1997 Ferrari F355

A chapter is coming to a close in Ferrari history. No longer will you be able to order a car with a Prancing Horse on the bonnet and a proper manual gearbox. Ferrari announced that the California will indeed by the last model with three pedals. Given this news, let’s take a look back at where the shift towards automated manual gearboxes first started to unfold, the F355. In the past, Ferrari had offered larger, grand touring models with full automatic gearboxes, and even offered a semi-automatic gearbox towards the end of the Mondial’s production run in the early 1990s.

The F1 gearbox management appeared in 1997. Like a lot of new technology, it didn’t get a whole lot of love at first, but through several evolutions, it has evolved into the automated gearboxes we have today which have eclipsed manual transmissions in both speed and efficiency. While they may be better at hustling you down the road, hardcore enthusiasts will always shed a tear that fewer sports cars can be had with a row your own gearbox. This F355 is one such Ferrari, the second to last year the hardtop F355 was available before being usurped by the F360.

Year: 1997
Model: F355 Berlinetta
Engine: 3.5 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 62,099 miles
Price: $47,000 Buy It Now

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I am selling my 1997 F355 GTB for a great price. I have spared no expense on maintenance and upkeep and you are receiving a fantastic machine. It has no damage history and it is in beautiful condition for a 1997 and this coupe model is considered by some to be the quintessential Ferrari of all time. It is a pure sports car, with 6 speed manual transmission, 380 hp and zero to sixty in 4.6s. The paint is original and is like a mirror and the interior is in fantastic shape. Only issue is dash near windshield has some shrinkage (see photo) but I have discounted my price to reflect repair for this. This is easily fixed and many 355s of this era have this issue. I have performed the following maintenance on the car for a total investment of $22k.

2011: New alternator, new exhaust headers, campaign #48 repair fuel block clamps replace, new luggage compartment struts, air pump assembly replace, air filter replace, censors cleaned, ABS assembly module and censors replaced, ECU replace, new fog lamp bulbs, wiper blades, oil and oil filter x3, air compressor replace, all fuses.

2012: Full engine out service with new timing belt, spark plugs and deep cleaning of engine and mild restoration work. Wiring replaced from ECU to instrument cluster. Various O2 sensors replaced.

2013: All fluids changed. Brand new Michelin Pilot Supersport tires (25 miles ago).

I also installed a Kenwood Exelon fully integrated DVD, CD, MP3, Garmin NAV, and SAT multifunction display unit. Best available on the market. It can also accommodate cameras should you want to install one. This is a total turnkey F355 in excellent mechanical and physical shape, in a rare color combination. It is the last year Ferrari used the famous flying buttress design. It handles superbly and sounds awesome. Truly a work of art on wheels and a complete driving machine. And lastly it is a Coupe and not a Spider which are a dime a dozen. I have original car cover with toolkit, owners manual and two keys. I have all service records on this car to the beginning of time, including all of mine, in a bound folder.

With Ferraris, it's imperative that any example for sale comes with documentation and service records, hopefully from day one, and this car does. The engine out service that was completed last year will save some headaches and money for the future owner going forward. At $47,000, this is reasonable money given the level of care taken, even if mileage is a bit higher than your usual Ferrari of this vintage. Now is the time to buy one of these. As time moves on and cars become a bit more arcade like, enthusiasts will clamor for the simpler days of yore.


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