutch Should last 100k miles like normal clutches. Someone obviously didnt quite understand how match revs when driving to limit wear.
-Oil and filter change recently.
-Headlight bulbs replaced.
-The passenger window regulator has been replaced, and later properly adjusted.
-A new battery has been installed.
-Inspection report shows control arm dust boot split.
-Inspection report shows low coolant level, but after the hoses have been tied away from the heater core the level has been topped off and is now holding level.
-Inspection report shows slight oil weep from front timing cover gasket. Josh from ECS has told me that if I actually start driving it more than the previous owners that the gasket should swell back to sealing.
-I have 16 more pictures showing documentation, exhaust, etc but i could only upload 24 pics on ebay.

Basically this this entire list of faults boils down to this, if you decide to drive in the winter for some reason, you might want to replace the heater core, and thats it. I have had no problems driving this car everyday and wouldnt hesitate driving it across the country. I have looked at all other Maseratis currently for sale and I have priced my car for the best deal in the country for the fastest sale. I work a lot of hours and simply dont have time to address these issues, and I figure that the new buyer could do these fixes at there leasure while picking it up inexpensively. Also note that if you have another vehicile you can call a daily driver you can use american collector car insurance for a significant discount, I'm paying $50/month for 7,500 miles per year for full coverage so the cost to own isn't outragious. So please call/text 810 599 6589 or use the ebay email for more info, thank you.

This is one of the cheapest Coupe GTs I've seen yet. Sure, it has its faults, but for someone who is handy around the garage, it might just be the perfect way into rarefied automotive territory. I've spoken with a few people who own Coupes and Spyders and these cars aren't as unreliable as you might think, especially those with the standard 6-speed manual gearbox if you aren't into replacing clutches frequently. At this price and in this condition, I doubt this Coupe GT will last long.


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  1. To his credit, the seller has listed a lot of this car’s “faults” in the ad. Unfortunately, a lot of them are significant (despite the seller’s suggestions otherwise). As much as the *idea* of buying a sub-$20K late model Maserati is appealing, this ad description underscores the problematic *reality* of buying a sub-$20K late model Maserati.

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    I saw the advert of your car and decided to purchase the car, and i will like to know the price and the location,contact me please with my email for more information (lawrencepee@hotmail.com).
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