1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

If I had to make a short list of my favorite Ferraris, this F355 Spider would certainly be up there. Just look at it for a second. This was a high point for Ferrari and Pininfarina, without a doubt. Along with many other enthusiasts, I hold this model in high regard. It represented the end of an era when it came to the wide fendered, wedge look that made cars like the Testarossa and 308/328 so popular a decade before. Its successor, the F360 Modena, was maligned due to its more bulbous looks and increased size, even though the new model weighed less than the F355. The F360 Modena also continued the proliferation of the F1 electrohydraulic manual transmission, as fewer and fewer new Ferraris were being equipped with a third pedal.

This F355 fortunately has the traditional 6 speed gearbox and is finished in a wonderful shade of Rossa Barchetta, a hue that is a tad darker than the more common Rossa Corsa. Like Alfa Romeo's Rossa Vinaccia (wine red metallic), it's a color that exudes class and makes you realize this is something just a bit more special.

1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

This extraordinary 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider is in excellent condition inside and out. This is painted in the rare Rossa Barchetta that is nicely complimented by the beige leather interior. This features power windows, adjustible suspension, climate control, powered seats, powered convertible softtop, and much more.

PAINT: Rosso Barchetta
INTERIOR: Beige Leather
MILEAGE: 11,742
ENGINE: 3.5l V8
MPG: 10/15
TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed Manual
TITLE: Clean

Fourteen years and two owners on, this F355 presents as new. The black plastic trim on the center console aft of the shifter looks a little warped, but this is an easy enough fix as there are specialists who restore these pieces. High retail for these F355 Spiders is running in the $65,000 to $75,000 range, so this example is priced at the maximum. However, since it is being sold by a Ferrari/Maserati dealer, that should give a little bit of reassurance to potential owners. These cars stickered at almost $140,000 when they were new. What we're looking at here is a car that has retained about 50% of its value over almost 15 years. Truthfully - and I wouldn't say this about many cars - I can see why.