1995 Alfa Romeo 164LS

As Americans wait with baited breath for the return of Alfa Romeo to this market, let's take a look back at one of the very last new Alfa Romeos, besides the ultra limited 8C Competizione, to grace these shores: the 164. With very few sales in its final year in the US market, these cars were not cross shopped by your typical Lexus or Mercedes-Benz customer. Only hardcore enthusiasts needed to apply. Two versions of the 164 were available in its final year; the Quadrofoglio and the LS version, as we see here. The LS was the luxury model of the pair, but equipped with a 5-speed manual such as our feature car, it still made for an involved driving experience. This 164LS for sale in Miami has a low 85,000 miles on the clock and looks the business in black.

1995 Alfa Romeo 164LS

Black on Black 95 LS with 85,000 miles. Asking $4,000. I have had this car since 2004 and all work has been done at Auto Veloce in Miami. The car runs great, its fast and I wouldn't hesitate driving it cross country.

The good:
- The engine is strong with and the car runs fantastic
- New clutch installed last week
- New radiator 9 months ago.
- No overheating issues
- Interior is in great shape
- AC work great.
- New Pioneer head unit can use new speakers.
- All maintenance is up do date.
- Oil change last week.
- New brake pads last week.
- Timing belt around 10K ago.
- No leaks
- No rust

The Bad:
- Needs a paint job along with minor repair to front bumper due to a minor parking lot bump. I have the metal trim piece (its used but its straight).
- Rear windows are stuck. motor or button, I don't know. They used to work until one day they didn't and I never bothered fixing.
- Needs new muffler.

The seller seems very motivated to sell and has been rather transparent about the issues with this car. At $4,000, I tend to think this is good value for a late model 164 with the desirable 5-speed gearbox. This is a car that certainly deserves the TLC that it needs. With a fresh paint job and some minor fixes, this 164 could serve as a classy executive express for many years to come.


Posted under: Alfa Romeo, Modern Classic
Dated: Jul 28 2012


  1. Larry says:

    Damn, this is appealing. First you post the 63K-mile sub-$7K 280CE on GCFSB, then the $4K 164LS here. Paul, you are obviously trying to strain my self-control (and if that fails, my marriage).

    Two great cars – for entirely different reasons, of course. Risking significant verbal abuse, the classic W123 is probably a better “investment” (more likely to keep, last longer, and/or get more money back out of it later)…but the Alfa would be infinitely more fun to drive (a friend with a 164S absolutely loved his). Thoughts?

  2. Paul says:

    Larry, it seems the price on the W123 has dropped. Both are tempting. For a bit under $6,000 all in, you could get a repaint and do the repairs on the 164. Tempting for such a handsome (manual equipped) sedan.

  3. hom says:

    Wish they brought the Q4 here i would be open to buying one of those. Buying a FWD alfa seems….. pointless? Idk how to put my opinion to words aside from that.

  4. Larry says:

    hom, feedback from 164 owners I’ve talked to suggests it feels “less FWD” than you’d think. I haven’t had much driving time, so I can’t really offer a first-hand opinion.

    For a car designed in the 80’s, the look has held up remarkably well. The ’94-’95 cars (US market), had the 24V engine making over 200HP, so performance would be reasonably good even by 2012 standards.

    Fortunately, the tacked-on looking body kit wasn’t included on the LS version.

  5. Greg says:

    They’re ewe go agin…

    Unless one is chewing on fishing worms, one is waiting with “bated” breath.

    (I came to look at the 164, but the ‘baited’ thing just kills…)