1987 Maserati Biturbo Si For Sale: Nicest Left in Existence?

I know what they say about these and I don't care; in this case anyway. In most cases, a Maserati Biturbo is to avoided at all costs due to shaky electronics, build quality, and neglected service histories. But this car hasn't had the chance to be neglected yet with only 18k miles on the clock since new! And anyone who knocks the looks is a liar. This is a really good looking car. I know the interior is a bit gaudy, but at least it still shows like new.

quote from seller's listing:

Maserati Coupe one owner for the past 17 years. Purchased from original owner in 1993 w/12,300 miles, now has 18,616 miles. Never in a winter, always kept in heated garage . Interior still has the new car smell! Mint condition inside and out. Prelli P Zero tires with less than 100 miles. Front 205/50 ZR15 and rear 225/50 ZR15, mounted on three peice OZ racing wheels. The catalytic converter, Y pipe and air pump have been removed. All original items including the manuals, all keys w/original key fob, original wheels and tires are part of purchase.

Factory specifications quote the U.S. spec Si at 188hp, but with all the emissions equipment set aside, the power output from this larger-than-Euro-spec 2.5L V6 twin turbo, should meet or exceed the Italy-only 220hp rating. At about 2700lbs dry weight, this should be a quick little car. Interesting...


4 thoughts on “1987 Maserati Biturbo Si For Sale: Nicest Left in Existence?”

  1. There’s a once-awesome now-neglected one of these on the island I grew up on. I pity it every time I see it languishing between buildings at a local mechanic’s, but a while back I was on the car deck of the ferry when it got on… lowered and LOUD. Lusted for it ever since and would love to save the poor orphan some day.

  2. I just saw this car sitting in a parking lot of a wood craft shop, for 2 years since I saw it first time and the car seems from the look at it is not working.
    What is funny is the owner of that shop was mistreating this car by using it as a shelf to put his pieces of work on top of that car.
    I am thinking of buying it this summer and try to restore it, but before I buy it, how much do you think it worth with this condition?

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