1996 Alfa Romeo 155 1.7 Twinspark

The Alfa Romeo 155 was never sold in the US, even though it was introduced before the marque's pullout from this market in 1995. Designed as a replacement for the 75, it was based on the Type Three platform which also underpinned the Lancia Dedra and Fiat Tempra and Marea. The 155 was campaigned with great success, winning the Italian Superturismo Championship along with the British, German and Spanish Touring Car Championships. This 155 for sale in North Carolina by an Alfa enthusiast is thought to have been brought here by a service member using the one car importation rule.

1996 Alfa Romeo 155 1.7 Twinspark

I have owned this car for about 10 years. It has seen very limited use in the past 5. The Alfa 155 won the DTM touring car championship in 1996-This is a great drivers car. This is an Italian Spec Car that was sold by Moto Exotica to me in 2002. Since they had a valid New York Title at the time I am assuming it had come in under the 1 car rule for overseas servicemen. It currently has a valid Maine title and I have been able to register and drive it in NY, Rhode Island, and Maine. You may be required to get a VIN inspection in your state. The VIN listed above is not correct as eBay will not allow me to enter the European 17 digit VIN. This has not been converted to MPH but it does have a stock converter and fuel injection.

Condition: The exterior of the car is in great condition, It has factory Alloys, It has been indoor stored most of it's life. It has been completely repainted after an accident in Rhode Island using the original Sikkins color, The interior shows some sign of use, mostly staining on the drivers and rear seat and some wear on the drivers carpet/ (see pictures). At some point the Momo Steering wheel and shift knob were stolen while it was at the body shop. The wheel has been replaced but needs a horn button and spacer/gaiter. (I also have the stock steering wheel) The radio face was also stolen but I will include a new Sony radio ready to install. Mechanically the car currently runs and drives well, I have just completed about $1,500 worth of work to bring it out of storage including a new fuel pump, rebuilt calipers, new master cylinder and one brake line. The fuel guage seems to have a loose connection which causes the fuel light to go on when the tank is full. The car has a race exhaust: Antara fom Italy as well as a Class 1 hitch, a new Converter. The AC works but need a charge since it has been sitting.

Why I am selling: I truly love this car but my wife hates it. We are both long time Alfa Romeo Enthusiasts with over 15 Alfas between us in the past 25 years. I bought this car after my only brother passed away in 2001 and for 2 years it was my main ride. Being a Front wheel drive car it has a completely different feel than the Spiders, the GTVs, the Berlina, the Sport Sedan, the Giulia Super, the AlfaSud Quadrifoglio, The Milano, Lancia Beta and the 3 Alfa 164s we have owned over the years. It was my sanctuary, the place to go and have fun when the tensions of family life were too much. It is a great car to drive, quick steering/handling, very fast off the line for a 1.7 Liter, incredibly economical (I was getting 30-42 MPG). Then in 2005 I was hit in the side by a driver with no insurance. Luckily I found a sympathetic Body Shop in West Warwick RI that was willing do do the work at cost, Tony at Euro Auto Body and his Italian born father did an incredible job. We sourced all original Alfa parts from England and Italy, original paint etc. The car looked brand new when I got it back.

Unfortunately the cost and attention I was giving to it was driving a very big wedge between my wife and myself. She had long traded her Spider Quadrifoglio, 1974 GTV coupe and her 140 mph Milano for a Honda Pilot. So when it was the main reason for tension between us I moved it to a warehouse and left it there for 4-5 years. This year I brought it back to my Alfa mechanic in maine and had him do what was need to get it back on the road but it now has to go. As long as it sits in my driveway, there will be tension between us.

Gray market imports are never easy to put a value on. This looks like a clean Alfa from the outside but the interior could certainly benefit from some tidying up. The Buy it Now price of $5,200 is a bit above what comparable examples are selling for in Europe. Outside of Alfisti I can't imagine these sedans having a huge following here. Even amongst fans of the marque, these 155s can sometimes be derided for their front-drive handling characteristics. I like the squared off lines and the fact that it was the basis for success in competition makes it all that more desirable.