1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000S

The Lamborghini Countach is a supercar icon. It stood the automotive world on its ear with it's styling when it was introduced in the early 1970s. It led a long life, carrying Lamborghini through to the 1990s when the Diablo was unveiled. This 5000S is a rare piece in that it is a fuel injected model, one of the few produced before the QV version, or Quattrovalvole, appeared on the scene. In sublime Merlot Red sans spoilers, this Countach has a sense of purity about it, even if the angular styling is rather dramatic.

1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000S

VIN# ZA9C00500FLA12766. Who is Jasjit Rarewala? A man that was determined to make it happen. Once in a lifetime chance to own this extremely rare "Factory" Fuel injected "One Owner" Countach. Just over 37 produced/imported with the factory injection system (extremely rare) that was refined by Jasjit Rarewala of Lamborghini North America (Lamborghini logo in air plenum). Jasjit's project was started to help convince the DOT and the EPA that the Countach was wholesome enough for U.S. consumption. Just over 3 dozen cars were build for import before the factor completed its successor the "5000QV."

Fitted with very rare factory polished wheels and finished in a beautiful Merlot rosso over duel blk/red interior with just 36,954 one owner kilometers(22,962miles). Round body car, clean lines & no rear spoiler. Clean Carfax, never in an accident or damaged. Always garaged & serviced with a full documented history of the service throughout its lifetime. Every car I sell has a Clean Carfax and a Perfect Autocheck.

1 of just 37 produced
Round body
One owner
Front Euro spoiler available via us.
Always serviced
Garage kept
No rear wing
Polished wheels (extremely rare)
Perfect stance
Rare factory fuel injection system
Most acceptable rear bumper (taillight cover only)
Factory Alpine radio
Full service history Documented throughout its lifetime
Original spare tire
Purchased out of sunny California
Mechanically sound car
Perfect running and driving
Sumitomo Small 205 tires in the front
PZero 345/35/zr15 rears
Very reliable fuel injection (once their set correctly, they stay that way)

Model- #'sProduced

LP400 s1--(50)
S2------- (105)
LP500s (factory FI car) just (37)
LP25th anniversary (650)

Exterior: Beautiful finish with a deep reflection in a one of a kind stunning color Merlot Rosso. Very few paint flaws in this fine example.

Interior: A dual tone black & red leather interior with red carpet. It is in great shape with light scuffs in the leather and the dashboard should be redone cause the leather had stretched. Overall a really nice interior.

Glass: Some scratches in side roll down section, front windshield is fine.

Tires: Replaced in the front but still has the P zeros in the rear, plenty of rubber on front and back tires.

Wheels: Great shape with light curb marks, easy fix.

Drivetrain: No leaks from engine or trans and no smoke when running. Clutch has been replaced and is fine, no problems shifting.

Almost $140,000 is serious money for a 1985 Countach; the seller seems rather certain that the rare fuel injection option should command such a premium. Typical values for a Countach of this era can range from around $75,000 to $115,000. While a rarity such as this car certainly should command a bit more than your typical Countach, a $25,000 to $30,000 premium at the least might be a bit of a stretch.


2 thoughts on “1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000S”

  1. The design of the Countach was all about being outrageous and over the top, so the lack of the full wing and spoilers treatment seems off and out of place.

    US spec bumpers wreaked havoc on many car designs in the 70’s and 80’s, but the front bumper on this is a travesty to the purity of the wedge design.

    Similar to many supercars of the era, the interior design and execution is crap.

    For 40% less cash, you could have a F550 Maranello that’s gorgeous on the inside and out. While not the icon that is the Countach, it would arguably be a better value and investment.

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