1992 Alfa Romeo 164L

Another week passes by, and yet another mint Alfa Romeo 164 pops up for sale. This example is a 1992 model with a scant 51,000 miles on it. It has had a comprehensive list of items attended to, but could benefit from an air conditioning service, new front fog lamp and possible attention to the power steering system.

1992 Alfa Romeo 164L

PLEASE NOTE! THE ACCIDENT REPORTED ON THE VEHICLE HISTORY DID NOT INVOLVE THE ALFA. On the date listed for the accident I used the plate from the Alfa to transport a Volvo I bought for my teenage son back to my home from a location five minutes away and it, the Volvo, not the Alfa, was involved in a 5mph accident. I will be happy to furnish a copy of the police report to any seriously interested party.

1992 Alfa Romeo 164L 4 door sport sedan. Metallic dark green with tan leather. The Alfa 164 is a handsome, Pininfarina designed sedan selected by Hemmings Sports and Exotics Magazine as one of the ten most collectible cars of the the nineties. With a powerful (190 hp) free-revving V-6 engine and five speed manual gearbox this Alfa offers spirited performance, excellent handling, and a ride befitting the sport/luxury car segment it was designed to compete in. This rust free example has spent the majority of its life as a summer car on Cape Cod. It has been carefully maintained with all service records since new, including over $5,000.00 in receipts spent to freshen all mechanicals when the car was put back into regular service some two years ago. At that time the engine was removed, the engine bay detailed, an upgrade to mechanical tensioner completed, a new clutch installed, flywheel resurfaced, all new seals, gaskets, hoses, belts, water and fuel pump replaced, valve clearances checked and adjusted, new cap and rotor, new platinum tipped plugs, all new filters, new brake pads and rotors, coolant and brake fluid flushed and refreshed, new rear exhaust, four new Eagle GT H rated tires with four wheel alignment.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some items, but suffice it to say that anything that needed doing was done, save the air conditioning system. As I live in a temperate climate I did not attend to it since I prefer my summer motoring with the sunroof and windows open, listening to the Alfa's stirring exhaust note. The ac may simply require a recharge, or it may have a failed compressor, condenser, etc., all of which are readily available from the various Alfa parts suppliers. I have driven the car some nine thousand miles since the work was completed and it drives as it should, powerful, fast, shifts perfectly, a real pleasure for those who appreciate the unique driving experience an Alfa provides.

The finish of the car as one can see from the pictures is glossy and in good condition for a twenty year old car. There is zero rust, but the paint is not perfect. There are a few spots( dime to quarter sized) on the hood and trunk where the clear coat has been mildly discolored, and there are some minor blemishes here and there on the sides, but none of this is noticeable enough to show up in photos. The interior is in excellent condition, the leather supple and without tears or stains. There is one seam in the driver seat cushion that has begun to separate (about a two to three inch gap). This is not a tear, just the stitching come undone, and should be easy to repair. There is also a crack in the driver side fog lamp lens. The light works perfectly and as replacement requires an entire new fog lamp, (these are not currently available), I have been forced to live with it. The only other issue to be reported is that when I brought the car out of storage last week I noticed several drops of power steering fluid on the garage floor. Since the car was refreshed there has been no leakage anywhere under the car, but I did notice these small spots and feel it is only fair to mention them. The power steering reservoir is full, the steering works properly and I don't think the leak represents a serious issue or warrants immediate attention. It may be a result of the car not being driven for several months and perhaps will resolve itself with use.

In summation, this is a well-sorted, low mileage example of what is predicted to be a highly collectible automobile. I have both remote key fobs that operate central locking and alarm as you would find on more modern cars. The original window sticker ($32,495.00) and manuals as well as a complete service manual on cd are included. This luxury edition Alfa 164L (hence the L designation) can provide long service as an enjoyable daily driver, (if you watch e-bay you will see many examples of this model with 150-200k miles on them) and then if collecting is your interest you can choose to restore it in years to come to show condition. I will be happy to accommodate an inspection of the vehicle prior to the close of the auction, but once the auction closes I expect no tire kicking or negotiating over condition issues. Bear in mind when you compare value that this car is not the typical worn out, high mileage beater that will cost you three times the bargain price you think you're getting in the first six months of ownership.

I am selling to make room for the restoration of a 1974 Alfa GTV that I have recently purchased, and while the reserve is substantially less than what I have invested in the car please don't waste your time or mine with unreasonable offers. This is not a distressed sale. The car is sold as is/where is with no warranty expressed or implied. I will be happy to assist you in having the car shipped at your expense. Please do not bid if you are not prepared to go forward with the purchase. Bidders with less than five positive feedbacks please contact me before bidding.

It's heartening to know that this Alfa is being offered for sale to make way for another vintage Alfa. One can rest easy then knowing they are buying this car from someone familiar with the marque. Overall, with a few minor fixes, this would be a fantastic, usable modern classic for someone not interested in mainstream luxury. While walking down the street this weekend, a 164L rounded a corner and I was reminded how sweet sounding these cars are. Well worth the price of admission, if you ask me.