1989 Ferrari Mondial t Coupe

The Mondial has always been underappreciated by true Tifosi, but nevertheless it is a Ferrari. Introduced in 1980 as the successor to the 208 and 308 GT4, the Mondial evoked the name of a famous Ferrari race car from the 1950s. With close to 7,000 built over 13 years, this was a successful model for Ferrari. In 1989 the final evolution of the Mondial arrived, the "t." Offered in coupe and convertible form, the Mondial t did something uncommon when it comes to vehicle facelifts. Ferrari decided to mount the engine longitudally, with the gearbox mounted perpendicular to the engine, forming a "t" shape. The engine in question was a 3.4 liter V8 that produced 300 horsepower.

This particular Mondial for sale in California is the only year the Mondial t was offered in the US as a hardtop. In black with a special order sunroof, this is a rare combination for this 2+2 coupe.

1989 Ferrari Mondial t Coupe

1989 Ferrari Mondial T Coupe. Full Collector Condtion, as new condition for 23 Years Old. SUPER RARE. The only one currently for sale in the U.S. Ferrari only imported 43 Mondial T Coupes produced for US. Only 7 were Black (Nero) and only 4 had Tan Interior. 2 Had Sun Roofs. So this is 1 of 2 produced as a US Spec. Last year Mondial T Coupe. Original Owner, purchased new at Ferrari Walnut Creek (now Ferrari San Francisco). Delivered in Jan 1990, Originally Sold in March 1990. This could be the last one produced in the factory.

All paperwork, original window sticker, docs, original books and bookcase, service records galore, original tool kit and tools complete unused - 5K's, 15K, 30K completed including clutch. Last year of the Mondial T Coupe (Only 43 imported to US in 89). This alone establishes its collectability. 100% original, no accidents, no dings, no scratches, no stories. Paint is perfect and glossy as new.

Special order factory sun roof, drivers bolseter in perfect shape, only slightest of wear if any. Passenger seat, mint condition as new. Rear seats, as new. Headliner, mint, as new. Glass, perfect

Steering wheel and dash, perfect, no shrinkage. No signs of any wear (carpets are complete and original). Surgeon owned it's entire life from new. Driven sparingly but driven to the club on weekends so 500 miles per year. Northern California Car. Dry and 100% garage kept at all times. Detailed and serviced on schedule and regularly. Only Lexol leather conditioner has been used on this car. No Armor All.

What more can I say about this perfect example of a last year and limited production model of a Collectors Ferrari Mondail T Coupe. They do not come any cleaner, or tighter than this. AC blows cold, sunroof works flawlessly as do all the electrical components. There are no buzzers going off, no red lights on dash. Everything has been done and it drives like it did when it came off the showroom floor in late 1989. If it does not sell, I am keeping it and putting her back into a time capsule as it is only going to go up in value due to its rarety and fine collectors condition. This exact car was featured in the Motorweek show and is on the above video link.

With four days left, bidding is already over $40,000. This is a lot of money for any version of Mondial and may set a new high for the breed. Usually, one can expect to shell out anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 for a good example of one of these. Mondials which are selling for under $20,000 should be approached with caution and examined with a fine toothed comb. I’ve always felt a bit lukewarm towards the Mondial, but this t Coupe in black with the later, better integrated bumpers, makes for one clean looking coupe. We have not seen a mid-engine, 2+2 Ferrari since and maybe it’s time collectors give these cars more than just a passing glance.

The following is the segment from Motorweek in which this Ferrari was featured:


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  1. I love when sellers say how “rare” and “collectable” their wares are. It especially helps when they mention it multiple times in the ad. I’d like to know when the 30k service was last done and what other maintenance was recently done.

  2. i own a Black 3.2 1988, mondial is one of the best real ferrari made (when enzo was alive!!) black are superior and more rare to classic red

  3. A Ferrari Collector in Silicon Valley bought it for $68K. He thought he actually stole it and that the 89 coupes will go up in value as a rare collectors car if in pristine cond and low sub 20K miles. We saw it at a Ferrari Classic show and met the owner. Apparently its only 1 of 23 US Spec still on the road and 1 of 4 in black. Had 14K on it and Looked to be in showroom condition. Interior was amazingly new for its age. Not a crease or a wrinkle and no aftermarket stuff. very impressive all original un touched US version.

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