1998 Ferrari F550 Maranello

What better a vehicle to feature for Christmas than a red Ferrari? Of all the Ferraris from the last twenty years, the F550 is the one that I would want to see under my tree for the holidays, offering modern performance in a classic front-engined, rear-drive setup. In classic Rosso Corsa, this F550 for sale in California has done 20,000 miles and is a stunning example of a period in Ferrari's history that saw the sun set on traditional manual gearboxes.

1998 Ferrari F550 Maranello

1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello, perfect around town, ferocious roaring between towns.

1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello. Finished in classic Rosso Corsa over Tan hides, the 550 Maranello has been driven only 20,838 pampered miles! It has had two previous owners, However the first owner never drove it (100 miles when sold). It is in excellent condition inside and out! Books, keys and service records on hand! If you are looking for a lovely 550 Maranello to add to your stable, your search ends here! This Ferrari has the right color and has been well-maintained.


The body oozes pure sex! Silky smooth sleek lines! All of the body panels are in excellent shape. The tires are relatively new. the glass an all trim is in perfect shape. There is some small rock chips in the front end which is expected of a car this low to the ground. keep in mind in 1998, clear protective film wasn't the miracle protector it is now.


The interior is quintessential Ferrari, gorgeous Tan leather Hides, rich carpeting. These cars are notorious for the leather dashes shrinking. As such the leather dash has all been redone. Dials are huge and instantly readable! The seats are supple and in excellent condition. Drilled foot pedals, shift knob is an aluminum ball on a chromed stalk and a stainless steel shift gate.


Ferocious power, and that lusty V-12 keeps pouring it on from each shift until red line in any gear. It is also two cars in one. In softer, sedate hands, it tools around town, breathing gently in its first four gears. It's light on the clutch, easy to shift; the steering is powered and well-balanced, and only tiptoes are needed for braking. She is a tame horse. Want spirited driving? Push the car and let it know who's the boss. Then it becomes a bronco spirited, vital and very, very quick.

The range of around $60,000 to $85,000 is the sweet spot for asking prices of F550 Maranellos. If this car's servicing is up to date, this isn't a bad value when it comes to an F550, but as we all know, these are not cheap cars to maintain. If the car is in need of a service, then a bit of negotiating will have to take place. At these prices, I would wager to say this is about as cheap as F550s will get for quite some time, as collectors will start to yearn for the more visceral, modern classics from Ferrari with this V12 coupe squarely in their sights.


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