1985 Fiat Panda

With the revival of the Fiat 500, MINI Cooper and New Beetle, there’s a lot of talk in the automotive industry about how far basic transportation has progressed. These cars are all way more luxurious than their predecessors; some purists deride this fact, but for the most part, the public has warmed up to them because of this. However, back in 1980, Fiat kind of split the middle between vintage and modern when it came to cheap transportation with the introduction of the Fiat Panda. Devised as a basic car that would be cheap to maintain, it was fashioned in the mold of the CItroën 2CV and Renault 4, cars that were popular with rural communities. With simple, box like styling, it had a few unique features like a rear seat that would fold flat, removable, washable seat covers, door trims and dashboard cover and flat glass panels, which made for cheap repairs. This was also the first small, transverse engine vehicle to utilize a four wheel drive system, making it optimal for the rural market at which it was targeted. With a new Panda on the horizon and with talk surrounding it that it may be sold in the US market, this is a good point to highlight a vehicle that is still beloved the world over for its simplicity and all terrain capability.

1985 Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda 4X4 Series 1 (now a rarity). Excellent condition, body has had a little conservative restoration. Leather seats and mechanically flawless. Thanks to her drive system lever very capable in snow or in mountains of ice. Words can not describe the toughness and strength she has to climb out of everything. ALso an interesting car historically. Now a vintage vehicle that can be enrolled in ASI taking advantage of low insurance. Possibility of shipping: All in Italy, pick up direct with maximum delivery within one hour.

At almost €3,000 (~ $4,000 USD), this is big money for what could be described as a peasant car. However, few Series 1 Pandas are left in such good condition these days and one could be assured they wouldn't be exactly throwing their hard earned money away, as these cars are quite durable and are used as they were meant up to the present day. If the seller could knock something meaningful off the price, say, about €500, it could be considered a good buy and a topic of conversation if brought back stateside.


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Dated: Mar 03 2012

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