1991 Alfa Romeo 164

For under $15,000 these days, there's a lot of options on the used market if you are looking for a lot of style and luxury on a budget. While many buyers opt for popular German and Japanese high-end marques, there is always the road less traveled for those individualists: the Alfa Romeo 164. This was the company's last stand in the US market until the 8C Competizione sports car arrived in limited numbers in 2008. For sale in California, this 164 has the lesser seen cloth seats and hubcaps, but still cuts a dashing presence on the street.

1991 Alfa Romeo 164

1991 Alfa Romeo 164L, low miles, one owner, Autocheck certified. Extra clean. Last of the great Alfa sedans. This Iconic Alfa Romeo 164 L has a high gloss white exterior and is matched beautifully with a gray interior. This classic motor car is in excellent original condition. This fine automobile has been lovingly cared for and it shows in its immaculate condition. This car will definitely be worth looking at. Even the pictures don t do justice for this car.

NOTE: There are reflections visible in the photos, which can be mistaken for flaws that aren't there, please ask if you have questions.

This amazing car has been sheltered and well cared in the temperate Southern California climate which is ideal for a vehicle to maintain its excellent condition. The car was never driven in harsh conditions. The car looks to be accident and rust free and is all original.


The vibrant interior accents the exterior absolutely beautifully. The original interior is in excellent condition and unmolested in its original state; the seats hardly look sat in, the back seat looks like no one has sat in it. The dash is in flawless original condition without the typical cracking or fading expected for its age. The door panels are like new and all the carpets look as though they have never been exposed to any elements. The headliner and accents are in unblemished excellent condition. The truck mat looks as though nothing have been placed in it. The motor car has never been smoked in.


The exterior appears to be all original and unmolested, there is no evidence of any accidents, and the paint has the original high gloss shine with all the trim and accents in mint condition. The glass is in excellent condition without cracks. The high performance tires are in near condition.


The engine runs good, the donor indicated the vehicle could use a good tune up as it wasn’t driven much. The transmission shifts very good, the brakes function well.There are no visible leaks or any other signs of neglect or abuse.


This outstanding car comes with a clean California Title

Autocheck Certification:

This Fine Alfa Romeo comes with an excellent Autocheck certification verifying a 1 owner low mile vehicle.

As an investment, it is important to understand that the prices for these cars are rising they will rise rapidly in the near future. Just like the previous generation of 1960’s and 1970’s classics have done, this upward trend will soon make these artfully crafted cars unavailable for most people.

For now this car is not only a prudent and still affordable investment, however unlike most other classics it can be enjoyed every day.

Excerpt taken from a recent business article

“There has been a surge in interest from collectors around the globe focusing on high end European luxury and sports car from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, they are consider the next frontier of assets that will provide great return on investments, in fact some of my clients have left others markets and have put a portion of their portfolios into this lucrative classic car market, as with gold it will never be worth 0, like many stocks are these days in fact portions of the classic car market have outpaced the overall stock market.

This Alfa Romeo has reached its value point a long time ago and has been and will steadily continue to rapidly gain in value. This car has the durable reliability and build quality expected of a classic Italian sports car. All the while it actually appreciates in value as you are enjoying it for many more years to come.

If you have been looking and waiting for an exceptional classic, or for a perfect entry level classic, consider this fine example of an Alfa Romeo 164 L. This car will make you proud every time you take it out. Now is perfect time to treat yourself or someone special to a well built tastefully crafted classic Alfa Romeo..You deserve it. Feel free to come and see for yourself how exceptional this car is.

If you are interested in buying this car, call me, don’t say to yourself “I should have bought that car”, you will find most of the time the car has been sold before the auction ending from some who saw the true value of this car. Please ask all the questions you like. Although this car is in mint condition, I encourage you to come by and inspect the car or have it inspected by a professional inspection service.

Good, low mileage 164s are changing hands between $6,500 and $12,000 these days, with the sportier 164Q bringing top dollar. Since this is a "base" model 164 with the automatic, it will probably reach to the lower end of this range. I'd say somewhere around $7,000 might be enough to take this beauty home at the end of the no reserve auction.