1992 Ferrari 512TR

If you wanted a poster car in the 1980s, you bought a Lamroghini Countach. If you wanted one of the fastest, best driving cars in the world though, you bought the Ferrari Testarossa. A revival of the classic "red head" name, the original Testarossas were front engine racers with little to do with the flat-12, mid-engined GT road car that Ferrari produced in the 1980s. Still, the name was evocative enough to spur on sales, as was the classic shape. An evolution of the 512BBi, the Testarossa would take Ferrari all the way into the 1990s; and while by then it was a dated design eclipsed by more poster super cars, the appeal and classic design of the Testarossa still shines today. While the Countach can look almost vulgar in its excess, the Testarossa is a velvet hammer. This example is from mid-run and the first year of the "512TR":

Year: 1992
Model: 512TR
Engine: 4.9 liter flat-12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 32,535 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

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1992 Ferrari 512TR in Nero Black over Black Leather.

No Reserve !

Very hard to find. Only 32.550 miles. Very good condition. This car has always been stored indoors, the AC blows ice cold and hard even on the hottest day I can drive and keep cool. Major Service Just done 200 miles ago, New engine oil, replaced oil filter, replaced transmission oil, new replaced spark plugs, replaced new brake master cylinder with Ate brake fluid and new stainless steel brake line. Rear brake cooling hoses has been replaced and other… Wheel alignment done 1500mile before. This 512TR has Tubi sport exhaust system. I don’t have stock exhaust.all scheduled services and maintenance has been routinely done and it shows in the way this car drives and performs, as well as the aesthetic of the engine bay undercarriage and all suspension and brake parts. Replaced audio, new Boss radio video CD player with Bluetooth. Installed remote control door lock system. Installed aluminum brake and clutch and gas pedal.The books, manuals, and 3 keys. The Nero Black Ferrari paint still retains that original deep, glistening look and the interior leather still has the powdery soft feel it had when it was new. There is a small window of opportunity on this Ferrari. This 512TR come with made in Italy speed line 3 piece wheels. 18X9.5 for front with 255 size tires. 18X11 for rear with 295 size tire. All tires are good shape. If you interested in please contact me by email zielsports@gmail.com

3/24/14 10;50pm additional information

Timing belt has been replace when mileage was 22228.

Fuse box has been replaced when mileage was 21439.

AC system full maintenance when mileage was 29914. AC work strong.

Manufacture recall issued replace L&R seat belt full system from Ferrari dealer.

No accident, no frame damaged from car fax record.


These 512TRs are arguably the best looking of the breed; I'm not a fan of the 512 M that followed, though it was faster. This one looks lovely and is rare in double black, and the Speedline Mistral three piece wheels are just awesome and a perfect fit. With plenty of recent maintenance, this is certainly a strong example to look at and should likely command in the $100,000 region. While that may seem like a lot, my guess is clean examples of these won't be getting much cheaper anytime soon!