1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet

The affordable Ferrari. Is it just a myth or does it really exist? From the looks of this Mondial Cabriolet for sale outside of Philadelphia, it could be closer at hand than at first glance. It's tempting to think that you could get a fine Italian exotic for the price of a well equipped Honda Civic, but is it wise to pull the trigger?

1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet

Thank you for taking a moment to look at one of our finest vintage Ferrari offerings. This 1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet combines the legendary style of the 80's Ferraris with state of the art (for its day) technological innovations and convenient 2+2 seating. That's right! This is a ragtop Ferrari the whole family can enjoy! This car has been pampered. It comes with the original tools, tonneau cover, boot, etc. The car's paint is practically perfect.

The interior is also in exceptional shape. This car is a bargain and needs very little to be a Platinum winning car at any Ferrari show. The 80 year old man who parted with this car so we could have it did not give us the service records. It will come to you ready to roll and should be low maintenance for the coming years. This car is at the end of its depreciation and can only go up in value. Treat this car right, and you can put a Ferrari notch in your belt for the ownership cost of a Honda Accord! This car has the following noteworthy items: 1) The top has had one small tear that was previously repaired. It was done properly and does not detract from the function nor the aesthetics of the top. 2) The rear windows work, but are slow to go up and down. The right rear window needs the help of a finger occasionally to go up. Not worth fixing until it doesn't work anymore (in my opinion).

At $22,000, this is bargain basement as drivable, presentable Ferraris go. It's disconcerting the seller did not get the service records from the previous owner. That leads one to believe there may be something to hide, because how hard would it have been to even make photocopies of the original documents? Buying any Ferrari without some sort of history is a huge risk. Anyone eyeing up a car like this should have it looked over, as there is no mention of a recent service or any maintenance items taken care of. Aside from that, at this price, this car looks very tidy cosmetically, both inside and out.


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