1983 Ferrari 400i

Having never been sold in the United States, the Ferrari 400i is a bit of a rare sight on these roads. A few made their way across the Atlantic, but in the era of the Testarossa and 308/328, these touring coupes were a bit outshone by their stablemates. They were also derided in the motoring press at times, with Jeremy Clarkson noting that it was "awful in every way." The fact that the 400i was sandwiched in Ferrari history between some great 2+2 touring coupes and the attractive, more powerful 456GT of the 1990s didn't help its cause, either. While many of these coupes had the GM sourced 3 speed automatic, this particular 400i for sale has the desirable 5-speed manual transmission.

1983 Ferrari 400i

Electrically adjustable mirrors, tinted glass, electric front windows, rear window defroster. Very beautiful and original Ferrari 400i! A manual version with a 315-hp V12. Perfect power and shifting. Equipped with a very nice beige leather interior. This is certainly one of the better examples!

This is the car that time forgot, and even 23 years since the last 412 was manufactured (the 400i's successor), collectors still have not warmed up to these cars. This fact is reflected in values, as average examples change hands in the $20,000 to $40,000 range on a regular basis. This example is on the high side, at close to $50,000. The manual gearbox and sublime color no doubt makes this car more attractive, but it seems to be a tad bit overvalued, given the mileage of 60,000. That's not particular high for an almost 30 year old car, but it is high for most Ferraris.


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  1. One of these used to be consistently street parked on a very, very steep hill in SF. I used to bike past it and be surprised every time that someone would park a Ferrari on the street, let alone on a hill of that grade. This summarizes the magic of the 400i: the most pedestrian of Ferraris.

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