1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Following on to the Alfa Romeo GTV6 we featured last Wednesday, here is another GTV6 that is one year newer for sale in my backyard right outside of Washington, DC. Owned by an Alfa enthusiast, this is a very straight, original example for someone seeking affordable Alfa thrills.

1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

1986 GTV6, 99,460 miles, $6,800. California car, very good condition. Completely stock except for the Blaupunkt radio/CD. Well maintained, up to date service, can be driven anywhere. 2 owner car. Drives great, everything works, no damage or rust, except where noted (please see pics also/follow link!);
-small dent on driver's side, below rear window (pic),
-minor surface rust in engine compartment below brake cylinder,
-minor surface rust spot on window trim metal,
-steering wheel leather is dried out (perfectly useable of course),
-some leather stitching on seats coming undone.

Recent work (within last 5k miles;
-rebuilt steering rack,
-castor bushings all around,
-new rear engine mount,
-timing belt replacement,
-new front brake lines,
-new driver's tie rod.
-complete exhaust including cat and o2 sensor. Stock type.
-new rear brake pads and disks.

Noteworthy details about this special car; all lights work (see pics), all gauges work, clock works, sunroof works perfectly and smooth, NO 2nd gear crunch during shifting, A/C needs recharged, car was re-sprayed by original owner (in very good condition), wheel wells/arches are rust free.

This is an opportunity to purchase a very clean, straight late model GTV6... not modified or personalized in anyway. But, it is not a perfect car, as I have described some of it's imperfections. There are no nasty surprises or money-pit scenarios. Any issues can be resolved over the course of a few weekends and you can have a nearly-new quality car. The surface rust can be treated with POR 15 or similar (see pics). I want this GTV6 to go to a good home! Someone who will maintain its integrity and take care of it, the way the factory intended.

I recommend this go to someone who is familiar with GTV6's, or someone with access to a good Alfa tech. Now that we have our new born we are looking to move and I won't have space for this car. My Buy It Now price reflects the issues that this car has, so please don't make me low offers because this car needs some work. It's perfectly enjoyable as it stands, and quite frankly if it was perfect I would be selling it for more. The car is located in the DC/N.Virginia area. I welcome you to test drive before bidding.

The price of this GTV6 matches the last one we featured at $6,500. This seems to be right smack dab in the middle of the range when it comes to well cared for, if not perfect, drivers. Mint examples start creeping more towards the $10,000 mark. This car seems to be a solid example with but a few issues to sort. For the enthusiast on a budget, it doesn't get much better than this.


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  1. Hi. I’m new to your site. And the link to the car leads to an empty ebay page. How else can I determine if the car is still available?
    Thanks …

  2. Matt,

    Clicking the main image in each post or the link above will take you to the original ad, which, in this case, is no longer live. The car has been sold.



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