1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

As I was walking back to my apartment on Christmas Eve, I stumbled upon an Alfa Romeo Milano parked on the street, looking rather lonely in the freezing rain. It was a very mint example and had me thinking that maybe these cars weren't as troublesome as first thought if they are hanging around on urban streets. One of our readers had been in search of a good, clean Milano lately and as a result, these cars have been on my mind. Here is another Milano that has come up for sale outside of Washington, DC. This car needs a bit of love and attention, but is honest and complete.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde, Second owner, purchased car in 1995. This was a Daily Driver for nearly 17 years, until I purchase new Dodge Dart. Car was well maintained with many upgrades along the way.

Hereiare its issues.Engine and Transmission had been rebuilt approx 6 years ago, but need attention. Needs head gasket, still runs great, but evidence of oil getting into cooling system and oil leaking out of gasket onto exhaust manifold. Heads were replaced with IAP rebuilt units approx 8 years ago with S cams, but really, the engine is due for a complete overhaul. Gear lever rattles in 4th, 5th gear, probably not linkage. Clutch, while still has great grip, is getting a little stiff. Rear Wheel arches were replaced 10 years ago, and while being a very amatuer job, are still sound with no rust evident. Could use cosmetic attention on quarter panel where bondo is hiding the seams.The spare wheel well has some major rust issues that will need to be addressed. The tow hook is barely hanging on, but is still there ! The front driver jack point was bent by a tire shop, the others are fine. The car has never been in an accident, other than a Jag XJ6 backing into me while at a car lot. The mounting point to the bumper is slightly bent. Power steering hoses leak also.

Car comes with a set of Panasport Wheels, and 2 steel rims, and two factory mags, which can be seen in the pictures. It also comes with a spare front Bumper in awsome condition along with hoses and fittings for washer hoses. Entire Exhuast system replaced 2 years ago. Set of Koni Sport shocks all around, with Vented Rotors up front. Front Recaro grey inserts installed a few years back, see pictures. Personal brand steering wheel in awesome shape. Bottom Line, car could use a lot of work, but is a real Milano Verde. Has been a faithful daily driver for its entire life. Great Project Car, basis for a vintage racer, or keep feeding it money and is an awsome daily driver. Still a blast to drive! Price: $5,000 obo.

For the intrepid Alfa enthusiast, this would be a good buy, but the asking price of $5,000 is a bit dear for a car that needs this kind of mechanical and cosmetic work. As is, this car might be worth somewhere around $3,500 to $4,000. At that level, you could carry out the necessary fixes without making it too nice for daily use.


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Dated: Jan 04 2013


  1. jango says:

    How are the transmissions on these? Would it be good for like autox or track days?

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Jango,

    The Verde and Plantinum Milanos have a limited slip differential, which was an improvement over the earlier 75/Milano gearboxes. It should also be noted that the Verde has taller gearing than the Plantinum and has a larger pinion, which is important, because that is a potential weak point with these gearboxes.