1993 Alfa Romeo Spider

Another week, another Series 4 Spider on CICFS. I honestly can never get enough of these roadsters. No one will miss you coming down the street in this yellow 1993 Spider Veloce. Having covered only 30,000 miles, it appears almost like new and is sure to its new owner a lot of smiles per miles.

1993 Alfa Romeo Spider

This is the last year for the Alfa Romeo spider, the 1993 model. The last iteration is considered to be the best and I agree. I have owned several over the years and I just took this on a run over the weekend and it was an absolute joy to drive1 They are a blast. There is no need to have a more complicated car to derive more pleasure. Alfa figured out decades ago how to extract the maximum amount of driving pleasure from their cars and nobody does it better. I have 12 cylinders cars and they are not more fun- louder yes but they do not bring a bigger smile to my face while driving. Sadly, the Veloce's must go to fund my other Alfa project but knowing they will be enjoyed is a good thing.

This car is in very good condition with no needs and can be driven anywhere. Just turn the key, drop the top and go! I am happy to answer any questions. From the body, paint, perfect wheels,you would be very hard pressed to find a better example.

The seller describes this Spider as the last model year. Technically, they are correct, as there were no Spiders built in 1994, but there were Spiders sold as 1994 models under the Commemorative Editon, or CE badge. Clean, low mileage Spiders and Spider Veloces can be had for around $13,000 to $15,000. At a Buy It Now price of $20,000, this puts it right up there with the best of the best, but everything from the interior to the engine bay on this one looks showroom fresh. This is certainly one of the better Series 4 Spiders we've seen here at CICFS.


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