1987 Lancia Delta HF 4WD

When the Lancia Delta was released in 1979, it was a very modern vehicle for the times. However, no one could possibly fathom that it would go on to become the champion in rallying that it was, winning the World Rally Championship six times in a row and setting a record that has yet to be beaten. The 25 year importation rule has vehicles of 1987 or older being allowed in the US at the moment, which is right around the time that the Delta legend began. This 1987 Delta for sale in Tuscany is in good original condition, having covered around 50,000 miles.

1987 Lancia Delta HF 4WD

Absolutely original condition. Recent service with new timing belt. Superb interior condition in original Alcantara. Not restored. A very good car!

I've been watching later model Evo Integrales for sale in Canada and prices for clean examples are hovering in the $30k range. At €8,500 (~ $11,300), this represents a decent value for an early Delta 4WD, even considering shipping costs to the US. I think it would be fun to get something like this to our shores and show up at the next Subaru Impreza owners club. I think it would be warmly received, as this car is, in a way, its spiritual predecessor.


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Dated: Mar 02 2012

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