1986 Alfa Romeo 90

The middle of the 1980s was an interesting time for Alfa Romeo. The company was on its last legs as an independent automobile manufacturer, as Fiat assumed control of the company in 1986. The lineup was a bit checkered, as the Alfa Romeo Arna, a joint venture vehicle between Nissan and Alfa Romeo, was offered until 1987. The evergreen Spider and GTV Coupe headed up the sports car offerings for the marque and the 90, featured here, was to be slotted in the range between the smaller Alfetta sedan and the flagship Alfa Romeo 6. Introduced at the Turin Motor Show in 1984, the 90 was based on the Alfetta's front engine/rear drive chassis with a rear mounted gearbox. Six engines were offered in the 90; two four cylinder units, a 2.5 liter, five cylinder turbo diesel and two V6 engines, a 2.5 liter and smaller 2.0 liter variant. The smaller 2.0 liter V6 was offered mainly to escape Italian road tax, and that is the engine with which our feature car is equipped.

1986 Alfa Romeo 90

I would imagine that this rare Bertone design Alfa 90 (Novanta in italian) would probably be the first one to make it to America. Have you ever seen one? It’s already extremely rare in Europe as the Alfa 75 (Milano) came along the next year and was cheaper and more successful back then.

56,428 Novanta were built between 1984 and 1987 and only 6,912 with the V6 engine from wich less than 1,000 came with the 2.0l V6 that was a special for the Italian market only. All other V6s were 2.5l. This true time capsule example can only be the best one in the world. Sold new in Milan to a man born in 1938 who’s been the only driver until last year when I bought it and imported it in Belgium.

25.603 kilometers from new, that’s 16.002 original Miles on a accident free car that is 110% original. Every details looks and feels absolutly new. From the original leather on the steering Wheel to the way the gear knob feels when you change gears. Even the spare Wheel is new/unused If there was a way to feel inside an Alfa show-room in 1986 this is the closest you’ll get. There is 2 scratches on the rear bumper that you can see on the pics, that’s it. Full service was done 3 mounth ago including timebelt.

Like the Alfa Romeo 6 we featured last week, this is one of those Alfa Romeo sedans that, even on the Continent, is becoming a rare sight. You are most certainly never going to find another one in this condition with this kind of mileage. The styling is truly love it or hate it, as it is rather boxy in a 1980s Volvo kind of way. One unique feature on this car is the adjustable chin spoiler which deployed above a certain speed, similar to certain Porsche 911 models. According to the website "How Many Left," there are but two Alfa Romeo 90s left on the road in the United Kingdom. That gives you an idea of how rare this car is. It may not be the most desirable Alfa Romeo, but hopefully it is snapped up by a collector so the breed does not see extinction in the near future.


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