1990 Ferrari 348TS

The beginning of the 1990s brought to a close one of Ferrari’s most memorable models, the 308/328. Immortalized through the hit TV series Magnum P.I. and numerous kit car tributes that aped its style on lowly Pontiac Fiero mechanicals, this was a car that defined a generation of sports cars and inspired budding car enthusiasts to work hard in the hopes of one day piloting one of these machines. With the arrival of the 348 in 1990, the same mid-engine, V8 formula was in play albeit in more modern clothes. These 348s have found themselves in a bit of a no man’s land in terms of desirability, between the classics and the more modern machines to emerge from the factory in Modena. This 348TS for sale in California is a good opportunity to get a well maintained modern classic at an attractive price.

1990 Ferrari 348TS

Up for sale is my prize 1990 Ferrari 348TS. I purchased a Lambo about a year ago, and have decided to part with this beloved car. This car is beautiful, has no accident history, and is in excellent condition. It has been serviced by Bobileff Motor Cars of San Diego during my ownership. They have all the detailed maintenance records for this car, and can vouch on the condition of this car. The car runs and drives excellent, I wouldn't be afraid to drive the car anywhere. This car is an excellent driver. Car is all original, with no modifications being done to anything. The interior is almost flawless, and in very good condition. Everything works on the car! The air conditioning does work, but is a little temper mental. So if your looking for a really nice 348, that's almost perfect this may be your car. I'm starting this auction at 30K, and no reserve. Bid with confidence, this car is solid, and will go quickly.

This car was my baby for almost 10 Years. It was well loved, and owned with pride. Always garaged, kept clean and dry. Take the time to check this one out, save yourself some cash. This is someone’s rare opportunity to drive a well maintained legion, for very little money. I’m motivated to sell, and will add more pictures. I didn’t provide many pictures of the interior, but it is beautiful with no rips, warn marks or tears what so ever.

I’m glad the seller explained where he’s serviced the car and where one can get detailed records from. Very important with this caliber of sports car. It’s mileage of just under 40,000 is about average for 348s of this vintage and is nice to see, as this hasn’t been a garage queen nor has it been abused to within an inch of its life. Black is a favorite color of mine on these 348s, and the Pininfarina lines has aged quite nicely. It certainly isn’t as dated as some other sports cars of the era. A little more detail on what it would take to fix the A/C would be nice, but for me, I doubt I’d ever have the A/C on, as I’d have the windows down soaking in that legendary Ferrari V8 exhaust note.


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