2000 Ferrari F550 Maranello

The Ferrari F550 Maranello is one of my favorite exotics from the past two decades. In an era of bulbous and ill-proportioned aesthetics, the F550 showed that hope wasn't lost when it came to automotive design. The fact that it has a V12 engine and enough room for two and their luggage for a weekend getaway makes the package even sweeter. This low mileage example is a six speed manual and has lived most of its life in sunny Florida.

2000 Ferrari F550 Maranello

2000 Ferrari F550 Maranello. VIN # ZFFZR49B000119548. Silver exterior with black leather interior. Only 11,400 miles. Major service done! Leather rear shelf. Power Daytona seats. Factory CD changer in trunk. All books and keys.

At $78,500, this F550 is right in the heart of current market values, especially given the low mileage of this example. With a recent service completed, it should allow potential suitors to rest easy for at least another 10,000 miles or so and allow some time to set aside some cash for the next big service. I never grow tired of these F550s. Twenty to thirty years from now, I believe they will reach the same cult status as the legendary Daytona. They will be remembered as the last of a breed from an era when fuel prices were a fraction of what they will inevitably be and when a proper grand touring coupe meant a big engine and a proper manual gearbox.


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Dated: Mar 28 2012

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