1987 Bertone X1/9

The X1/9 could be considered as Fiat's last gasp in the US marketplace until their revival in 2012 with the 500. While Fiat itself left the US marketplace in 1982, the job of marketing and selling the X1/9 fell to its designer, Bertone. This X1/9 for sale in California represents the final year for these mid-engined sports cars. It has been stored for many years and has been sorted, ready for a new owner to take the helm.

1987 Bertone X1/9

The Bertone (Fiat) X1/9 for sale here is arguably one of, if not the finest available examples as it has only been driven 12,500 miles and just as importantly it has been fully sorted after sitting as in new condition for over 20 years. The previous seller tells me that due to Fiat leaving the USA, this car remained in storage until 2007 in a port near Houston, Texas. It is available in Pleasanton, California for $10,000 OBO

The X1/9 underwent three generations in the USA: 1974 cars, 1975-78 cars and 1979-87 cars. This one is in like new, mint condition, having been scrupulously maintained by an enthusiastic and meticulous owner since it was rescued. This last iteration of the X1/9 features the bigger 1500cc engine and 5 speed transmissions making it far better to drive in modern traffic. Creature comforts, such as power windows and A/C make it a surprisingly pleasurable touring vehicle as well as as an impressive sports car on the back roads.

The X1/9 succeeded a 1969 show concept car called the Autobianchi A112 Runabout, with styling by Bertone under chief designer Marcello Gandini. The interior is amazingly clean, with an attractive 3-spoke leather wheel and a very clean dash. We think the black color is more aggressive looking and ages better than the tan. The car has never had a spot of rust, and his is truly turn-key. An upgrade stereo is the only non-original component, and the original documentation history and literature are included.

This one represents an interesting opportunity for the Concorso and car museum guys, but we’d put it on the road for an enjoyable couple thousand miles per year under great care. That way it would still only have 27k miles after a decade, and would likely still be one of the lowest mileage examples around even though you would thoroughly enjoy the ownership experience for years to come.

I've seen a few low mileage X1/9s surface in the past six months, so we're not looking at an extremely rare car, but it is nicely presented and rust free. That's important on a car such as this which is highly susceptible to the tin worm. With no reserve on this tidy X1/9, we're probably looking at a $10,000 to $12,000 final bid.


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