1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

The end of the 105/115 Series Alfa Romeo Spider came in 1994. This was a rather somber occasion, not just because it marked the end of a production run spanning four decades, but Alfa Romeo's exit from the US market would come one year later. For its final year, Alfa Romeo introduced the CE, or Commemorative Edition, of which only 190 were produced. Included in the package was a special badge on the nose, CE badging on the rear, gold center caps on the wheels and burl wood interior trim. These CE Spiders don't come up for sale all too often, so this one on offer in Florida represents an opportunity to get the Spider in its ultimate form.

1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

This is an absolutely beautiful, Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce CE, Folio Green. The car is number 164 of 190 produced for 1994 the last year Alfa Spiders were imported into the usa. These special models have serialized dash plaques, gold wheel cap centers, wood shift knobs and wood door panels. The Commemorative Edition are becoming very collectable and almost impossible to find. Just think about this, there were thousands of spiders produced every year before 1994 but only 190 the final year. I believe this is the only CE advertised for sale in the entire USA.

The rear window and top are perfect, as is the tan top boot cover. All of the accessories work, including the air conditioning. Just under 57,000 miles. Books and manuals present. Drives absolutely perfect. No shakes, rattles or anything else out of the ordinary. Paint is exceptional Interior is as nice as the exterior. Tan leather and suede seats are near perfect. All of the gauges work as they should. No warning lights. Mechanically, the car is outstanding . It starts immediately warm or cold. Valve train is quiet with no excessive ticking. Oil pressure is good. No smoking whatsoever. The car revs freely and feels good as you row through the gears. which change easily with no grinding or hang ups in any gear. All 4 wheels are unmarred and the tires have 90% tread left. Car has the original Alfa Romeo radio.

The series 4 spiders (1991-1994) are the last and arguably the best produced. If you are looking for a truly special Alfa Spider look no further this is the car that will give its new owner much joy with stunning looks, fun to drive characteristics and will surely appreciate over time. Whether you are driving through winding roads or down to the beach motoring pleasure awaits you. I also have 2 low mileage 1991 spiders for sale a red/tan and silver/tan.

Prices for good, Series 4 Spiders seem to be creeping up slowly, and the CE will certainly be a favorite of many collectors for years to come. At almost $20,000, I think we are shooting for the moon here a bit. If this car had under 40,000 miles we might edge close to that figure, but as is, we're probably somewhere around $15,000 in terms of a realistic number to place on this car.


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