1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Following on to Tim Allen's GTV 1750, this was the car that replaced that coupe. Almost three decades have passed, and the Alfetta based GTV6 has become a legend in its own right. They are known for offering V6, rear-drive thrills in exchange for not a lot of cash. This late model GTV6 for sale outside of Washington, DC has undergone a bare metal respray and restoration and only has 59,000 miles on the clock.

1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Never thought I'd be selling this car but life happened and I never got to use it as much as I wanted. I have owned this GTV6 for 2 years, the previous owner did a bare metal restoration and the car is rust free. The front air dam and bumper tops are new. The car starts up first try everytime. When I got it, the rear brake line was leaking, I redid the rear brakes including reman calipers. Transmission shifts smoothly once warmed up. Clutch take up is clean and smooth. The car runs tight and handles well and is about as strong as a stock V6 that I have ever driven. It does have the rear sport springs. No smoke from the exhaust at all. I changed the brake fluid, antifreeze when i got it and replaced oil every 6 months.

Asking $8,200 or best offer. I am somewhat flexible to a good home but please realize that this is not your average beater. It is truly worth it. It will need the drivers seat bolster repair though. Other extras - Carello headlights, extra set of wineglass wheels and misc gaskets. Even the AC works!!

The car has 59k. All maint is up to date. The TB and WP were redone by the previous owner and are in good shape. I'm pretty sure it still has the hydraulic tensioner. I am located in Manassas VA, approx 30 Miles south of DC, and 10 mins from Rt 95 south. The car was in exactly this condition when I bought it. The only work I have done is to replace fluids and rear brake lines/calipers. As far as additional info goes, all the electrics work except the mirrors, I can hear the motors run but the mirrors do not move. There are no rust bubbles at all in the paint. There is some surface rust on the underside of the body, nothing that is unusual at all. The sills and arches were repaired and replaced.

Your typical GTV6 in good nick will range somewhere between $7,000 to $12,000 range. I would say this one is priced rather realistically given the condition and work done; it's always a plus when a seller is willing to be flexible to a point. While they may not have the style and grace of their predecessors, the 105/115 series Giulia GTVs, these cars do offer lusty V6 power and a well-balanced chassis. For those on a classic car budget, it's hard to ignore everything the GTV6 has to offer.


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