1994 Maserati Ghibli

By 1994, the Biturbo was long gone from the US automotive landscape and most people had forgotten about this less than stellar period in Maserati's history. But in 1992, the famed Ghibli name was revived on a revised version of the Biturbo which would be sold until 1997, eventually making way for the 3200GT, which would go on to be the first Maserati sold in the US in 11 years, under the Coupe and Spyder moniker. Funny how some things come full circle, isn't it? This Ghibli is said to be one of two in Canada and is road legal there, due to their more lax 15 year importation threshold, rather than the draconian 25 year rule in the US.

1994 Maserati Ghibli

Very Rare and great condition Ghibli 2 GT for sale. Only 2 in Canada and this is one of them. This is NOT the Biturbo model but the Ghibli 2. Exterior is a very dark grey (almost black) and the interior is beige. The interior is completely leather and suede (no cloth) with a wooden steering wheel.

The radio and CD player work and the floor mats I had custom stitched to match the interior with the Maserati trident logo on them (not shown in the pictures). No cracks in the wood trimming and it still has the orginal Maserati gold Cartier clock in it which works perfectly. It also still has the original flare light/torch that came with the car for emergency purposes.

It is a 5 speed manual transmission and a 2.8 litre, bi-turbo engine putting out about 330+ horsepower. The brakes have been upgraded with new discs that were also slotted and new brake pads. It has been driven only in the summer here and is stored in the garage for the winter. The other Ghibli 2 in Canada was a 1991 model, had done about 71,000 kms and recently sold for $43,000. This is therefore a bargain considering the later model, lower kms and lower price.

I'm not sure if you could consider $35,000 a bargain for what is a thinly reskinned Biturbo, especially since more recent Coupes with the 4.2 liter V8 and 6-speed manual can be had regularly in the $25,000 to $35,000 range. This is also a car from a curious part of Maserati's history, one where the company found itself on the brink. Therefore, reliability and build quality aren't on par with the classics or modern day cars. Even though it has its shortcomings, I've always appreciated the more butch looks the Ghibli brings to the ordinary Biturbo formula. In just a few years, these will be legal to import to the US and hopefully a few more make their way to Canada in the meantime to make for a larger selection this side of the Atlantic.