1986 Ferrari Testarossa

Scouring through the ads and auctions every week, I come across many cars that are described as being the best. While there's been some undoubtedly clean examples of all types of Italian iron on CICFS, I think it's going to be hard to find a better Ferrari Testarossa than this one brought to our attention by it's owner, Rick. A 1986 example, this car has racked up numerous awards at prominent Italian car shows and is being offered for sale at auction next month in Monterey, California. Among the many awards this car has won, it secured "Best Ferrari" at Concorso Italiano in 2011. A rather impressive achievement by an equally impressive '80s icon.

1986 Ferrari Testarossa

1986 Ferrari Testarossa, Monterey 2012, Consignment # 2033, VIN: ZFFSA17A1G0064537

Launched at the 1984 Paris show, the Testarossa was aimed directly at the American market as a GT with the ability to gobble up long stretches of pavement with amazing aplomb. The car was immediately praised by the automotive press as Ferrari's best road car to date and one that was far more stylish than the Boxer it replaced. In the early years, the Testarossa was so popular that buyer frenzy fueled additional dealer markups, which peaked at about $150,000.

With its over-the-top straked sides and the "flying mirror", the early Testarossa became an icon of the 1980's. Power for this "Red Head" came from its 4.9 liter mid-engined Flat-12 which developed 390 HP and made it the fastest regular production car in the world in 1986. The Testarossa is a perpetually desirable sports car with an unmistakable design that still stops traffic and turns heads more than 25 years later.

On offer is the 1986 Testarossa, S/N 64537, which is arguably the best example in existence – evidenced by the awards it garnered in 2011.

2011 Concorso Italiano held in Monterey, CA
- WINNER, "Best Ferrari"
- WINNER, "Platinum"
- WINNER, "Preservation Award"
- RUNNER-UP, "Best in Show"

"Best Ferrari" - let that sink in for a moment. Concorso Italiano is one of the most important Italian exotic car shows in the world. There were literally hundreds of Ferraris competing including the "halo cars" (288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo), Daytonas, Dinos, etc. All of them were asked to bow and curtsey to the mighty Testarossa on that day in August of 2011.

But the awards don't stop there. This Testarossa is undefeated on the car show circuit.

2011 Bella Italia held in San Diego, CA
- WINNER, "Best in Class"

2011 Del Mar Concours d'Elegance held in Del Mar, CA
- WINNER, "Best Italian Sportscar"

This Testarossa wears Nero Metallizato (901/C) on the outside – a very rare factory color. The interior features a black dash, cream colored Connolly leather and brown carpets. This color combination is quite possibly the most attractive you will ever see on a Testarossa. Originally delivered in August 1986 to a gentleman in Seattle, WA, it quickly traded hands and has been a California car ever since (25+ years). When the car was acquired by the current owner in late 2010, it had not been driven in nearly 15 years. Unwilling to take any chances, the owner had it rolled off the trailer and straight onto the lift for a full engine out service to the tune of $12k (completed in January 2011). Since that time, it was lovingly run-in past the 3,000 mile mark (per original specifications) and subsequently driven up the coast of California to collect a trunkful of awards at Concorso Italiano.

Built in late 1986, this Testarossa is equipped with 16 inch single lug Speedline wheels. The car is as it left the factory with no modifications or after-market parts; a true time capsule with all tools, books, keys, service history, original sticker, spare wheel and accessories. The full 6 piece set of tan Schedoni luggage ordered from the factory by the owner in 1987 (complete with receipt) is also included. There is something truly magical about a 12 cylinder, mid-engined Ferrari. Your piece of perfection awaits.

After speaking with Rick, it's apparent that he's rather proud of this motor. He had also pointed out that a 1990 Testarossa with 900 miles had just sold at Mecum Auto Auctions in May for $101,000. That car would most certainly need an engine out service that has already been completed on our feature car as of last year. Along with the provenance, awards and condition, if the right people are in the room, I can see this car possibly bringing six figures. Even though most clean Testarossas are bringing between $55,000 and $70,000 these days, this car presents very well and is no doubt a known vehicle in Ferrari circles due to the amount of awards in its corner.


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  1. It looks to be in very good condition, though I have to ask, who was sitting in the driver seat, Godzilla? I’ve never seen leather so crinkled, not with only 3k miles on the clock.

    I like the fact that the 30k service invoice is shown.

  2. @David – I’m the owner and definitely not in the Godzilla weight class. LOL. That seat fit like a glove and the Connolly leather interior still gives off the most amazing ‘new car smell’ even 26 years later.

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