1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

On a visit to New York City a few months ago, I was wandering around the East Village and stumbled across a red Alfa Romeo Milano parked inauspiciously on the street. It's a testament to Alfisti in the US that you still see these distinctive sport sedans on the roads today, 17 years after Alfa Romeo abandoned this market. With a rear-mounted gearbox, inboard rear brakes and near perfect weight distribution, these kind of technical highlights are few and far between in modern day sedans. This non-sunroof Milano Gold for sale in Ohio is one of the best I've seen on the market in the last few years.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

For sale is a beautifully maintained and conditioned Alfa Romeo Milano gold version. I am the original owner and purchased the car at Alfa of Columbus. It was serviced by the Alfa dealer while they were still being imported. Since then the car has been driven less than 2,000 miles during the last 20 years. The paint is all original with the exception of the hood which had some acid rain spots before we took delivery. The numbers match, of course, and everything is original with the exception of the tires, brakes, water pump, battery, and exhaust system. The water pump, battery, and exhaust system were replaced a month ago by an Alfa expert in the Columbus area. More than $3,500 was spent bringing these parts back to were they need to be. We have the invoice for these repairs.

We had a walnut Momo steering wheel and matching gear shift knob installed when we purchased the car and still have the original leather wheel and shift knob. We also have the complete shop manual which comes in very handy. Included is a fitted Evolution car cover which has a couple of stains on the lower edge but is in otherwise great condition.

The car runs as strong as the day it was purchased and has to be one of the best examples of this model in the United States. The only reason for selling it is we just purchased an MG TF and have no room for another car. The only problem I can find on the body is a small paint chip and a small bubble on the right rear wheel well which I tried to show in one of the photographs. If I had noticed the chip earlier and touched it up, the bubbling wouldn't have occurred.

This is the last of the Duetta based cars Alfa brought into the US and had the famous deDion rear end with Watts linkage. It allows the car to handle very predictably and runs well going down the road. The car is very well-balanced as Alfa even placed the fuel tank in the center of the chassis for even weight distribution and protection in the event of a crash. (This ain't no stinkin' Pinto!) The rear disk brakes are also mounted inboard, near the transmission and differential for weight reasons. The Italians understand weight distribution in their automobiles. We have placed a reasonable reserve on this automobile as you will not find a better example anywhere. If you are an Alfisti, you know how fun this car is to drive with the wonderful V6 sounds and solid-shifting rear-mounted 5-speed transmission.

This car leaves little to be desired. The paint is exemplary, the upholstery is unblemished and all the maintenance required has been squared away. Quite simply, this is the best Milano you can buy. While the Gold is the base trim level, it is still well equipped for its age. Most Milanos in good nick will trade hands for around $5,000 to $7,000, but I suspect this example will bring closer to $10,000.


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    Thanks for reading. The auction for this particular car is no longer archived, so one can assume that it has sold. As long as the auctions are still archived, you can access the seller’s information via the link above the main picture in our post. If the auctions are active, it will bring you right to the page where you can bid. We also feature some classifieds that run longer than your typical online auction. Keep checking back, as we frequently feature Milanos and 75s from time to time.



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