1984 Lancia A112 Abarth

The Lancia A112 was an offshoot of the Autobianchi A112, itself a derivative of the Fiat 127. Under both manufacturer umbrellas, the A112 was given the Abarth treatment. This 1984 model represents the end of the model run, as the last Abarth A112 was produced in 1986. With 70 horsepower in a package not much larger than an original Mini Cooper, fun times ensued. This example for sale in the Netherlands has about 60,000 miles on the clock and has been fairly well preserved.

1984 Lancia A112 Abarth

While little in terms of a description is provided, this does look to be a rather unmolested example. These are great little cars and a good option for those seeking something just a little bit larger and more powerful than the Fiat 500 but with more of the "what's it" factor than Minis and small VW hatchbacks of the same era.


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Dated: May 13 2012

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