1985 Fiat Ritmo 130TC Abarth

Every since the original Volkswagen Golf GTI appeared on the scene, the automotive landscape has never been the same. The hot hatchback took over where the roadster left off in the 1970s, and cars such as the Mini Cooper S, current Volkswagen GTI and Fiat 500 Abarth offer motorists big fun in small packages. One of my favorite hot hatchbacks of the 1980s is a bit of a dark horse. The Fiat Ritmo, or Strada as it was known here in North America, didn't exactly set the sales charts on fire. That could possibly be attributed to the fact that they weren't the most attractive or well built vehicles. Another reason could be the mere fact that Fiat omitted their hot version from the lineup here, namely the 105TC, 125TC and finally, the 130TC that we see here. The 130TC was a dual carb little monster, capable of 60 mph from a standstill in about seven and a half seconds from its twin cam, 2.0 liter 128 horsepower four cylinder engine. This very original example is for sale in Potenza on the Italian Adriatic coast.

1985 Fiat Ritmo 130TC Abarth

Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130TC, 1985, 2000cc, 89,000km, red over black interior. Black and gray plate, in original condition and perfect shape. Original exhaust and wheels, new brakes, new reconditioned carburetors, new fuel pump, new belt. Ready to immediately use. Enrolled in the ASI, beautiful and fitted with certificate of historical importance.

As with most Italian cars, red suits this Ritmo Abarth. The asking price of over $11,000 USD is a hard figure to swallow when the best, most original Strada here in the US may bring $2,000 to $3,000. But, for those intrepid enthusiasts, there is a lot of interesting machinery that is now legal to import stateside, this fiery little hatchback being one of them.


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Dated: May 18 2012

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