1992 Ferrari Mondial Valeo t Cabriolet

Towards the end of the Mondial production run, Ferrari decided to a be a bit daring and experiment with a semi-automatic version of the car’s 5-speed manual gearbox. Essentially the same transmission right down to the gear ratios, this gearbox was similar to the Volkswagen and Porsche Sportomatic gearbox in the 1970s, offering manual shifting without a third pedal. However, the Valeo system had a microprocessor controlling the clutch engagement which made for more refined shifting. This gearbox and automated clutch setup was designed to learn the user’s driving habits over time and even allowed for situations where you could engine brake if you lifted off the throttle. The clutch would then not fully disengage until you stopped the vehicle. Sophisticated stuff for the period and no doubt gave Ferrari a baseline on where to go with the semi-automatic gearbox in the future. This Mondial Valeo t Cabriolet for sale in Toronto offers a rare opportunity to purchase this clutchless cabriolet.

1992 Ferrari Mondial Valeo t Cabriolet

1992 Mondial t Cabriolet 2+2 Vaelo. This Mondial t comes equipped with a 3.4L quad cam V8 producing 300 horsepower coupled to a 5-speed Valeo semi-automatic transmission. Valeo was available as an option; while shifting was done by means of a traditional gear lever, the clutch was actuated automatically without a clutch pedal.

41,440 miles (approximately 66,000km) The Mondial t is a substantially changed vehicle to the previous Mondial. With a new engine and transmission layout it provides much improved handling and performance characteristics. This rare automated manual makes this car the perfect four-seat Ferrari.

Around $30,000 to $35,000 is what late model Mondial t Cabriolets are fetching these days. I'm not sure if the Valeo gearbox would add any significant value to the bottom line, as most enthusiasts would prefer three pedals. Still, as an engineering curiosity, this car may bring its fair share of interest from enthusiasts.


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  1. I know this is a very rare car, but does anyone have any real world experience of running one of these over a period of time. Currently pondering one of these as well as a Maserati 4200 and a Porsche.
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  2. I don’t understand how people can expect to sell any car, let alone a Ferrari, without any description of the car’s condition or what service has been performed.

  3. I owned a 2004 Masaerati 4200 GT coupe with a true 6 speed for 3 years; tweaked a little here and there with some stuff thru Formula Dynamics, it was AWESOME! Problem free for 3 years as well. DOC

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