1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

With the fall weather arriving here on the East Coast, I've got visions of escaping the city and tackling some winding B roads covered with leaves. What better tool for the job than a rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo sedan? This Milano Verde for sale in North Carolina represents the final year for this four-door Alfa before the 164 sedan superseded it in 1991.

1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

This Car is For Sale By Owner & I am helping him with the Listing. It will be a Sale between you & him. This Auction is for a 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde, 3.0L V6, RWD with 5-speed transaxle mated to Limited Slip Diff. DeDeion suspension in rear, 123820 original miles.

The following is a List of the recent work performed on this car:

Brand new Paint
Refurbished Borbet wheels with brand new Sumitomo 205/50/16 tires
Full mechanical service:
Timing belt was done 20K miles ago ( by previous owner)
New P/S, Alt and A/C belts
New plugs, plug wires. Distributor cap/rotor Synthetic oil and filter
Flush rad, new thermostat, new rad hoses and new fan temperature switch
New fuel pump and fuel filter New oil pressure sender unit
New Interstate 75 month battery New exhaust system
Replaced 1 CV boot, other 3 are solid
New yellow Koni Shocks all around New suspension bushings (front and rear sway bars, Watts linkage)
Replaced rear guibo (flex joint for driveshaft), other two were replaced by previous owner and in good shape

Car operation:

All electrics work (power windows, locks, sunroof)
Engine starts easily and revs to redline (6000 rpm) with no issue
No leaks (oil, water, etc.)…..does not appear to burn any oil…
Interior is intact….minimal wear on upholstery.
The Recaro fabric used was notoriously thin and most Verdes have really bad interiors

The Bad:

Slight tears on rear fabric
Wear/staining on front seats…but no through wear on fabric
Some under fender flare rust
Some carpet fading….dye job would fix. No tears or rips in carpet
Minor tear in dash

When they were new, I never was too attracted to the Milano/75 styling, but time has been kind to this car in my eyes. It's got an '80s edginess about it that is lacking in cars today. Anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 seems to be the order of the day for clean, well kept Milanos, and this one's starting bid of $6,800 puts it right in the thick of that range.


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  1. I hope someone doesn’t buy this just to put the engine into a GTV6, use a 164 for that.

    These are great cars and with a few cheap mods are better than a E30 M3.

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