1989 Maserati 430

The 430 was Maserati's attempt in the late 1980s to challenge the likes of BMW and Mercedes in the compact executive car market. An evolution of the oft maligned Biturbo, the 430 added an extra set of doors and a longer wheelbase to appeal to a broader market. It was a futile attempt, and less than 1,000 were built between 1987 and 1994. This 430 for sale in Florida has low mileage, but with little in the way of a description from the seller, would it be crazy to give this motor even a passing glance?

1989 Maserati 430

Maseratis of this era represent a cheap way into an exotic marque. The interior and exterior of this 430 look very well kept, but what about the mechanicals. A picture of the engine bay hasn't been provided by the seller, which raises some red flags in my book. But, this could very well be a mechanically sound motor. If a knowledgeable mechanic could give this car a clean bill of health, then someone is about to get a bargain.


Posted under: Maserati, Modern Classic
Dated: Nov 25 2012


  1. David says:

    If it is a one-owner car as the carfax says (and it wasn’t bought from an estate), then the selling dealer should most certainly know what maintenance/service was done on the car. Odd that none of the seller’s ads (CL/eBay) or their own website has any description of the condition of the car.

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